Alex Pitches – Pittsburgh Pirates at Los Angeles Dodgers

Alex O’Loughlin throws out the first pitch before the MLB game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin at Dodgers Game

Alex O'Loughlin at Dodgers Game

Thanks Nadioz for the last two photos!

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    love the new movie you just made
    u look very handsome in it & so does jennifer
    i loved it alot

  2. alex é maravilhoso,delicioso, sensual e muito gostoso, tudo que ele toca brilha como o sol, qualquer papel serve para ele, sou fã fervorosa, rezo para que tudo de certo na vida dele,pois ele é muito carismático, e tem um olhar que encanta, ele nasceu para estrelar. ..Comment Comentário

  3. THANKS for the baseball pics, you are a dear to share them. Can’t wait for TR. Alex is so hot and such a nice person.

  4. guapisimo como siempre espero ke en España podamos ver pronto su serie tenemos muchas ganas de verte.besos desde spain

  5. I sent a fan letter to Alex at ICM in L.A. I just got it sent back to me today stamped “Return to Sender” on the envelope without it even being opened. I thought that ICM was the correct address. Doesn’t seem like very good P.R. for his fans. Please let me know. if this has happened to anyone else. Thanks.

  6. Absolutely Fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Thank You all so much for your love of Alex . He is going to go so far because of his talent and his loyal lovable fans keep up the adoration. WE LOVE ALEX!!!

  8. I love the faded jeans and shorter hair ………his smile and dazzling eyes never cease to amaze me. THANKS TIFFANY! Kudos to you always. AWESOME PIXS

  9. Wow.. he looks so good.. 🙂 i just love his face.. he is the best !!! 🙂

  10. All these pics are great. I especially like the first one where he is biting his lip. I would’nt mind biting it!! Thanks again Tiffany. Good job.

  11. I like it a lot!! He’s hot, even throwing a ball. Thanks for the photos.

  12. Great photos. Alex is special.
    Thanks Tifanny.
    Greetings from Lisbon – Portugal

  13. All I can say is omg – that smile is just killer – what a sexy man – is there nothing he can’t do – looked like a good pitch to me and basebal players run in my family – he can play on my team any day!!

    1. Alex ALWAYS looks good!!!!!!

  14. Thank you for these great photos.Alex looks gorgeous and HOT!!I cannot wait to see him in TR.

  15. Awesome pictures! Looks like he was having a blast!

  16. Tiffany, these are great photos o Alex!! He looks so fofused. Did he reach the batter?? I
    bet he did, he seeems to be a terrific athlete and he’s in suh terrific shape!!

  17. Lindo!!!!
    He has such a sweet look… like if he his hiding the most incredible secret and he is keeping it for a very special person…
    All pics are great but the 1st one is my favourite.
    ORIGADA Tiffany…

  18. So sweet ! I love. Thank you Tiffany

  19. These are just great, thank you so much. He’s so cute !!!!!
    I was hoping some kind person would capture this event. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Just got home from my second trip to see Whiteout (loved it even more the second time) and her e I get these great gifts from Tiffany of Alex in the TR video and especially here with the baseball photos. That was my wish for today to see him throwing out that first pitch. Can’t thank you enough for all you do Tiffany; am so grateful. And PS, my secretary found a copy of Entertainment Weekly with another great Alex photo and article. Today was a banner day. Go Alex!

  21. i love these awesome pictures. thanks for sharing.

  22. Our boy never takes a bad picture !! He looks great.

  23. hi thanks for the photos of alex he looks so handsome

  24. Too bad the Pirates suck so much – I read where Alex was going to throw out the first pitch at a ballgame, but since the Pirates are on a 17 year losing streak, most Pirates fans probably did not watch that game, especially since it would have been on West coast time. Glad we have Tiffany to keep us posted and supplied with great pics. Alex never looked better or hotter! October 4th is just around the corner – can’t wait for “Three Rivers” The countdown is on!

  25. Thank you so much for these great photos!!

  26. That second pic is so delish! 😀

  27. Thanks for this nce pictures!!! Hugs and greetings from germany

  28. You are really spoiling us Tiffany, these are fabulous shots, and he does look terrific (as always) but oh I hope someone has some video too!!!

  29. Thank you for this great fan site. I look at it everyday for new information . Alex looks amazing.

  30. Great pics of Alex at the game throwing out the first pitch. Does anyone know if there is any video of it

    1. Haven’t seen any video yet. If it had been televised publicly we would likely have some by now and I don’t subscribe to baseball packages on cable so I don’t have any personally.

  31. Wow, Thanks Tiffany for these amazing pictures of Alex at the Dodgers game. He looks so tan and focused. He really looks good, long and lean. *sigh*

  32. Great pics!! Looks good and has such concentration! Hope he enjoyed the game. Thanks so much for posting the pictures for all of us.

  33. Looks like Alex took his “job” very seriously! 🙂 He looks good!!!!

  34. Great! Thank you! Greetings from Germany!

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