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After taking a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving, Whimsical Wednesday is back with some more fanart. Once again we have a new contributor so we will feature one of her pieces to welcome her. Her name is Sonni and she is not on social media so she did not want to share any links. Glad to have her and of course all of our other contributors.



The first one is from Sonni and she took a really old but favorite look of Alex and made it rather vintage with the black and white and shadowy affect. It is always nice to see some older pics of Alex with the nice long curly hair that we all admired during Moonlight.   



Sonni also did a frayed color look for the more modern version of Alex with this Steve pic from the earlier seasons..



This more simple look with the setting background change of when Alex was Stan in the Back Up Plan is also done by Sonni. She was able to get the full range of years of Alex displayed in thiese three pieces.

Welcome aboard Sonni. We are glad you are with us.



Next we have one of our regular contributors, Monika who went with the black and white look of Steve in a rather nice stance. It is kind of cool the way she framed his name around the man himself.


Credit Monika Wawrzenietz



Also sticking with the black and white theme, is another regular contributor, H50Europe. She has placed Alex in a very well coordinated different flare which shows off his profile in a detailed and amazing way.


Credit H50 Europe




Next from another regular, Bryna, who brings us a creative book cover, The Mortal Cure. The title sounds familiar but there is a twist this time.

Imagine going deeper into Mick as a mortal. What if he did not have to have Joseph turn him back to save Beth? What if he had many more months as a mortal before turning?

Wouldn’t you want to read that book if it really existed? Note who the author is…Maybe one of the fanfic writers could explore the plot even more. Anyone up for the challenge?

moonlight poster-bookcover

Credit Becoming_Bryna




That is it for the week. As you can see there is plenty of good Alex fanart to highlight and for you to enjoy. 


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  1. All of those are wonderful. I love the black & white of Mick. I would read anything on Mick! ??

    1. Yes that would be a fun story.

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