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Fan art has not been a strong suit of our site in the past but thanks to some collaboration partners we have been able to change that. Before we share some more pieces from our newest partner, let’s look at what fan art is. Fan art is something different to everyone. Just like regular art, fan art is in the eye of the beholder and what one might like another one might not, etc…


To some it can be a simple background change to a favorite photo of Alex, or placing him in a different setting with more complex background changes. To others it is a full edit of not only the background, but the photo using unique and creative ideas including fan art manipulation, to make a whole new look. Some create pieces that will complement their shipping favorites and actually add people to a current photo to exemplify that. 


Now here is the definition of Fan Art:




Since it is fiction, it is clearly not meant to be real and it is not a real photo. It is always some sort of adaptation. NO matter what, as long as it is done with no intent to harm Alex or anyone else included, it should be appreciated in the fandom. One’s creativity is a respectable talent and those that do it are sharing their personal gift with all of us.


Because we are a site full of collaborators, hopefully we will be able to provide a little bit of all of the above to you and provide many different POV. With that being said, as you know we have the movie posters  but now thanks to our newest collaboration partner, H50Europe, you can check out  a different format of some Alex O’Loughlin fan art below:


Alex O'Loughlin Fan Art

Fan Art Manipulation  Credit – 


Alex O'Loughlin Fan Art

Fan Art Credit 


Alex O'Loughlin Fan Art

 Fan Art Credit H50Europe


Do you have a favorite?

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