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  1. You are a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed Moonlight and Three Rivers and I have the Moonlight dvds of all the episodes so I can watch them when I want. I liked your hair a bit better in Moonlight because it was longer but these are newer times I guess and they like it short.

  2. Tiffany, where do we send Alexs Birthday stuff this year.Does he have An address in Hawaii.

    When does The 2nd Season Of H5O start.

    Cozette :love: :heart:

  3. Hi! Alex…….
    LOVE U
    CARMICHAEL, CA 95608
    CELL # 916 532-1007 OR HM# 916 550-0073

    1. Terri, I don’t think it’s a good idea to list your private info on a public website. Maybe Tiffany could take it down.

  4. Anyone heard when the rest of Three Rivers will air???
    I’m having A L E X withdrawls.

    I heard they moved the release date of the Back up Plan again.
    When will it be in theaters ??

    Everyone have a Merry Christmas.


  5. Hi Tiffany, do you know if Alex’s Facebook is actually him? I have had a rough week this week with my daughter being in a car accident and the only good thing that happened was Alex accepting my friend requests on Facebook and Myspace. Today he just dropped me off – along with a couple of hundred other people! I really cant imagine him doing that so hoping it isnt really him:(

    1. As far as I know only his MySpace account has been confirmed as really him.

  6. Does anyone know if Three Rivers will be released on dvd soon and available in Australia?? I so want to see it but they only aired one episode over here and then took it off!

  7. Now that Three Rivers has been cancelled has Alex got another new address?? I’m so devistated coz we didn’t even really get to watch it in Australia yet. Hoping channel 99 picks it up like they did with Moonlight

    1. Gladys,

      Alex is still under contract to CBS and he is still filming TR shows AND has a movie being produced by them so his mailing addresses at CBS are still the best way to contact him.

      1. Thanx heaps for that Tiffany. Did anyone else cry when they read Alex’s Myspace Blog?? I felt so sorry for him – really don’t know what CBS is thinking. Moonlight is my favourite show of all time and I am so hoping they do end up doing a movie 🙂 Over here in Perth we didn’t even get the chance to with Three Rivers – they pulled it after only one episode!!! So annoying

  8. Mine is the one that has a tri-fold appearance an is in blue hues with the scenery…I mailed through my contact who gave the present from some of us fans to him personally… I did not mail it to the Three Rivers address…

    BTW I do hope he enjoys the musical CD we made for him with special dedications independently after taking requests from some fans who are all friends…

    a couple of Halloweens ago I sent Alex a card that was musical and played “The Monster Mash” when it was opened…thought appropriate for him and his Mick persona

  9. JoJo, my card is the yellow one with the Bunnys, left side behind the white one. When you open it , it sings Happy Birthday..


  10. Alex looks so happy. He is very thoughtful. He always says how wonderful his fans are and how much he appreciates them. Besides being gorgeous, he is a really nice guy. Thanks Tiffany.

  11. happy birthday to you baby i hpoe you had a great one

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    Thank you soooo mutch tiffany :)) this is the best site and i love that u give us all the update on ALEX 🙂

  13. Alex is so thoughtful – that’s why we love him so much. Cozette, which card is from you? That is too cool! I hope you print this pic and keep it. Alex looks so cute in this pic, just like a little kid with all his gifts. Thanks, Tiffany as always. Also, thanks for the new address. 🙂

  14. i ve just seen alex has change hes manager i sent a card and presant yo hes old manager
    do you think he would have got it

  15. Very cool I see my card on the desk.
    Long hair or short he is still Hotttt!!!

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    ohhhhhh thanks a lot :))) now i am really really happy 🙂 are u sure he will get it then ?? 🙂

  17. Ladies:
    All mail to Alex can be addressed to: Alex O’Loughlin, c/o Andrew J. Freeman Personal Management, 20 Ironsides Street, Suite 18, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.
    Hope this helps.
    LOL, Inge

    1. Inge, Andrew Freeman is no longer Alex”s manager.

      Write to Alex:

      Alex O’Loughlin
      c/o Diana Jackson
      CBS Paramount Studios
      “Three Rivers”
      5555 Melrose Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90038

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    Yeah thats true.. he looks great no matter how his hair is 🙂 .. he seem like a great person and a caring person in real life.. i would also like to get the adress as well.. i hope someone got it ! 🙂 it would made my day 🙂 i am looking forward to see many series and movies with alex in the future 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for the post! What a LOVELY, THOUGHTFUL man! He has touched my heart! I wish him all the best, no matter how he cuts his hair! 🙂 He is drop dead gorgeous in any look! I would love to know what address people sent his cards and presents to. I would love to send him a note. Again, thank you for keeping us up to date on all the wonderful Alex news!

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    yeah me toooo.. he looks so hot in moonlight with thoose locks 🙂

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    I loooove alex.. he is the greatest 🙂 do anyone know how to get him on myspace ?? does he have a fan site that he answer stuff ?? :)) i hope someone knows 🙂

    1. He does have a fan site on myspace you just have to look it up its not hard to find

  22. Yes, miss the Mick St John locks, but I suppose he is less old fashioned as Beth called Mick. More practical for a workaholic doctor, or maybe I should say a workahoic Alex.

  23. Adorable, as always, but miss the curly locks & rugged looks

  24. Anyone notice the guitar next to the microwave??

    How cool!

  25. Hey, where’s my card? LOL! Looks like he is in his dressing room. Is that a microwave or toaster oven reflected in the mirror? What’s that thingy above it? Looks like someone sent him champagne, hmmm books. Can’t really tell what else is in there. I need to enlarge this pic to inspect it. Anyway, Alex looks like Alex. Cute as ever.

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