Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 3


As promised, the release of Part 3 of Rendition is below. If you have been reading this fan fiction by Peggy than you are probably already hooked. If not then you can start from the beginning here

The last part left Steve fighting for his life and Danny trying to overcome his claustrophobia in order to help him as the rest of the team is locked out of the rendition room. 

Why can’t they get down to rendition? Why have the doors locked when the power went out? What happens as Danny begins to realize that Steve just might not make it out of this situation? Find out in Part 3.


Part Three

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                   Jerry, watching the video of Danny and Steve interrogating the serial killer, looks up from the video to see who was still around.  They’ve been down there for hours, getting nothing more than the first five names.  He won’t give them the sixth or where they are buried.  He doesn’t understand why the guy is holding out, but it’s his time to stand watch.  It was something they had all agreed to after the last time someone got loose down there.  The last time the Palace was taken hostage.  Steve had insisted on a new security system and lockdown protocol and now someone always had to be watching while they interrogated any suspect or prisoner. 

            He sees Chin in his office and relaxes.  Chin will be taking over in a bit and he can go down to his “cave” and work his own cases.  He can hide down in the basement, away from the thunder and lightning crashing around them from this freak storm that just came in.  He hates thunder. 

            The scrape of a chair and the sound of a gunshot bring his focus back to the screen immediately and he stands in shock as he watches Steve go down and Danny shoot the suspect.  Seeing the suspect still moving around, he hits the ‘panic’ button on the table and the alarms go off as the Palace is locked down.  He sees Danny leaning over Steve, tearing his shirt off and using it as bandage.  He hears Danny screaming at Steve and then at him and he feels Chin move right next to him. 

            “What’s going on, Jerry?  Why have you locked down the Palace?”  Chin’s eyes are wild. 

            “Look…”  Jerry points at the screen.  Danny is kneeling next to Steve, keeping pressure on the wound in his abdomen.

            “What the hell?  What happened, Jerry?”  Chin swipes his fingers across the table, zooming in on Steve.

            “I just glanced away for a moment, Chin.  I heard the scraping of metal and then a gunshot and looked back to see the Commander on the floor, and Danny taking the suspect down.  I just followed the Commander’s new protocol.”  He looks worried, wondering if he did the right thing. 

            They are now locked in HQ.  All the doors coming and going lock down, but not the offices.  They cannot get down to rendition, but neither can anyone get out of it.  That’s the reason for the new security protocol.  Anyone trying to take the Palace hostage to get someone out will be locked in, unable to get to that person.  Only Steve and Danny have the codes to end the lockdown.  And they are both in the locked room. 

            Chin looks at Jerry and the panic and fear on his face and he knows he needs to calm him down.  “Its okay, Jer.  You did exactly what you were supposed to.  Steve will be proud.”  If he makes it out of here alive.  “Jerry, can you get me down there?”

            Jerry’s fingers move across the table and he nods.  “I can unlock one door at a time.  Once you get through it, I will have to lock it again before I can open the next one.  But I can get you down there, yeah.”

            “Okay.”  Chin turns, opens the locker behind them and grabs a couple of radios.  “We need to stay in touch and the lockdown jams all cell reception.  Get me through the double doors here and then the stairs.” 

            “You got it.”  He types in a few things and they hear the doors unlock.  Chin moves quickly, out the doors and to the stairwell.  He listens and hears the ones behind him lock again and the one into the stairwell unlock.  He enters and heads down.

            “Check, check.  Jerry, do you read me?  Over.”  Jerry hears on the radio. 

            “Gotcha, Chin.  Over.”  He responds.  Looking back at the screen, he sees Danny go to the first aid kit and rip it off the wall. 

            At that moment, a loud boom and crack of lightning hits just outside the window and everything goes dark.  Jerry, not really liking the dark either, stands leaning on the table, not sure what to do.  He counts, waiting for the emergency power to kick in and when he reaches forty-five, the harsh glow of the emergency beacons flood the room and he watches the table.  He hopes it will come back up having not lost anything when switching over to battery power.  He soon sees the soft glow as the table boots back up and he sees the grainy images down in the rendition room.  It’s not as clear but he can see Danny leaning over Steve again, working on the wound.  He can’t see clearly, nor can he hear anything.  On back-up power, the table automatically shuts down what is deemed unnecessary and sound is not needed if they want pictures.  And Jerry feels seeing what’s going on is more important. 

            “Jerry?  Jer, what happened?  Over.”  He hears Chin on the radio. 

            “I think lightning struck the Palace, Chin.  It’s knocked out the power.  Where are you? Over.”

            “I’m at the basement door.  Can you open it?  Over.”

            “It should be open, Chin.  All the doors should be open.  Over.”  He watches as Danny brings out the chains and binds the suspect. 

            “Nothing, Jer.  It’s locked.  Can’t you unlock it?  Over.”

            Jerry types quickly across the table and nothing happens.  “I don’t know what’s going on, Chin.  They are all supposed to open when the power goes out.  Dammit, there must have been a short of some kind when the lightning hit.”  He pauses, watching as Danny all but curls up next to Steve.  “Chin, they’ve all shorted locked.  I can’t unlock them.  Maybe when we get full power back and the code.  Do you have the code?”           

“No, Jerry.  You know only McGarrett and Williams have that.  We’ll figure it out.  Maybe when the power comes back on they’ll reset themselves.”  Chin crosses his fingers.  If not, he has no idea how they’re gonna get Steve out of there.  He’s aware they are working against the clock, judging by what he could see of Steve’s injury and he heads back up to the second floor. 

            Jerry turns, hearing a knock on the glass doors.  He sees one of the guards from downstairs.  He walks over, motioning that the doors are locked. 

            “What’s going on, Jerry?”  He barely hears through the door.

            “Situation down in rendition.  Had to lock the place down.”

            “Why can’t we get out now?  Power’s out.  Doors should have unlocked, brah.”

            “Lightning strike.”  Jerry can see he’s getting impatient. 

            “Hey, Chin, I need you up here.  They’re coming up from the first floor.”

            “On my way, Jer.  Be right there.” 

            Jerry motions toward the stairs.  The guard turns just in time to see the door open and Chin walk out.  He turns and heads back to the table to see what’s happening down in rendition.

Stay tuned for Part 4 (tomorrow)

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  1. Enjoying this. I do wonder how chin got back upstairs if doors were locked ..

    1. Good time for you to read as there will be no down time or waiting for the next part as they are all posted. Glad you are enjoying it.

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