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  1. Hi, glad to say I have seen the Movie white out! It’s a good movie and I like it. But to be honest with you, Alex did not got my attention then….I see a nice guy and a good actor in that movie which was Alex. But did not get a personal impact on me. The Hawaii Five O, really strucked me Abaout Alex…and I am sure lots of women.

  2. I have to put my 2 cents in and say I do not like Tats, I think they look very dirty. I remember the beautiful girl that was on last years American Idol, she had her whole arm in tats that might have hurt her from doing better on the show., I think there has been other girls that had tats and were very good singers but did not make it either. signed hopeful

  3. I’m not thrilled with tats either but I do think they look good on him when he’s a bad guy. Of course, I would take him any way. Would be interesting to see Dr. Andy with a tat!

  4. alex love your tatoos dont get rid of them

  5. I once met an man of about sixty years plus selling antique furniture. While we were waiting for my partner to come back with the money to buy this item (pre debit card then!) I noticed his “muddy, blurry” tattoos. I asked him what they were and he said ” a reminder of my misspent youth!” and he had the most delightful wicked grin on his face as he remembered.

    My point is: tattoos are for for the person who gets them; as a marker of a time in their life, a personalized image that represents something about them to them….even those dreadful cartoon character ones. And getting a tattoo hurts, especially if its coloured in! So they can also be a rite of passage in a primitive sense.

    I don’t think tatts are a “craze” I think more people have embraced their own sovreignty and not allowed societal norms to dictate how they remember and live parts of their life. There are rules to tatoos: if you can’t see yourself as an eighty year old being proud of your blur then don’t get it!
    Just my opinion. Personally I love tattoos on mens arms, very macho. So combine that with Alex’s seeming sensitivity and intelligence and well……yum.

  6. it’s good to know i’m not the only french to love Alex’s smile… Valerie we have to wait 21st october to see this movie in France…

  7. Re Sandra

    Remember what happened to Jennifer Grey’s career when she had her “beaky” nose “fixed”??

    It’s the suble flaws we love!

  8. Hell n wheels I like that. Yes, ears, eyebrow and nose pierced, 6 tatts, yes that would describe him years agao I reckon. Funnily when you know they are there you notice them. I mean the one ear especailly is very noticable. But I was wathcing Moonlight, and thought yep can see the old nose pierce, then yes, cna notice vaguelly the eyebrow. The nose is one thing about himself he would change, he reckons he;s got a beaky nose. Aborable whatever, with or without bodt are and piercing.

  9. Re Heather:

    I know what you mean. I’m not a tattoo fan either, but I think Alex – like a whole lot of kids before him – probably thought they were really cool when he was much younger, and is now having second thoughts. The two forearm tats are gone, and perhaps he’ll remove the others. Who knows??

    I do find it facinating that male actors tattoos are usually shown when they are playing “the bad boy”. Villians got tats, good guys don’t.

    Personally, I think it would be cool it Dr Yablonski had a tat or two, because it would be SO out of character for a surgeon to have one. It would give him an interesting backstory.

    Also, I think that there are going to be ALOT of lazor removals a few more years down the pike when this tattoo craze is over. Those beautiful crisp lines get very muddy looking with the passage of time.

    That is my personal opinion and no way effects my admiration for Alex. As I’ve said before, he must have been “hell on wheels” when a youngen, and i sure don’t hold that against him!

    1. Jannie, you took thw words right out of my mouth. LOVED it in Moonlight when they covered them up . He looked so ooo sexy in that deep freeze with just his beautiful chest and arms.
      At least he hasn’t; pierced himself in horrible places.
      Give me that picture of him sitting on the tractor. Now that was a picture!!!!!!!

  10. HATE, a very strong word but it fits, the tattoos. It makes me sick to see people defile their bodies like that. They look dirty against the flesh.

    1. CommentIt’s funny, I was never a girl that liked too many tats myself, but Alex just wears them so well.The more you like a guy, you like everything about him. And I like everything about Alex.

    2. Commen t It’s funny, I was never a girl that liked too many tats myself, but Alex just wears them so well.The more you like a guy, you like everything about him. And I like everything about Alex.

  11. Love his tats. ’bout time we get to see ’em. Only remember them in the Oyster Farmer. More Alex please.

  12. Yes!! I love Alex’s tattoos.. Yes!!! I am sooooo looking for this movie to come out.. Love me some Alex.. bad, or good…

  13. Hope See this film in France soon. Alex, dont stop smiling please……

  14. Well this is interesting…….instead of covering up his tats, they’ve ADDED to them!

    Like the curyly tale on top, but don’t think much of the little yellow do-dads on the sides.

    Cannot WAIT to see the movie!!! Love a bad boy………..

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