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  1. I can’t wait for the season2! It’s going to be the best ever! Everytime I see that preview to the new season, I seriously cannot stop screaming!!! Imagine the day of the first new episode! OMG, I CAN’T WAITTTT!!!! I love you alll the Hawaii Five-O team!!! :heart:

    1. i know that feeling! i cant stop screaming too. cant wait for season 2

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! great picture. now THATS what I like 👿 👿 👿

  3. Muffie: My thoughts exactly re R. Pattinson. Who is voting? Some 12 year old?

    1. Thank you Shirley. You made my day! I can’t stop chuckling at your comment….but you’re right. Must be pre-teens with lots of time on their hands, in which case, with school starting next week, hopefully, they’ll have boys more their ages to think about 😉 and leave the voting to us ladies who are old enough to appreciate what a REAL MAN is all about. :heart: :whistle:

      1. REAL MAN is right! I’m glad I could make your day, Muffie. Could you do something to improve mine, like send me on a trip, to say, Oahu? That ought to do it!

      2. Boy, you sure don’t ask for much do you. 😉 Honey, if I could afford it, I’d not only buy you a ticket – I’d go with you…and maybe never come back. Talk about being in heaven….the sun…the sand…and Alex!! :heart: :heart: Who could want for more. :whistle: Aah, we can dream, can’t we :love:

  4. OK, Ladies, we cannot take this lying down 😉 . Alex is in third place, and the top 2 are children. Please vote!

    1. I agree. I spent a couple of hours doing my bit yesterday and plan to do the same each day. Of course, not everyone has that much time on their hands BUT if every one of Alex’s fans voted, he’d win hands down. Come on ladies. Show this man HOW MUCH you :heart: love :heart: him!!

      1. I’ve just been on the website voting for our guy and he’s still in 3rd place. I’m beginning to think it might be rigged (just kidding). I mean Robert Pattinson is in 2nd place. You’ve got to be kidding. 👿 REALLY!!! Look at him for heavens sake. How on earth could Alex lose out to him?

  5. Muffie Thx so much.. I watched the promo. Can’t wait ti 5-0 starts again…. :heart:

  6. ;-( Why does he always were girls sunglasses? Did he lose the ones from Moonlight? He really likes having his pictures taken, and always talks about his apprance. I think he needs to get Amber back in his life. I thought he broke it off with her but maybe it was the other way around?

    1. Does it really matter what he wears? He works very long hours and has the right to dress in whatever he’s comfortable in when he’s relaxing. It’s not as if he was doing a photo shoot, he was out shopping! The same goes for his love life. Whatever happens in his relationships is HIS business. We all adore him but we DO NOT own him. Please! give him a break.

      1. OMG.. I new I would ruffel some feathers. He has the right and $ to doe what every I realize that. I’m not just refering to the pics here, so many of his pics he is wearing girls sunglasses, maybe I am the only one wondering why. I could care less about his personal life, your right it’s not my bussiness, but maybe he needs a female to help with the wardrobe!! Don’t be so evil 👿 GEE!!

      2. My apologies. I have only seen a few pictures of Alex wearing sunglasses, and haven’t really noticed them. As for his wardrobe..I have noticed that usually when he is out in public, he looks immaculate. Mind you, I think he would good if he was wearing a paper bag! Again, I apologize for getting hot under the collar – I’ve had a very very bad day. Sorry I took it out on you. .

      3. Muffie no harm done, hope your day gets better for you (which it should since your surfing Alex sites) . I agree he looks more than great, haven’t seen a better put to gether guy EVER. Just wish he would find his sunglasses from Moonlight. I know we’re all on the same side here, we have much to much love in our hearts :angel:

    2. Allright Muffie & Olga who cares if they are girl sunglesses. He just looks great in them. Someone from props needs to find his sunglasses !!!!!! :heart:

      1. Right you are Pamela. Had a “news feed” on my facebook page this morning regarding the new promo for H50. Have you seen it?
        Google: “ew.com/terry-oquinn”. Scroll down to H50 first trailer. Enjoy ladies. 😉

  7. cute !! ^_^ tnx 4pick Tiffany 😀 que divinos ke salen scott y Alex :heart: los amo ! :love:

  8. lovely pics, thank you for sharing. happy birthday to you alex! have a lovely day!

    1. Happy birthday Alex:) i wanna meet u sooooo bad in Hawaii!!!
      I’m hoping tht Hawaii Five O stays on tv till im able to get to the Air Force Base down there when im out of high school:) i absoluetly love u Alex!!!!! :love: :love: 😀 :kiss:

      1. Taylor-l, your way to yough for Alex. Step aside for us Ladies…. :heart:

  9. Thx again Tiffany, your the greatest… :kiss:

    1. I know and yur so right Pamela.. Hey have u met him in person?

      1. Taylor, no. Just been a big fan for a long while now. Thx to Tiffany she keeps us posted on the latest news. 😉

  10. I did vacation on O’ahu back in July and was there the first day they started filming. Funny, for a small island and spending a lot of time in Ala Moana Beach Park, and other regular locations, all we saw were some CBS techie trucks up Tantalus Drive! So close….. Still we had a great time and the garlic shrimp and A’wa smoothies were to die for!!

  11. Thanks for sharing these latest photos of Alex, Tiffany. I look forward to them. Alex has a birthday next week!

  12. Alex is looking hot as usual. Cannot wait til the start of the season. I just read that HF-0 and
    NCIS LA will be doing cross-over episodes. That is so great, but it won’t be with Alex and
    LL Cool J. It’s the Kensi character. The two SEALS should be working together !!!

    1. I agree with you, Linda. I think it would be great seeing LL Cool J and Alex work together. Do you think “the powers that be” at CBS have finally got a “case of the smarts” and realize they have a real winner with this show & cast? The fact they’re bringing in all these guest-stars and doing cross-overs has got to be a good sign. :p

      1. Muffie: We can only hope!

      2. Muffie I’m with you..

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    Thanks so much for these great pix Tiffany. You’re making the long wait til Season 2 so much easier to bear. Alex looks fab and how lucky is that girl in the store???? I’m so green with envy.

  14. Thanks Tiffany for the photos,they are great. I also wish I was their working at that health food store when Alex and Scott came in. Lucky lady to have taken a photo with those two hot looking guys. :love:

  15. Would love to be the girl at the health food store! Can you imagine having Alex and Scott walk in! What a thrill and she got a pic too! Alex looks good in any color, even orange! Thanks Tiffany for the pics! :love: :heart:

    1. That’s really thinking of the hhgiest order

  16. Thank you so much for the photos. I guess from the way season one ended, there will be a prison scene with Alex in it. That’s the reason for the orange. Wish I was vacationing on Oahu also. Can’t wait for season two to start. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  17. hi thanks great photos of alex i cant wait to hawaii five -o comes back i had but a pre oder for
    hawaii -five o cant wait to get it

  18. I guess this confirms it…Alex IS wearing orange because he is doing a scene set in prison. This has been one of the longest summers – even with the repeat episodes of 5.0. I am so envious 👿 of my friend’s daughter who is vacationing on Oahu right now. Wish it were me. The season 2 premiere can’t come soon enough. Thanks Tiffany :p for posting another great photo.

  19. I am so looking forward to seeing the cast again and getting caught up in the episodes. Especially the carguments. Alex is looking good as usual.

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