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Another whimsical fanart day is upon us and that is always a good way for more Alex in your day.  There is some fun pieces to share with you so instead of the usual opening with more info then you probably need we will jump to it.



First we will start with a Mick piece from Gaby. As she has rightfully included in it the Beast of Burden, you can easily see the beast part of it, so now you have to imagine the burden. Of course the concept of burden for Mick was two-fold so maybe what you imagine can also be.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe 




Next there is Monika’s piece which she said was influenced by her excitement to see the new behind the scenes pics that came out. It seems as if Alex was starting to get back in the swing of things to all the fans delight. Also looks like there could be a little spoiler of what is to come with what he is holding. Hmmm….

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz




Next from Sonja, she did a completely different look from when Alex threw out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium back in 2009.  The fire around it could easily reflect his accuracy that day and she even framed one of the pics in a baseball. If you have never heard Alex talk about it, it’s totally worth checking out as it is another example of his desire for excellency in whatever he does. It is also pretty funny! You can find it here.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Bryna chimed in nicely with another one of her movie posters which she does so well. This one is from the famous movie series Fast and Furious. As Bryna loves to relate most things to a “Mc” of some type, she cleverly calls this McFast and Furious. As for the “New Model, Original Parts,” that was actually in the original poster, but what a great way to describe Alex as being the star of the movie series instead of the actual ones that has been. He is the perfect kind of new model and as for original parts, no one would want him to change any of those out. Right? 

Alex O"Loughlin fanart

Credit Becoming_Bryna






Providing another one from the gallery for Silvia, this depicts something Alex fans are most likely looking forward to. The first sightings of the kevlar and badass McGarrett are yet to be seen in any BTS material, but we did hear there was a lot of gun fire going down in Kawela at the cabin that the show built for the premiere. Therefore, you can use your imagination, as well as wishful thinking, that on September 29th, that battle would have Steve looking like this. It just screams BADASS in all capitals!

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia from the gallery




Our piece is all about Steve in a winter climate instead of the always beautiful location of Oahu. He might be able to survive in one, but it is likely he would not be pulling the stunts he does on the island. There would be no outside wall climbing, bridge jumping, or many things for that matter. Not to mention he would be wearing a shirt more often too, and who would want that. Anyone… Anyone?

Alex O"Loughlin fanart





That’s it for the week! Hope you enjoyed the work put in by the creators. Have a great week!




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