Alex O’Loughlin Tattoo Day

With today being tattoo day, we thought it would be another good time to release a few more unpublished photos. It might be possible a few of you have seen these around but not in HQ version which we all know everyone really wants. 

If you are an Alex fan you probably know that his tattoos have been very much part of his life since he was much younger, and he proudly displays the ones on his arms regularly on the show. His other ones (chest and back) have to be covered anytime he does a shirtless scene. If you want to know more about his tattoos than check out a post from many years ago here.

Here is a little history of Tattoo Day in case you are interested


The history of Tattoo Day is as ancient as the tattoo itself, with examples being found far into prehistoric times preserved in mummified flesh. It is entirely possible that tattoos are even older than the oldest physical skin evidence we’ve discovered, as tools that clearly seem to be made for giving tattoos have been found through archaeology.

In Egypt, women were the primary canvas for tattoos and they were used for all purposes you can imagine. From indications of religion and status, or as punishment, and even to help the healing process. In China tattoos were largely held to be a practice of barbarism, and are frequently associated with folk heroes and criminals, an association brought into practice when men who were convicts would have the kanji for “criminal” tattooed on their face.

In the modern world the story of the tattoo is just as varied and convoluted. People are fascinated with tattoos, and more people are getting them every year, yet workplaces tend to say that they must be covered in order for you to work. That’s supposing that having one doesn’t cost you the job to begin with. Tattoo Day raises awareness about tattoos and their ancient and respected history and seeks to change the view the world has for them.


Now here are the photos. The larger HQ versions will be in our gallery and FB pages later….


alex o'loughlin photoshoot tattoo

Taken by Nino Munoz for CBS Watch 2017


alex o'loughlin photoshoot tattoo

Taken by Jim Wright for Mens FItness photoshoot 2011


alex o'loughlin photoshoot tattoo

Taken by Dusan Reljin for GQ 2011




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    I love Alex’s tattoos they are so sexy especially the ones on his arms that we always see on the show.

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