Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 6


The thriller Hawaii Five O fan fiction story Rendition continues and it is getting even more suspenseful. Are you hooked yet?

This time the story left off with the team finding out that Duke also has the codes but that will not do any good when the electricity is down. The Governor is all involved but is it too late? Will Steve make it out of that room in time to save his life.

In Part 6, Danny’s claustrophobia starts to wreak havoc on his sanity and Steve, of all people, tries to keep him grounded


Part Six

Hawaii five 0 Rendition fan fiction fanart

            Danny looks at Steve and his anxiety amps up again.  On a scale of one to ten, he’s at about a nine.  And climbing.  He closes his eyes, trying to calm himself, remember what Mindy had told him that time in the elevator.  His mind is just fooling him and he’s okay.  They’re not running out of air; he’s not going to be trapped in here the rest of his life; they will get them out.  His panic is will they get the out before Steve…

            He can’t say.  Not even in his own mind.  He refuses to believe it.  No!  Steve will not die.  He can’t.  Danny doesn’t know what he will do if he loses Steve.  Oh, he’ll go on for his kids.  He knows that.  But his life just won’t be the same without the annoying, frustrating, stubborn, ninja Navy SEAL at his side.  He can’t imagine his future without Steve in it. 

            Swallowing hard, he slides back over to the injured man.  “Steve?”

            “Yeah.  Still here.”  He whispers.

            “You can’t leave me.  I can’t do this without you.”

            “I have no plans to go anywhere, Danno.”  He lies.

            “Don’t lie to me.  I need to know that you will fight.  I don’t care what happens, I need you to fight to stay here.  I need to know you’ll be here to help with those crazy kids you keep mentioning.”

            “I’m here, Danny.  Okay.  I have no plans on going anywhere.”  At least, no plans on leaving this room. 

            “Promise me you will fight?”

            Steve tries to take a deep breath and a hard, body-racking cough bursts from his mouth. 

            “Steve?”  Danny leans over him.  He looks at his t-shirt and notices a little more blood.  “Steve?”

            “I’m here.”  He grunts out.  He knows he’s fading and it’s getting harder and harder to stay in the moment.  His mind keeps wandering back over the last 7 years and all the good times with this team.  The ‘salt’ birthday cake; the first Christmas with Danny and Gracie; the charity fight and all their support; Danny catching his first tuna; the Pro-Bowl; all of Max’s Halloween costumes; Aunt Deb; his first case with Lou; the therapy sessions with Danny and so much that he can’t keep it all straight.  He thanks the fates that he accepted this job and stayed here on the island.  He’d been so lonely before and this task force gave him a family.  It gave him a reason to go on after the death of his father.  It’s what keeps him going now, lying here on the floor in rendition, making use of that drain everyone asks about.  His breath catches at that thought and for just a moment, he considers fighting through this, no matter the outcome.  The thought of leaving these people who took him in and gave him a family tugs at his soul and breaks his heart.  But he’s tired.  SO TIRED.  He’s never felt this tired before in his life.  He knows he’s going to die here, on this floor, but he has to hang on long enough to make sure Danny gets out with his mind intact.  So, he fights his way back to what his partner is saying, to focus on what’s going on right now. 

            “…and so I need you here.  I need you to be here for Grace and Charlie.  They love you, Steve.  You are more than just the uncle friend.  You are family.  Even my parents think so.  And you know they’ll kill me if you die on me.  So, don’t die.”

            “No plans to, Danny.  No plans.”  He mumbles.

            “Steve?”  Danny leans over him again, warm hand on his face.  “Wake up.  You can’t go!  Dammit, Steve, I can’t be down here alone.  Please…”  Danny begs and pleads, his voice breaking.  He looks around, his eyes wild and scared. 

            The room keeps getting smaller and the two bodies keep getting bigger.  He can feel his breath catching in his throat as the room shrinks.  It feels as though he’s suffocating and he can’t find any air.  The thought of sitting down here with Steve’s body…he can’t fathom it.  It’s too much.  He hates being in a room with a dead body to begin with, but to have to sit here until they get him out with Steve dead?  NO!  He can’t think about that.  He starts to hyperventilate just thinking about that.  He can’t lose Steve.  He gave him a reason to be on this rock.  More than just for his daughter.  He gave him friends and family and a job that he’s good at and he loves.  Yes, he loves being on this task force.  He’ll never admit it to anyone, especially the big lug lying next to him, but without this job, he’d probably be some beat cop in Vegas or some other crappy city, following Stan wherever he took Grace.  Steve helped to give him a reason to fight and keep Grace here.  He concentrates on his beautiful daughter and that calms him a bit.  Picturing her smiling face gives him a sense of wholeness, combined with this group and his breathing slows a bit. 

            He looks again at his partner and a grin crosses his face.  Just for a moment.  That’s when he notices.  His chest is not moving.  He reaches out to his neck and he doesn’t feel a pulse. 

            “NO! NO! NO!  You don’t get to leave me like this!  You promised!  You promised me and you don’t break your promises!”  He pulls the first aid kit to him and pulls out the small defibrillator.  Placing the pad after ripping open Steve’s shirt, he charges the machine and punches the button.  He watches as Steve’s body jerks slightly and listens for the machine.  Getting no working pulse, the machine primes to shock again and he punches the button again.  Still not getting anything, he waits while the machine charges again, his sanity slipping away from him.                                   

Stay tuned for Part 7 next week!



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Story by P_Street_7609


Fanart by Becoming_Bryna








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  1. Hurry up next week getting so involved with this story ,really enjoying it and feeling upset at the same time to think that l could lose the reason l watch Hawaii five 0

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