Hawaii Five-O Time Slot Announced

And its pretty good news! I am very surprised but apparently CBS has booted CSI Miami from the Monday night 10:00PM time slot and given it to Hawaii Five-O. I think Alex fans feared it would be put on Friday or Sunday, neither of which bodes well. But alas we have gotten a pretty good time slot… even if I thought it might be on a little earlier. I LOVE that it is on after How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men.. two very successful and highly watched shows. This is a good sign that CBS is serious about making this show succeed. What do you think?

Source – The whole CBS Fall schedule is here.

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  1. I have been so mad at CBS, I don’t think they gave Moonlight a fair chance. All the vamp shows are so popular and they had the first and blew it.

  2. I sure hope this show makes it. I think he is better than dark chocolate. Love watching him act. I still miss Moonlight even though I have the season on

  3. This is a great time slot and date and people with satellite can see him earlier so that is good news!! You go Alex!! Best of Luck.

  4. Football is still on Monday nights. It is on ESPN. Wish they were putting it on another weekday.

  5. I guess I was wrong in thinking football was still on Monday nights? Im a big Steelers fan but Alex comes first no matter what. the best comes to those who wait and Alex is the best. Makes me so happy to see a truly terrific human being get a really good break at being a big Hollywood Star. But please Lord, don’t let him ever change ..we don’t want to watch him on the beach in EVERY TV Guide magazine with his shirt off like Mattew McConahay….did he forget how to act??? Also you are right Audreyd….David Caruso wears sunglasses. mumbles and its getting VERY old! You go my wonderful Alex! Love your Forever Fan Suzanne

  6. Great time slot!!!!..Congrats Alex! I believe this one is gonna make it for Alex!!!! Right up his alley!….CBS cares!!! 😉 lol!!!….I’ll be watching!

  7. Yes, Yes!!! This is fantastic news, it just keeps getting better and better for Alex.

  8. Finally – a good time slot – thank you CBS for not trying to screw Alex again. This is good news! Looks like CBS got it right this time. Jazz – DWTS airs much earlier than H5-O so no conflict there. Thanks Tiffany for making our day with this info – you rock!

  9. hi thanks now i cant wait to monday night this is good no football on monday this will work
    cant wait

  10. The thing that annoys me the most is that even tho Alex is the star I just read something that makes it sound like x-Lostie Daniel Day Kim is the star. I can’t place the third guy , what has he been in?

    1. I think you mean Scott Caan… the blond guy? He has been in movies mostly… the Oceans movies with George Clooney, American Outlaws, etc.

  11. I think it is a great time slot. We will not have to worry about sport games delaying the viewing of episodes, I feel that it was the reason Three Rivers didn’t make it. Can’t wait to see the new show and will be keeping my fingers crossed it is a success.

  12. I’m so happy for Alex and hope this show is his vehicle to stardom that he deserves.

    Will have to dust off the old VCR though as they’re putting this show opposite another favorite of mine, “Castle.” But hopefully there will be a good following for Hawaii Five-O that it will survive more than one season. I’m a fan already. Good luck Alex – love ya.

  13. I just wonder if Oz TV will pick it up. Sounds all good for you guys and H5O

  14. The very first thing I did this morning was go on the internet and google the CBS fall lineup. II am glad that the show got a good time slot and I am so looking forward to seeing the new Hawaii 50 since I use to watch the old one. Never liked or watched CSI: Miami. I was more worried that they would somehow place it opposite Bones on Thursdays at 8.


  16. Love it!! And Three Rivers is back on Sat nites and Moonlight from what i understand is back on also.. U GO ALEX!! We love u and will be with u every step of the way!! xoxo 😉

  17. They could not have picked a better night. I am a 24 junkie and that is going off the air so it is a mood point. Looks like Alex will not have any competition in the 10PM slot and for at least a year there has been diddly squat on at that time. Not a CSI fan so no problem there. The only things I see as a problem is Dancing with the Stars (if it airs at the same time & I can by pass that show any day), Bachelor (utter stupidity) & Football (well men will be glued to that). I say looking terrific – looks like Alex has a real chance this time around. FINALLY!!!!!!!! You go Alex – this time you have a real shot of reaching the masses and knocking them flat on their butts with your suburb acting and undeniable charm. Now everyone else can see what your fans have known for years. Kuddos!!!!!

  18. The news on Hawaii Five-O just gets better and better. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    I really believe that Alex O’Loughlin will have a winning series! I am glad I subscribe to the TV Guide, too. I hope they’ll do some nice photos in the Fall preview.

  19. Thank you thank you thank you CBS, I think it’s a wonderful time slot. Hate to say I’m glad they are moving CSI: Miami I was getting tired of watching David Caruso pose and non-act one more time in such a good time slot. Now we will have Alex and his great team of actors to take over that time. I’m so happy you have no idea. I can’t wait to see Alex back on television again, it’s been too long.

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