Alex O’Loughlin Wednesday FanArt Day


It is the busy time of the year for almost everyone and that includes our contributors so we do not have as much fanart for Whimsical Wednesday as usual but we still wanted to do our post for what we do have. For those that were busy with the designs thank you as these creative pieces always add some fun to the site.



Starting with Monika, this profile pic of Alex includes some great shadowing and coloring of his hair and beard to emphasize his charming good looks. The imaginative color and shadowy theme continue throughout.



Credit Monia Wawrzenietz



Next we have the background wallpaper that Silvia used for her calendar this month. Although you might have already seen this on the calendar, it is one that is sure worth repeating. Alex on a motorcycle with a cool rock formation in the background. It just screams out his bad boy side. You also might have noticed, he is shirtless. HOT!


Credit Silvia (PurpCanary)


Here are a few from Sonni who we introduced to you last week. With the different backgrounds she has added, each one of them features Alex forthright. The backgrounds are there to add and not distract with some great colors per each mood. The bottom one truly brings out the European winter blistery feel.



Credit Sonni


Finally from Bryna, she did a a movie poster including Alex and Moonlight. Her Collateral Beauty movie poster change-up includes Alex as Mick this time  and the beloved cast of the show, including Beth and Coraline, instead of Steve which she did for us a couple of weeks ago. If you missed the Steve version then you can see it here.

alex o'loughlin fanart-movie poster


Credit Becoming_Bryna



That is it for the week. See you next week with more creativity and fun! 




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