No Such Thing As Vampires – Episode 1

mick st john

Watching the first episode of moonlight on Sci-Fi tonight made me a bit sad. I remembered all to well watching the first time and being entranced. But this time I knew the story would end too soon…sigh.

In No Such Thing As Vampires we first see Mick St. John. He is being interviewed and he shares the secrets and strengths of being a vampire. He also shares with us the type of vampire he is…an ethical one who only hunts predators. We see him use a syringe to feed and then something catches his eye…a broadcast from Buzzwire with Beth Turner. He goes to the scene to investigate and he and Beth meet. The connection between them can immediately be felt. She thinks she knows him from somewhere and it is easy to easy she automatically likes him. Mick’s reaction to her is playful and affectionate even.

In the following scenes we see the other person in Mick’s life, Josef. Josef is his best vampire friend and the bond between them is something special. That we can see right away. Josef urges Mick to resolve this latest case to keep suspicion about their kind from brewing. This leads him back to Beth as they both break into the victim’s home and one of my favorite scenes when Beth smashes a vase (I think) over Mick’s head. He stares at her wide eyed and lets out a very delayed “ouch”. His expression is priceless.

One of my favorite lines:

Beth: How do I know you’re not the killer?

Mick: Well, because I am not killing you.

Mick and Beth quickly determine that the victim was perhaps some sort of vampire genre fan. She was studying vampires in school and was part of a vampire study group where her professor claimed to be an actual vampire. The victim wore the professor’s blood in vial around her neck. So far the professor or one of the other study group members seems to be the best potential suspects.

Beth goes undercover as a student to try and join their exclusive study group and uncover the killer. She catches the professor’s eye and is welcomed into the group.

Another young girl in the group is killed, Josef puts more pressure on Mick to end this case before people get suspicious, and Beth visits Mick in his home. What looks like a small collaborative effort to track the killer is obviously much more. They are very comfortable in their role as a team. Seeing Beth reminds Mick of the past and we see a flashback of his past…a kidnapped little girl and the beautiful woman named Coraline who turned him into a vampire.

Beth does go to the study group and is attacked by the teacher’s aide. Mick attacks the professor to try and find her and in one of my favorite moments shows the wannabe vampire what a REAL vampire looks like. Then he tracks Beth and the TA down. They are driving away from the school and Beth is drugged.

Mick uses his super human strength to overcome the TA, not even blinking when the TA stabs him. Beth is groggy watching all of it. Then in one of the most tender moments of the whole series Mick takes Beth into his arms and walks her to safety, cradling her to his chest. His protective urges show us that Mick feels something strong for Beth. Another flashback reveals more of Mick’s past and we see that Beth and the kidnapped little girl from the past are one and the same and that his desire to keep Beth safe even then prompted him to kill a vampire with whom there was obviously a romantic attachment.

Another favorite line:

Mick: It’s alright you’re with me.

The way they touch/hug in his apartment afterward shows us we are in for a great ride as these two get closer and build upon their budding relationship. Little does Beth know her savior has returned and Mick looks as though he can barely believe that he really gets to hold her in his arms.

The audience gets to watch true magic.

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  1. Very nice recap. Well done. I also watched the Sci-Fi premier of Moonlight with sadness…knowing how it will end. But a chance to see MickBeth on the screen again has been worth the wait. Yes, I have the episodes thru iTunes and my own dvds….but I waited patiently for the official copy of the series……and that is *all* that it is……a copy. NO extras, NO special features, NO behind the scenes……..NOTHING…..this was a slap in the face to the FANS and to the cast, especially ALEX O’LOUGHLIN who gave so much of himself to the show. I’m hoping against hope for a movie to give us and the cast closure.

  2. The fact that this show is on a DVD is a miracle…I feel it would have hit the market sooner if Nina wasn’t in the picture…Another show, but from the ABC TV family, that came out around the same time as Moonlight was October Road…It was cancelled around the same time as Moonlight as well… It showed up on store shelves within a month of cancelllation…

    It is truly sad that one very sorry example of, both, leadership & womanhood can weild such power venomously…

    I hope the sales of Moonlight, on one hand, tips the scales to a new high rating…On the other hand, I hope that CBS gets none of the profit from the sales, but do hope Alex and the rest of the cast can profit in some royalties of the sales, if that is possible…

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