Alex O’Loughlin Whimsical Wednesday FanArt Day


Our fanart gallery wall is here again for you to enjoy. This week brings us the monthly calendar, Alex back in time, and many others that should catch your eye. The creators have been busy so let’s see what they came up with this week.



First on the virtual wall is one from Gaby. Here she has created a similar manip to the “Untouchables” style that she has been using over the last week elsewhere. This one, however, is just of Alex and provides more proof that Alex would have looked good in any style. You probably also  remember getting to see some glimpses of him back in time in a few scenes in Moonlight. His look is just timeless, and she shows it off well.

You might have already seen some of her “Untouchables” style over the last week including the whole cast of Hawaii Five 0 and if not you should check those out, too.


She did anther manip  and this one is of McGarrett as Bond. In the familiar stance well known for the Bond movies, Alex fits in quite well proving that he would have made the best Bond yet. Not that we have to be the one to be convinced as many of his fans have believed it all along.  Although we probably will never find out in reality, we can at least imagine through the help of Gaby and her art.

Credit H50Europe





Next since it is the first of the month again, Silvia, our resident calendar maker has come up with the monthly calendar for your screens. Since March marks the first of Spring she has used many vibrant colors to get you ready. We have included the wallpaper she used for them as well. If you want a full sized version of this or anything you ever see, email us and let us know.

Credit Silvia




Next from Monika, she took Steve’s plaid look that everyone has been talking about since episode 7.18 aired, up a level. She shows Steve’s serious and fun side in the same pic exemplifying the different emotions of the night. The light hue reddish background also brings out the plaid in style.

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz






Bryna took the MacGyver side of episode 7.18 Steve and created her own version of the man. Looking good in any color, she emphasized her new title for him instead. There sure has been many criminals that took on the title literally.


alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Becoming_Bryna





Next we have a couple of different looks from Sonja. She took Alex in his younger days and reminded us of his smile in one and his depth in the other. Through use of the simple backgrounds she highlights his features well.

Credit Sonja (Sonni)



Thanks to all the artists for once again filling up the wall. Great job across the board.






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  1. Just when I think they can’t top themselves, they do! This time I had no favorites, I loved them all. Good job guys!

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