The Mortal Cure – Episode 1.12



The Season One Finale of Moonlight! :(The episode opens with Mick and Beth at the police station giving statements about Josh’s death. Beth is still upset with Mick and he once again tries to make her understand that he would not want anyone to share his fate as being a vampire is detestable to him.

Vampires can smell decay and the older a vampire gets the more aroma of decay they give off. When Mick gets back to his apartment he senses that a very old vampire is inside his apartment. When he enters and goes out on to the balcony he finds two vampires. One of them, with a pitch black eye, asks him where Coraline is and shows him a copy of Mick and Coraline’s marriage certificate to demonstrates that he knows they know each other. Mick tells the man he hasn’t seen Coraline in years and that he won’t help find her.

Later Mick asks Josef about the strange man and when Josef hears about the one black eye he tells Mick that the man is named Lance and that he is very powerful and very rich and that under no circumstances should Mick get involved with or anger this man. Josef seems almost scared of Lance.

Mick looks at hospital surveillance tapes to figure out that Coraline was helped to escape from the hospital by one of Coraline’s oldest and best vampire friends. Mick tracks the friend and then later Coraline to a warehouse facility where some sort of research is being done. Mick interrupts a fight between Coraline and Lance. Lance beheads one vampire and then goes after Coraline but Mick intervenes and Coraline escapes. When Mick tackles Lance he goes flying and knocks over a bunsen burner and starts a fire. Lance’s hand catches fires but instead of turning to ash it regenerates…demonstrating that Lance is a unique vampire. Lance recovers and knocks Mick out and then disappears.

Meanwhile Beth takes possession of Josh’s personal items that he had at work and when she goes through his date book she finds that he had dinner reservations for that night with someone named Celeste. Beth calls the number and a young woman answers. Beth hangs up and decides to meet this woman at the restaurant and confront her to determine if she and Josh were having an affair. When she meets Celeste she finds out that she is a jeweler and that Josh was fitting his grandmother’s gemstone into a new setting in order to propose to Beth. Beth is devastated but also confused because she is not sure what her answer would have been had he asked her.

She seeks out and confides in Mick but they are interrupted by Coraline. Beth decides to leave and Coraline explains that her cure is only temporary and that it is an ancient formula derived from plants and created by 7 siblings (including Lance) in King Louie’s royal blood line. During the Reign of Terror vampires were being hunted and exterminated and the “cure” was created and used to throw people off and hide their true nature.

Coraline cuts Mick’s arm and put the salve into the wound beginning his temporary transformation from vampire to human. Then Coraline tells Mick that she needs to get out of town fast to avoid Lance but as they leave Mick’s building Lance confronts them and Mick is almost entirely human. Lance refers to Coraline as his sister and suddenly Mick realizes that Coraline is one of the seven royal siblings.

Mick tries to fight Lance off but he gets beaten very badly. Lance is about to kill Mick when Coraline volunteers to go willingly if he will leave Mick alone. Lance agrees and Coraline reminds him of what will happen to her if he takes her to their brother. Lance tells Coraline that she will be judged harshly for bringing Mick into the bloodline without consent and for stealing the secret formulation and he stakes her though the heart to paralyze her. Then he carries her off as Mick watches helplessly.

Mick hobbles back to his apartment in great pain but he still relishes his new found mortality. He withdraws a syringe of his own blood to preserve any traces of the cure and then he proceeds to eat with abandon and then fall asleep on the couch.

The next morning a very beat up Mick attends Josh’s funeral and upon seeing him Beth realizes that he is human. She asks how it feels and he says that it feels amazing. The episode closes with a priest declaring that everyone must live in the moment. Leaving us to wonder what Mick will do with his time as a mortal.

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