CBS Picks up Hawaii Five-O for Fall!!

Many Hollywood reporters are declaring it a done deal including Ausiello:

CBS has ordered four new series, including its reboot of Hawaii 5-0 starring Alex O’Loughlin, the Jim Belushi legal drama Defenders, the Tom Selleck police drama Blue Bloods, and the plus-sized comedy Mike and Molly.

I saw it this afternoon on James Marsters Facebook page as well. Woohoo! Looks like Alex will be back on our screens come Fall in a brand new show! First we get to see him on Moonlight re-runs all summer and now we get the word that H5O is a go. Squee!

Official description: Hawaii Five-0 is a contemporary take on the classic series about a new elite federalized task force whose mission is to wipe out the crime that washes up on the Islands’ sun-drenched beaches. Detective Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), a decorated Naval officer turned cop, returns to Oahu to investigate his father’s murder and stays after Hawaii’ governor persuades him to head up the new team: his rules, her backing, no red tape and full blanket immunity to hunt down the biggest game in town. Joining McGarrett is Detective Danny Danno Williams (Scott Caan), a newly relocated ex-New Jersey cop who prefers skyscrapers to the coastline but is committed to keeping the Islands safe for his 8-year-old daughter; and Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), an ex-Honolulu Police Detective wrongly accused of corruption and relegated to a federal security patrol, who is also a former protege of McGarrett’s father. Chin’s cousin, Kono (Grace Park), is a beautiful and fearless native, fresh out of the academy and eager to establish herself among the department’s elite. McGarrett vows to bring closure to his father’s case while the state’s brash new FIVE-0 unit, who may spar and jest among themselves, is determined to eliminate the seedy elements from the 50th state.

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  1. Alex needs to do a social cruise with other hot actors for all us single women to get our *eye candy fix* what could it hurt. admission $ 50.00 each.

  2. Thanks Tif for keeping us die hard fans up to date. Gee, can’t fall get here sooner.

  3. BTW I also heard that CBS will be airing Three Rivers Saturdays at
    8:00pm eastern time beginning June 5th. It may include the never seen before episodes!

    1. I really hope they do. Three Rivers was here and gone before we knew it. Would welcome all the episodes they never aired. THANKS TIFFANY for keeping us posted on Alex.

  4. This is absolutely FANTASTIC NEWS for Alex.
    Tiffany, I am so grateful for all the news you give regarding Alex what he is doing and how his career is growing. You are the only link we have for news and info on Alex here in London. Please KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK.
    I attended the premier of The Backup Plan in Leicester Square and at no time did Ms Lopez mention Alex in any of her interviews, except as his character name. She was everywhere, radio and talk shows, but at least Alex now has a stronger following here in London.
    It will be a long time before we get to see any of Alex’s TV work, i.e 3 Rivers and the forth coming Hawaii 5 0, unless CBS do a deal with British TV to show these series. We have only had Moonlight shown here, which was excellent viewing! to say the least and an episode of Criminal Minds with Alex as the guest star.

    All I can say Alex is that you are a wonderful man and a great actor with talents waiting to be discovered and used in TV and Film and wish you the VERY BEST of everything especially with Hawaii 5-0.

  5. Alex is as gorgeous as usual. All you young gals are probably in seventh heaven. Haven’t seen
    him in back-up plan yet ,hope to soon. Iv’e had so many irons in the fire lately ,i don’t know if I coming or going. Bless his his heart ,hes getting bigger and better roles and he certainly deserves them. HAPPY DAYS ALEX!!!

  6. Yahoo…….. looking forward to fall, well I don’t want to rush summer. CBS don’t break our hearts again.

  7. That is fantastic news about Hawaii Five-0 being picked up for the fall schedule. I can’t wait!!! Thanks Tiffany for keeping us all up to date. I have a very good feeling about its success.. Three is definitely the charm for Alex. And I was so happy to hear that the CW will be repeating Moonlight. We all still really love that show. I can only wonder “what if they had given it a chance a few years ago?” But when one door closes, another opens, and I have no doubt that Hawaii Five-0 will be a smash. I remember watching the original with my dad and enjoying it so I’m sure the updated version will be great. Thanks again Tiffany, you’re wonderful to us. Have a good week!

  8. I hope this one stays around for awhile. I thought Alex O’Loughlin was GREAT in Three Rivers. I guess others didn’t think so. There is a rare talent there. I have been following Mr. O’loughlins career. Since the start. He blossemed at the biginning since the cammerc ials he done in Austrailia. Hope CBS will be kind to this one!!!!!

  9. I have to agree with all here that Mick/Beth chemistry is a couple all their own.
    I too will be watching Moonlight all summer on the CW, got to give the DVD;s a rest 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!
    I am looking forward to H5O, and do hope it is successful, but my heart is still in Moonlight.
    Just one of those die hard Moonlight fans, I just can’t help it..

    1. Wubby, I’m with you. I am a die hard Moonlight fan too. Every time I watch Sonata I think about what could have been. A Moonlight reunion is always a possibility. You know the movie would be a hit and I feel Alex and Sophia wouild love to give their fans some closure. He just needs the bigwigs to give the OK. I think the cast is ready to bring Mick and friends together one last time.. Karen

  10. I was watching entertainment tonight yesterday/monday, and they said that on wednesday would be the day when cbs would release their fall line-up.

    yet of as to well it might be wise to that of just maybe watching like today’s of ET just incase.,. as for u never know of what thoses networks will do next.., right?

  11. Boy, oh, boy!! Best news I’ve heard about Alex ever! This show is a really good fit fot him and much better than a “cheese farmer” with Ms. Lopez allthogh I do that her and her good sense to have picked him for that film. Yeah,! There are so many more sites fot him now and also PLEASE go to the videos people have done for him “Tall Dark Handsome Stranger” and Celine Dion’s :first time ever I saw your face from the 80’s completely rocks!!! Love Alex Your Froevef Fan and a big “thank you” to Tiffany for the much appreciated updates…

  12. Would be too unfair in my thinking, if they schedule it on a Friday or Sunday night.
    Holding my breath.

  13. I am very excited about the news on Hawaii Five-O. I’m one of the old school Five-O fans. I saw the original series filmed when I was young and can remember the Five-O van going around Oahu to set up for shooting and watching the actors film on location.

    I really like Alex O’Loughlin and I think he will do a great job reprising the role of Steve McGarrett. I am really looking forward to the Fall season!!

  14. Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

  15. This is really great news for Alex and of course all his fans he really does deserve the best. I have just watched an interview he did on you tube he said when asked about a sequel to TBUP he said he would like to spend the whole film on a beach in Sydney in a hammock NAKED with a cool beverage and Jen to be busy doing stuff and for Jen to be keep coming back to him I wouldn’t mind being on the beach during filming LoL. I do hope that H5O does well and hopefully they put it on satellite tv as I won’t see this until next year. Love you loads Alex XXX

  16. This is beautiful! I am so happy to hear this and I am happy for Alex. I am especially excited about all the buzz surrounding the pilot. As long as the show is not as stupid as CSI Miami (lots of bling, bright lights, but terrible acting and predictable plots) and more along the lines of Criminal Minds (intriguing, good acting, etc.), I expect that this show will be a winner for Alex.

  17. this is just to good to be true, I live in Australia and I haven’t seen the backup plan yet, as it does not open here until thurs 20/05, so I will be there bright and early and now I also have Hawaii 5O to look forward to as well, in the words of someone else, YOU ROCK ALEX!!

  18. · Edit

    Wonderful news. Really thrilled to know Alex will be on my TV, all year, and not just on my DVD’s.. I loved him in TBUP…thought the chemistry between JLO and him was great. Of course it would be different than what existed in ML with Sophia …it was a totally different story. How could it possibly be compared???? My take is to view each of Alex’s projects on it’s own merit…Each character he plays is different and I think he has always done a great job in portraying whatever role he is in. We may be prejudiced about Moonlight, because that is how most of us found him. But since then he has given us much to be thankful for. As someone said previously… YOU ROCK ALEX..

    1. That’s how I view each new role too! I’m looking forward to Steve McGarrett!

  19. OH HAPPY DAY!!! I’m so excited, I can’t stand it! We’re going to have Alex on TV again! Fall can’t come soon enough! Thanks Tiffany.

  20. Rejoice, rejoice! We’re having Alex back!
    Is this James Marsters the Spike from Buffy? I love that character, I hope I see him again too.

    1. Yes, that’s Spike.

  21. hi thanks for leting me now i cant wait to h50 every one is right alex needs a break and cbs nows it i am glad that alex is back

  22. YEAH!!!! Alex all summer on the CW, with MoonLight, Then H5O in the fall.
    Hope they don’t do to it what they did toTR. Put it on a daytha doesn’t have FootBall.

    Go Alex, your the best. Really enjoyed TBUP, I thought Alex was GREAT he really has a flair for comedy.


  23. I can hardly wait for H5O to come on this fall. Now CBS has to give the show a good time slot. Plus we get to see Moonlight re-runs all summer. Even though I have the DVD of Moonlight I never miss a chance to see it on TV. I also agree that there is more chemistry between Alex and Sophia Myles then with JLo. It is Alex’s acting that made “The Backup Plan not JLo’s. Now we get our weekly fix of Alex again. Love ya Alex, you rock.

  24. Fantastic News!!! CBS definitely needs to give H50 a good time slot. Alex and the rest of the cast deserve it.

  25. Not willing to get too excited, the decision is still in CBS control, to keep or to drop Hawaii Five-O regardless of public opinion. I wasn’t impressed in the acting between Alex and JLo in The Backup Plan. The story was cute but the chemistry was missing between them. It lack everything that was present between Alex and Sophia in Moonlight. I will be watching Hawaii Five-O

  26. Yea, I can’t believe Alex is coming back. I can’t wait!

  27. Great news!!

    I’m so happy for Alex 🙂
    I wish him all the best for this show <3

  28. Can’t wait to see Alex on the small screen again!

  29. Hurrary…hurray! I can’t wait for the fall to get here.

  30. Oh Boy, I am so excited. Plus Moonlight reruns this summer. I also was thinking what better chemistry there was between Alex and Sophia than with J Lo. I hope all goes well for him and wish him luck. He has definitely paid his dues.

  31. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear it. Looking forward to 5-O and also Moonlight reruns – there goes my inner vampire again 🙂

  32. WOW! Hawaii Five-O for fall plus Moonlight reruns all summer long! Wah Wah Wee Wah!

  33. Yes! This is awesome news!! Now we just need a good time-slot for it and we’re good to go!

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