Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 4


The Rendition fan fic is back with Part 4. It is not too late to catch up if you want to start reading   The first Part can be found here and you can find the rest from the last few days.

The last part left Steve and Danny in the rendition room with a psycopath that has shot Steve. Steve is dying on the floor as he bleeds out and the shooter is stirring near Danny. The team is stuck on the outside and can not figure out how to get to the duo to help because of some unusual circumstances.

How is Danny handling the situation in an enclosed, windowless room?  Meanwhile, Akua regains consciousness and becomes a thorn in an already stressed out Danny. Time to find out what happens in Part 4.


Part Four

Rendition fan fic fanart



Akua stirs again and Danny tries to focus.  He knows he can’t get out of those chains but he still needs to be on his guard. 

            “What the hell?”  Akua hisses, trying to move.  “What the hell have you done?”  He groans as his limited movements tear at the bullet hole in his back.  “Did you shoot me?  How dare you?!”  He moves his head, trying to find Danny.  “Where are you, you coward?  Let me see you!  Let me see your dead partner!?”  He screams out. 

            Danny sits completely still, not wanting to be seen.  This man, now that he’s awake, seems to take up so much of this room.  Without realizing it, he hand has found its way to Steve’s shoulder to ground himself. 

            “What did you think I was gonna do?  You shot my partner.  Of course I’m gonna shoot you.  My only question is, why are you still alive?” 

            Akua laughs.  “I have nine lives, Detective.  Unlike your partner there.  I’d say if he hasn’t lost this one yet, it’s not far away.  I was very specific about where I placed that bullet.  He should have bled out by now.  Maybe you better check him again.”  He relaxes on the floor, willing to bide his time.  He can already feel that the blood flow has slowed in his injury and now he just needs to wait until his chance to bring the little blonde detective down. 

            Danny had made sure the killer was nowhere near Steve so he couldn’t do any more damage and now that he was awake, he was glad he had shifted Steve.  Again, without thinking, he moves his fingers to his partner’s neck, feeling for the thready, but stable pulse.  That’s the only thing keeping him from losing it.  Being trapped down here is bad enough, but the thought of being trapped down here with one, maybe two dead bodies would be more than he can handle.  He shakes his head, pushing that thought aside and focusing on the issue at hand.  He glances up at the camera again, wondering why no one has come down; why the doors are locked if the power is out.  That’s not the way this security system is to work.  He specifically remembers that if the power goes out, all exit doors are to unlock so they can at least get down her and then get them out with the code.  But only he and Steve have the code.  Dammit!

            Ignoring the comments from Akua, he makes his way to the door again, trying to open it. 

            Nothing.  No movement at all.  He turns to the camera again, waving it, trying to let Jerry know they are in real trouble.  Stumbling back over to Steve, he curls up against the wall again, his hand on his partner’s neck, feeling the fast pulse beneath his fingers and keeping him grounded in the here and now.  Without it, he would get lost in his memories, phobias and anxiety.  The room seems smaller with every passing moment and he needs his partner to keep him from losing the battle with himself. 

            “No way out, huh?  Looks like we’re here, together for a bit.  Oh, this should be good.  We both get to watch your partner and boss bleed out and die.  That is always the best part.”  Akua shifts again and can now see the two of them out of the corner of his eye.  “Watching as death takes what’s his.  Seeing the light go out in their eyes.  But since the Commander’s eyes are closed, I guess we can just watch as his breathing slows and his beating heart finally stops.  Oh, how I wish I could be right there at your side, my hand on his chest as he takes his final breath.” 

            “Shut up.  Just shut up!”  Danny yells, not able to listen to his crowing any more.  “He’s gonna be just fine.  Which is more than I can say for you.”  He hisses, getting on his feet, pulling his gun out of his holster and training it on the bigger man.  “You won’t be saying anything else.”  He hooks his finger around the trigger, intent on putting a bullet right between his eyes.

            “Don’t do it, Danno.”  He hears, though it’s barely more than a whisper. 

            “Steve?”  He backs away, gun still on Akua. 

            “Don’t, Danno.  Not worth it.”  Steve hisses out, not moving, the words taking all of the energy he has just to get out. 

            “Steve, don’t.  Don’t speak.  Save your energy.”  He moves back to the wall, sliding down next to his best friend.  He places his hand on Steve chest.  “Don’t.  Just stay still.”  He whispers, his relief palpable that Steve is awake. 

            “What?”  He manages to say before Danny places a finger on his lips. 

            “What did I just say?  Don’t talk, Steven.  That means be quiet, you animal.”  He can feel a slight smile form under his finger and he sighs.  “Akua there managed to get loose, grab your gun, shoot you in the gut before I could put him down.  Jerry must have hit the alarms and locked this place down.  Now the power has gone out but the doors are still locked so I ‘m not sure what’s happening.  You have to hold on, Steve, until they get here.  I’m sure they know and are working on a way to get down here.  Now just nod, but did you let anyone know Duke also has the codes?”

            Steve shakes his head slightly and Danny’s hopes are dashed.  He hadn’t told anyone but he would’ve thought that Steve would have told someone else.  Upon hearing he hadn’t, Danny has no idea how they are going to get out.  And he needs to get out…SOON.  He’s barely holding it together.  Only Steve is keeping him grounded right now and if he loses consciousness again, Danny is sure he will spiral down into the depths of his phobia and be lost. 

            “Danny,” Steve murmurs.

            “Shhhh, Steve, save that energy.”  He scolds.

            Steve shakes his head.  “No.  You gotta keep it together, Danno.  You need to get out of here for Grace and Charlie.  They need their Danno.”  A small, deep cough follows those words. 

            “No.  No more, Steve.  Just shut up.  They need their Uncle Steve, too.” 

            “Awww, ain’t that cute.  When’s the wedding?”  Akua taunts them.  “Cause if it ain’t soon, it’s gonna be too late.”  He laughs.  A loud, deep belly laugh. 

            “Shut the fuck up!”  Danny yells, his sanity ready to snap.  He looks over and it feels as if he’s closer; that soon he’ll be able to touch the two of them; soon be able to finish the job he started earlier.  “Say another work and I swear, I’ll splatter your brains all over the floor.”  He stands, his gun pulled again, finger on the trigger.  “Just try me!” 

            Steve tries to reach out to him, grabbing weakly onto his pant leg.  Danny just shakes him off and moves out of reach. 

            “Come on, Akua.  Just one more word.  Tell me he’s gonna die.  Tell me I’m gonna die. I don’t care.  Just…one…word!”  He’s now standing over the man, hand dead still, finger squeezing the trigger. 

            Akua glances up, seeing the blonde man out of the corner of his eye and he knows he’s pushed too far.  He likes living on the edge, but he has no wish to die.  But he can’t resist pushing this detective. 

            “Does that mean the date is set?  The venue?  The dress?  I mean…” he doesn’t get another word out before Danny brings the gun down on his head again with as much force as he can muster.  He sees the blood spatter on the floor and his pants and he breathes heavy from the effort. 

            Standing over the unmoving form of Akua, he closes his eyes tightly, trying to bring his nerves and anxiety back under control.  Moving one foot past the other, he places a hand against the wall, leaning on it, feeling the sweat running down his face and dripping to the floor.


            “Dammit, stop, Steve.  Please.  I’m fine.”  He turns, placing his back against the wall and sliding down until his butt hits the floor.  He feels Steve reach out and weakly take his hand.  “Don’t, Steve.  Don’t say anything, all right?  I need you to come out of this on the other side.  Please.”  He says, defeat coming through in his voice. 

            Steve gives his hand a light squeeze, another cough breaking through.  Danny leans over and places his hand against Steve’s forehead and he can feel the heat.  Shit!  He already has a fever.  Dammit, where are you, Chin!! 

            “Danno.”   He hears from Steve.

            “Steven McGarrett…”

            “Stop.”  Steve’s voice is cold.  “Do you think you can get the panel off the keypad?  Maybe you can short out the door and open it?  There might just be enough power to do that.”  He coughs again. 

            “You know I don’t know much about that.  I can barely fix a blown fuse at my house.  How am I gonna short out some complicated security system?”  his heavy breathing is back. 

            “Not gonna short the whole system.  Just the door.”

            “Still don’t know how to do that, Steven.  And you certainly can’t get over there to help.” 

            “No, but you can describe what you see and I can direct you.”

            “NO, NO, NO!  You don’t have the energy for that!  You need to conserve you’re energy so you can make it until someone fixes this damn system and gets us out of here.”

            “That doesn’t matter, Danny.  You need to get out.”

            “Where am I gonna go?  You know as well as I do that even if I get out of here, the other doors are still locked and I cannot short out each and every one of them.”  He glances wildly around, waving at the camera again.  “Dammit, Jerry, what is going on?”  he looks at his watch and notices it’s now been over an hour since things went to hell and his anxiety amps up. 

            “I’m sure they’re doing their best, Danny.” 

            “Do you ever listen to anyone, Steven?  Huh?  How many times do I have to tell you to keep your pie hole shut?  Please, just be quiet.  For just once in your miserable life can you listen to me and be quiet?  Just fucking shut up!”   A sob escapes his lips and before Steve can reach out for him, he moves away down the wall, bringing his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms around his legs and laying his head down on his knees. 

            Steve glances over and can see his entire body shaking and almost has to bite his tongue to keep from saying anything.  He knows how tough this situation is for Danny, being stuck in a room with no windows and no way to get out.  He wants to crawl over and take him in his arms and let him know everything will be all right, but he can’t.  Not because he doesn’t have the energy or the will.  No…he simply can’t.  He’s been trying for the last several minutes and he just can’t move.   He can’t feel anything below his waist.  He knows what that means.  The bullet has lodged in his spine.  If he’s moved, even the slightest, it could completely sever the cord, if it hasn’t already and he’ll never walk again.  He can’t live like that.  He’d rather be dead that in a wheelchair the rest of his life.  He knows it’s petty and small but he’s been so active all his life, if he were stuck in a chair, unable to do his job, he would go crazy.  If he doesn’t die now, he’d be sure to end it if that were to happen. 

            I can’t let Danny know this.  If he finds out I can’t feel anything in my legs, he will completely lose it.  He’s just holding on now.  No, I can’t tell him that.  I need to make sure he makes it out of this room and back to his kids.  They need their Danno.  That needs to be my priority right now.  I can feel myself fading, anyway.  I don’t have long.  I know I’ve lost too much blood.  I’m cold, yet sweating; I can barely keep my eyes open, all I want to do is sleep; I can feel the infection racing through my body, finishing what the bullet couldn’t. 

            I’m sorry, Danny.  Sorry I have to leave you like this.  I’ll do my damndest to survive to make sure you make it out of here in one piece.  After that, I can’t promise anything.  It’s gonna take everything I have to make it that long.  Forgive me. 


Stay tuned for Part 5




Story by P_Street_7609


Fanart by Becoming_Bryna










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