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Thanks for the tips Megan.. here are two trailers I did not post yet, though I had seen the first one. Love them both but my fave line has to be:

Stan: These are for giant mutant babies…

Babyland Salesgirl: You should see some of the babies that come in here.. total fatties.


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  1. hi i saw the poster on the buses i just love that one the other one when she coverd his face was not great

  2. Can’t wait for this movie, Alex has got such a wicked sense of humour he’s just brilliant,
    thanks for posting these vid’s. Loving Alex Loads!!

  3. I really think we should let the world know that we r all going to see this movie because of Alex. J.LO is great, I’m sure, But Alex needs the attetion he deserves. So everyone make sure you post why you watched.Alex Rocks!

  4. Alex is super beautiful in that movie I saw some footage on youtube, really that wonderful cat is good at everything he does, I would like to be an actress to play opposite him rsrsrsrsrsrs.

  5. Can’t wait to see Alex! Is it coming to Holland too?

  6. Can’t wait to see Alex. This movie should go right to the top for awards. Love ya Alex. You roc

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  8. JLo was just featured on Extra–where was Alex??? Why are they giving her so much coverage? Alex is her co-star for heaven’s sake! Just wait til the movie comes out. We’ll be happy to share our Alex with the world!

    1. Cheri Alex is filming Hawai 5-0, that’s why she was the only one there :

  9. Thanks Tiffany for all the recent updates. We really appreciate your hard work. This movie looks like great fun. Can’t wait to see it.

  10. I LOVE IT cant wait to see this movie of course really its just so i can see Alex on the big screen 😛

  11. I’m not much of a “chick flick” fan, but Alex sure looks terrific for this movie!

  12. What would I do without your updates? Do you hear any comments from the big movie people about how this movie will do at the box office?? I can’t imagine anyone cutting it down; They are cute together but Jennifer should give more “time” for Alex in interviews, etc. She certainly is the “diva” in this show….but I’m glad she picked Alex to be with her. GO GET ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND SEE BACK UP PLAN APRIL 23RD!!!!! PASS IT ON!

  13. Thank you, Alex and Jennifer are hilarious!!

  14. Thanks Tiffany for this really wounderful two BUP videos…like this scenes so much!!!

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