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  1. I am from Europe and recently discovered this amazing series called Moonlight and I just couldn’t, WOULDN’T believe that they cancelled it after its first season! I just can’t wrap my mind around giving up on a show that had an amazing Alex on the wheel, a wonderful cast, good stories and great mythology with LOADS of potential!!! I absolutely ADORE Alex, wish him the best in his career because despite being criminally gorgeous he is a gifted, talented actor, but would LOVE to see him in a Moonlight movie!! I know getting back the series on air is next to impossible, but are there any rumours about a movie being made? Especially with all the vampire craze out there…And let me tell you, Moonlight was far FAR better than many movies and tv series of that genre out there… Is there any talk about movie AT LEAST?
    BTW, this website is GREAT, thank you for making it!

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    I had never watched this show until it was shown on CW and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s fantastic. Not cheesy or overdone with story lines that are fantastic. I really hope CW will start a new season for this show. These actors are fantastic and the way this first season ends is perfect for another to begin!!! Bring back Moonlight!

    1. DITTO ON EVERYTHING YOU SAID. This show MOONLIGHT is fantastic. I started to watch the new season of True Blood … oh, it made me sick .. it’s really too, too much blood, gore and filth to continue watching. BRING BACK MOONLIGHT.

      1. I totally agree with you. I can stomach see blood but all the blood they show on True Blood; is just to much. Remember though; Mick St. John(Alex) was an anti vampire, that is why we come to love him and it sure does not hurt that he is extremely GORGEOUS too. In my eyes True Blood would not be on; it it was not for Moonlight….so there!

  3. I agree with Cylb and Heather, Moonlight is GREAT series thanks to great cast, actors : Alex, Sophia, Jason, Shannon. Together, they are very good team. Wow, Alex and Sophia is the best chemistry, beautiful couple.

  4. I realize that this is Alex’s website but without the supporting Moonlight cast, the show wouldn’t have carried like it did — we should wish them luck and give them credit for MOONLIGHT not just Alex. CBS needs to answer for not seeing what the supporting public saw in Moonlight. There has never been a better Vampire TV or big screen show. It was also, by far, the best performance that Alex has done. His acting style made for this show.

    1. You are absolutely correct. “Moonlight” had the best cast of actors. All the actors played off well with another. There were so many wonderful moments on this series. It is a shame that CBS cancelled Moonlight. What made it so confusing on being cancelled was Moonlight being praised by the critics but still CBS wouldn’t stand behind the series for one more season. CBS has a bad track record for letting good shows go.

      It would really be terrific if Moonlight had a special movie just to tie things up with the main characters.

  5. I was so thrilled to see Moonlight on the CW Channel after The Vampire Diaries. Last week on the Chiller channel there was a mini-marathon of the series. Since I own the series on dvd, I had my own Moonlight marathon this week. 🙂

    1. So did I! Watched all the episodes this week and look forward to seeing them again on the weekly summer run. Can’t get too much of the show!

  6. I was delighted when the CW (of which CBS is part owner, ironically) announced they were running my all-time favorite vampire series following my second favorite one. Thursday nights, no one calls between 8 and 10: I don’t answer the phone.

    The great thing about “Moonlight” was its normalcy, compared to so many of the other shows in the genre. This is a believable, adult person with an entire spectrum of feelings, thoughts, and attitudes that go beyond the contact lenses and tooth appliances. It was such an engaging show, with great relationships, easy humor, and characters in whom we could be invested. Who could watch this and not care very much what happens to Mick?

    It was different and produced more audience response than just chills and screams. Although I think Alex is talented, versatile and a number of other things as outlined by those of you who have written above, I have to concur that “Moonlight” was the work he will, to date, be most remembered for.

    I will never forgive CBS for its shortsightedness. Ugh.

  7. ML was on the Chiller channel last night. They showed the first 4 episodes–then repeated them!! ML was on from 5pm to 1am–8 hrs!!! Hey, maybe they’ve finally learned what Mick lovers have known all along–he’s one HOT vampire!

    1. SAw the back up Plan it didnot do Alex justice Loved him in Moonlight and I know I will love him in Hawaii 5-0

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    Hi all, everyone needs to go to the link Tiffany posted on June 4th and leave a comment.
    Thank you so much!! Tonight is episode #2 !!!!!! Join the CW and leave comments there how excited we are about seeing our Moonlight and thank Dawn for giving it to us.
    Enjoy Moonlight tonight ladies!!!!!!!!!!

  9. WOW, Moonlight is on CW tonight, it’s a great series, wonderful actors, Alex, Sophia, Jason, Shannon. I hope tonight that many people look Moonlight……

  10. Moonlight is back on the CW!!!! Yes I too am excited. Following the Vampire Diaries. Of course this will do nothing but get more Moonlighters hooked. It will be a good thing for the CW and maybe for Moonlight! I love everything that Alex does but Moonlight is still by far the best! H 5/0 will be good but it is a remake and that scares me alot. Amazing that networks keep airing Moonlight! How is it they all seem to get what CBS just can’t. When you have a show that good with the 7 million plus ratings why would you let it go? Its crazy! Here is to a great summer with Mick St. John!!!! I too own the dvds but still tune in every week after the Diaries!!! Vampires just don’t go out of style.!!!!!!!!


  12. Was so pleased to see ML back on TV. I taped the show when it was on, and will watch every repeat this summer. I sure hope CBS gives Hawaii 5 O a few seasons trial. Mick and Beth had such great cemistry on ML I would love to see Sopia be able to star on H5O with Alex., and you do not have to be young to enjoy a good LOVE Story that leaves something to the imagination. One great thing about ML was how great the cast was together. Great story without all the blood like the other vampire shows. I will watch Alex in anything he is in,,

  13. Thank Heaven Alex willl be back this Fall!!!!! But the idiots at CBS should NEVER have cancelled MOONLIGHT!!!!! Lord, I miss that show! They should bring it back!

  14. No matter what show Alex stars in, Criminal Minds, Three Rivers, Back-up Plan, etc., nothing compares to MOONLIGHT. This is far his best. Unfortunately, CBS didn’t see it that way when they dumped all this shows. Still want a continuation of Moonlight even though Hawaii Five-O is on CBS schedule this fall.

  15. Finally, I can see Moonlight on my TV again…I can’t tell you how happy I am to find this! Thank you CW for putting on such a great show. And after Vampire Diaries is a wonderful “fit”. You all know what I am going to be doing on Thursday evenings people! Vampire Solidarity RAH RAH RAH!

    1. Lets not forget we will see Alex again on Saturday night in new episodes of Three Rivers. CBS is airing the last few unseen episodes.

  16. Thank you so much CW , I love Moonlight
    Moonlight is THE BEST, Mick St John is the best vampire in the world and the chemistry between Alex O’Loughlin and Sophia Myles is amazing, they are GREAT together

  17. I just happened to catch ML on the SyFy channel this evening. After the Stephen King movie it’s on ALL NIGHT!! (heavy breathing)

  18. well. just checked the local CW channel in my neck of the woods.. no pun included.. ok maybe just a bite… well anyways.. I went to see as to what they had it listed as to Genre:, and they have it as : “Genre: Drama/Paranormal”.
    other than that…. time goes.. about ballpark of 9 to 9 & 1/2 hrs .. give or take.. to go.

  19. In about 5 minutes they will start showing Moonlight here in Washington State. I am trying to type fast so I won’t miss it. Happy Moonlight watching and please help support our Alex in his new adventures.

  20. just I think Alex would have reported on his my space Moonlight on CW on june 3 (as he did for TR), because without Moonlight ,, I will never know Alex O’Loughlin

  21. I’m happy to see the networks still see value in Moonlight. It was a great show. Moonlight defies all logic at how it affected so many fans so strongly. I hope it gets new viewers to share in our Moonlight love.


  22. I am so happy, this man has to get a break now. with all of the attention he is getting. wonderful.xoxo.

  23. um, i just for the fun checked, and well.. http://www.cwtv.com/shows/ (at the bottom page) schedule.. and well its not bad at all of to come right after the “Vampire Diaries”.. you could sort of say Moonlight caps of the night with just the right BITE of a BITE at 9pm est.

  24. hi thanks i have the dvds but i will watch it any way

  25. Alex all summer oh ya.

    1. With seeing Alex all summer long. We might have to attend to an ALEX-OMINUS group therapy….haha. What fun!!!

  26. This is the best news i have heard all year 🙂 I just went and saw the back up plan god he was dreamy in that 🙂 CANT WAIT TO SEE MOONLIGHT AGAIN WOOOOHHHOOO

  27. This is one gentleman I never get tired of seeing! Each time I am amazed at how perfect he is! I do hope he will be around and on screen for a very, very long time!!!

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    Hallellujah…I am so on board with all of you guys. Also have the ML dvd’s but mostly enjoy watching ML live on broadcast tv…and yes what a year this is for Alex. The BUP was great, I watch tapes of TR but can’t wait for the new ones and the dvd. Watch any of his movies all of which I have on dvd and am holding my breath til Fall for the great new H5o. And having this wonderful site with Tiffany’s great updates makes life absolutely complete. I am one very happy human being. Excuse me while I try to breathe again.

  29. I would like to add my love of all things Moonlight. I would love to have a movie made. I will keep my fingers crossed. Until then I will watch them all summer even though I do have the DVD. And Hawaii five O will be fun to watch. Thank you CW for airing our favorite series!!!

  30. Too bad the CW didn’t pick up Moonlight when CBS so stupidly let it go. Then we would have NEW episodes. Oh well, hindsight is twenty twenty vision they say, but I am looking forward to Hawaii 5-0 also even though I have a grudge with Nina and CBS.

    1. Don’t get too excited about Hawaii 5-0. CBS has a history of getting rid of shows before they’ve had a fair chance. In any case……..let’s hope for a miracle.

    2. You are so right! With H5-0 now CBS has had Alex on 3 series so they must love him. Considering the loyatly of Moonlight fans, I think CBS must regret cancelling it. Hopefully they take the time to showcase Alex’s considerable charms on the new show, unlike Three Rivers!

  31. Even though I have every episode on tape, I will be sitting with bowl of popcorn, watching with same excitement as if new …& still wondering how it ever got canceled..

    But……fate must have been waiting in the wings for Hawaii 5-0 ….to possibly becoming the biggest success for Alex.

  32. I bought the Moonlight series on DVD sometime ago. It is sad CBS didn’t stick beside this series as the vampire/werewolf stories are so very popular. It will be a nice Summer to watch this series before Hawaii Five-O starts in the Fall. 🙂

  33. Oh Yeah, I am ready for this. Great summer going into a great fall. Can’t get too much Alex. Does anyone else miss his Moonlight hair?


  34. Me too, I have Moonlight on DVD but I’ll watch because Moonlight is a great serie and it’s good for ratings.

  35. We’re going to have one happy summer. ML after Vampire Diaries on the CW starting on June 3rd! WooHoo! So great to see Mick and Beth together again! Many thanks Tiffany.

  36. I have been waiting for this….HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND

  37. Summer viewing just cant get any better for us Alex fans. We are going to have the delight and glorious pleasure of watching him weekly on tv withTR and Ml, or the big screen as long as TBUP is playing, and then on into the fall and hopefully many years to come with H50. I just knew this was going to be his year and I know for many more to come.

  38. Yes, ladies, Moonlight will forever (so far!!) be the most favorite drama Alex…and everyone in that cast that was picked perfectly for thier parts, did for TV. I hope like everyone else they at least do a movie but since Alex and Beth were made into a “couple” by the last episode, there would not be the same ” will she or won’t she ” story line which draws most romances on TV –once the “deal is closed” as Josef once said, it changes a lot of the story line and where it might go. Oh well, Hawaii Five 0 is gonna be a real hit and that’s what Im waiting for and you know the summer always goes fast!!!! Just change Monday night football to some other night!!! Love to Alex from Suzanne His Forever fan

    1. No worries Suzanne! Monday Night Football hasn’t been on CBS for a couple of years now…it’s on cable!! And Hawaii Five-0 is gonna be HUGE!!

  39. I am also an older lady fan. I have been getting my Moolight fix on YouTube. I watch them over and over. I have seen The Back-Up Plan 6 times now. It is absolutely the best comedy I have seen in a while. Not to mention Mr. O. Love that man! I think it deserves an oscar for Best Comedy. And of course our Alex should receive one for his role. He has my vote!

  40. Luckily I can watch ML anytime I want with the DVDs. But I’ll watch TR for sure and continue to hold my breath til H5O comes in the fall. Help!! I’m turning blue!!!

  41. I have the Moonlight DVD collection; but will still watch Moonlight on CW. Alex & Sopia had an unbeatable chemistry between each other. This will always remain my favorite of all, series! I am still anxiously awaiting the new Hawaii Five-O series in the Fall. I am an older lady fan; but Alex is the Hottest Hunk out there!!

    1. I so so agree with you. There will never be an attractive/hot vampire like Alex(Mick) out there. I can’t wait for the Fall to get here as well. I can’t wait to heear when Alex say’s Book him Dano.

    2. Templetalk, we might be older (I’m over 50) but we’re not dead! Alex is McDreamy, McSteamy and MickSexy all rolled into one! And Alex and Sophia’s chemistry was undeniable. Moonlight first introduced me to Mick St. John so it will always hold a special place in my heart! Wouldn’t be cool to see Sophia guest star on H5O (as McGarrett’s love interest of course)! It’s nice to see Alex cast in a really cool show and working hard….but having fun while he beats the crap out of the bad guys!


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