Alex Makes Time for a Fan at the Whiteout Premiere

Alex O'Loughlin loves his fans

Love this video. A fan calls out to Alex as he is leaving the premiere and he leaves the carpeted area to go to her. How sweet is he??! The fan also looked cute  as a button, whomever she is.

Anyway he autographs a picture for her and poses for a picture, taking time away from his event to make time for a fan.

He also seemed happy  by the picture she chose… perhaps because it wasn’t a Moonlight shot??


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  1. Isn’t he just adorable. It’s typical Alex – fans first, parties and premieres second. How sweet was he to walk over to that fan and make her day. I too am jealous. Also, he looked so handsome, as always. Three weeks from today, ladies – THREE RIVERS !!! Alex loves his fans so let’s make sure we return the love and be there to support him. Tune in October 4th.

  2. Wow he’s sooo Amazing!!!
    I’m speechless!
    He’s such a nice person an handsome ! ^^

    P.S.: Yes it’s an internet Adress:

  3. Checked again! It had to be just before the movie began after the autographs!

  4. Just a note! It was too much daylight to be after the Premiere. I was there and it was dark before the movie began! So I wonder when it was??? Thanks form posting! He is so awesome!

  5. Alex is such a caring, loving and kindhearted person to take time out for his fans.. Can’t wait to see Whiteout tomorrow and Three Rivers in October.

  6. What a doll! Alex is AMAZING!!! Beautiful inside and out. I can not wait to see him on the BIG screen!

  7. Thanks for posting the video Tiffany. It’s just like we were there and having the interaction ourselves. He went to a fair bit of trouble to get to the fan too. Good on him, it just raises him up in everyone’s estimation – and he was high up to start with! I think he was surprised at the picture because it’s such an old one. I think it may even be from his NIDA days and he may have not even realised the fans have ever seen it.

  8. I just got home from seeing Whiteout. I’m still reeling and now I see him on this video being the sweet sweet man he reallllly is in real life. Who could ask for more.?? I loved the movie even tho’ he wasn’t starring in it …every scene he was in was great in my estimation. He looks amazing on the giant screen. I’ve only seen him on my lap top or on my TV…so the movie theatre was a real treat. I’m so glad to hear all of your comments so I know I’m not crazy when I start describing him to people who don’t know of him. He is ONE IN a MILLION.; REALLY SPECIAL. and genuinely charismatic. Love him to pieces. And wish him a ton of success. Go Alex.

  9. How wonderful is he!!! Such a sweet , sweet person!! I am anxious to see Whiteout tomorrow, sorry to hear he doesn’t have much screen time? Just think 5 more weeks and we get to see him on Three Rivers!!! I hope his fans, Moonlight fans are behind him on this one. I’m sure they will, we love everything and anything ALex!! Tiffany, I am new to this website, a few months perhaps and it is the best!! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US UPDATED ON ALEX!!!

  10. can i have the direct link? plz

  11. That was really nice of him to do that..and that’s why we all adore him 🙂

  12. He’s so adorable and gracious…. I’ve never seen another actor do what he did in this video. I absolutely love, love, love him!!!

  13. Sweet, kind, considerate, true blue, Alex Dude Rocks! That is why I’m an Alex ‘Dude’ fan, he is one-in-a-million!

  14. That’s Alex — always there for his fans. That’s why we’ll always be there for him throughout his rise to stardom. He’s one heck of a guy — stay as cool as you are.

  15. Alex goes that extra mile SUch a sweetie. He really takes his donare Life Seriously

  16. OMG!! I wish, I was her 🙂 He is such a sweetheart that’s why we all love him 🙂 he is lovely, sweet, gorgeous, kind, etc. etc…

  17. Such a lucky girl! I’m jealous! There’s not many stars that would stop what they’re doing and take the time like he did with this young lady. Shows what kind of person he is.

  18. HE IS SOOOO AWESOME !!! i just love the way he treats his fans.. he’s the best ever 🙂

  19. This makes me love him so much more…He is such a sweetheart and I just cannot explain but I really feel that he is different from all of the rest…He is just so full of appreciation for his fans and there is just somthing about him that makes me feel he is not your typical actor…I wish I had known about him prior to moonlight but I had never heard of him until then…I am glad I know of him now!! He is just wonderfull in everything that he does from his acting to his personality…Anyone to snag him is very lucky!!

  20. that is for sure a true for real of what a human being and too, a handsome gentleman…

    Q/ um, it sounded like he mentioned an website to the lady… did he?

    well either way… you all have a good day.

    1. Rosemary,

      He mentioned the Donate Life web site. He is supporting their cause.

  21. That’s why we love our Alex – he’s kind, sweet and gorgeous!

  22. Alex is truly a wonderful person who appreciates his fans. And how hot is the picture she had for him to sign!

  23. OMG this smile !!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. WOW – I have never posted before but I love this site and I just have to say I am a newbie to being an Alex fan and I absolutelty love his humble character and the way he enjoys life. This video 100% shows the outstanding integreity and love he shows towards others. What a man 🙂 I think it would be cool just to know him as a friend… He is definetly that kind of person that would make your day a little brighter.

  25. NICE!!

    This video shows more about his character than a whole slew of professional interviews.

    My heart is melting……

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