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  1. love the photos of alex he sure is a real hotie keephem coming

  2. So when is the French Vogue photo shoot? He looks a tad anxious in that last pic….

  3. I reckon a report I read was right. He was thinking of getting rid of the lower arm tatts. Looks like they have gone completely.
    I wonder if he is having the upper arms done gradually as well. You can’t see too much of them, but what you can see they look fainter.

  4. Thanks Tiffany for these georgeous photos of Alex. Keep them coming
    LOL & Hugs,

  5. Gorgeous photos of our main man. Happy Birthday Alex. Thanks Tiffany, these photos are so hot.

  6. Wow! What a hottie!!!!!!!! And I want to wish him a Very Happy Birthday!!!!!

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