Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up – Week of November 28


It was another dry week when it came to a new Hawaii Five 0 episode, but at least there were a few pics and new short clips that showed up to whet the appetite.  Peter was generous with a sweet editing clip and Daniel Dae Kim can also be thanked for a few other gems.

Here is the rundown


Behind the Scenes


Daniel Dae Kim shared a quick video of an early morning shoot where Alex was in true form goofing around and sharing some funny faces. Since it was on DDK’s IG stories and those only last for so long, we uploaded it to our Twitter for embedding. We also created a collage of all his funny faces. Enjoy.

Credit Daniel Dae Kim IG Stories


Here is the collage

alex o'loughlin funny expressions



There was a pic of Musetta Vander (who is guest starring on an upcoming episode) and Alex on location that has brought back some memories of Alex on horseback. We can only hope that he will be riding again for our viewing pleasure.

musetta vander and alex o'loughlin




From an editing clip from Peter, this gem came forward as the team says good-bye to Max who is leaving the show. If you have not heard yet that Max will be leaving you can read more about that here.  In the meantime this clip shows the true meaning of ohana and definitely seems to also be a true moment between not only the two characters but, also Alex and Masi. Very sweet.

A video posted by plenkov (@plenkov) on




Fan Photos


A photo from an unknown time also was shared by the Hawaiian Store, Baileys Antiques and Aloha Shirts this week. Looks as if Alex was stocking up for not only himself but the kids. He is seen in the pic with Mrs. Bailey. 

alex o'loughlin in hawaii shirt



Baileys also shared this pic that they have shared before and it was obviously from the same day as the pic above on the left. He was with his Aussie friend Toby. Maybe he frequents the store often.

alex o'loughlin at baileys




Just for fun, Daniel Dae Kim also brought back his QOTD with this one from Alex once again showing off his quick wit, profound sense of realism, and humor on all subjects of life. Just one of the many reasons to admire Alex.

ddk twiiter comment



Here is one that we have seen before but was re-posted this week. Since it is a cool pic back to when the season 6 finale was being shot, thought we would add it for the week. Alex is fine as this was back to when Steve was in the plane crash so it is all fake blood.

alex o'loughlin behind the scenes




This upcoming week we have a new Hawaii Five 0 so we are looking forward to getting back to our regular schedule on all levels.



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