Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap-Up- Week of March 27


As we enter into the last few days of BTS pics as the show wraps on the 7th, we get to take a look back at the action from last week. Although there was not a lot of activity, the few things that did show up were quite good, so quality over quantity would be this week’s wrap up theme.


Check out what happened and see if you missed anything below.



Behind the Scenes



This pic was taken back to when they shot the last episode that showed Friday night. They all should look familiar after seeing it but if not, included along with Alex and Scott, is William Forsythe and Robert Gant who provided the pic on his IG account.

alex o'loughlin and william forsythe




Also appearing in the last episode, Claire Van der Boom, who has played Rachel over the last 7 years, shared an old pic of her with Alex and Scott. It dates back to her first episode (1.10). Fantastic shot of all of them.

alex o'loughlin and claire van der boom





Bringing us to a future episode, the season finale to be exact, here is an epic BTS shot of Alex standing on the overpass of the H-3 Freeway, which the show managed to shut down for three days straight. You can see he had a wire attached to him. Although a few other BTS shares can provide some idea, the show people are the only ones who know exactly what they had him doing. Thankfully, based on other pics afterwards he made it out of it alive 🙂

After seeing all the season finale BTS vids and pics, the other tidbits that have been provided via IG stories from some of the crew, and Peter Lenkov, the season finale is going to be amazing.  Looking forward to it.





The cast was out shooting late Thursday night for a Kame’s shrimp truck scene and Daniel Dae Kim started an IG live during a break. Lucky for all fans that he did, as we got this gem from it. Thanks to Hawaii_Five_0_pics IG who was able to grab it and thanks to Alex for always being such an adorable goof for the camera.


Credit Daniel Dae Kim IG Live




A fan caught some of that Kame shrimp truck shooting at Magic Island and took a few pics. This one is of Alex and Daniel between scenes.

alex o'loughlin and daniel dae kim BTS










A couple of other pics showed up too and they both coincidentally revolved around cars. The first one is from the Honolulu Land Rover dealer of Alex and the General Manager when he bought a new Range Rover for his wife, Malia, and the second is a new older pic of when Alex brought one of his vehicles in for a detail.

alex o'loughlin fan photo



alex o'loughlin fan photo





Also There has been so much speculation over the last few months about the finale and whether both Scott and Alex will be returning in season 8 because of so many fake news sources spinning things for their liking and publicity, Rest assured all of that was put to rest by Daniel Dae Kim and his season wrap message on IG.  Here it is in case you did not see it. 



Daniel Dae Kim wrap message



That is it for another week and as mentioned in the opening, this upcoming week is the last for the BTS pics for a while. (3 months to be exact). Hopefully there will be a few more gems that come from it and we should at least get a last day of shooting pic or video of Alex as someone always seems to get one of him at wrap. As you know from the above pic that Daniel already wrapped his last scene Friday so it won’t be him. Speaking of wrap the wrap video should also make an appearance soon so that is also something to look forward to. There is also a new episode again for the next two Fridays so that is another piece of good news.

Have a great week. Aloha!




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