Hawaii Five 0 Kau pahi, ko’u kua. Kau pu, ko’u po’o Gif-fable Moments


With another Hawaii Five 0 episode down, came some more Gif-fable Alex/Steve moments. Although Alex was in almost every scene in this one, those scenes had many others in them with the camera panning back and forth, so the timing was a little harder to gif. However, we did get some and they are below.


The facial expressions won out in this one. Ranging from disappointment to HUH/WTH and a lot in between, he is the expert in facial acting 

Alex O'Loughlin disappointed

Alex O'Loughlin bewildered

Alex O'Loughlin confused

Alex O'Loughlin bewildered

Alex O'Loughlin courteous


Alex O'Loughlin surprised

Alex O'Loughlin huh



There is no going wrong when he brings out the big gun

Alex O'Loughlin gun-action



The appearance of the strut, slightly different as it was a beach strut.

Alex O'Loughlin strut



And of course leaving you with a smile!

Alex O'Loughlin smile



For the plaid lovers, it did not matter what he was doing, but hopefully we provided a little of something for everyone.


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