Alex Makes Our Temperature Rise!

So does Alex O’Loughlin make your temperature rise??? Here is a hot video filled with sly smiles, sweet kisses, some tense moments, and a little sex thrown in for good measure.

It is 100% Alex O’Loughlin!

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  1. Joyce Hi,

    Now you have us all very curious… You have actually met or know Alex??? Come now girl, come clean with other women who adore him also…especially all of us here at AOLO…

    BTW, we all feel he is what all women dream of to be the type of man they would love to be with forever… It makes me blush to admit this as I am what is now considered a senior citizen…well, I’m still breathing, so I guess I can dream at my age… Wonder if there are any more like him in Oz but closer to my own age, past 60???

    I hope that you have been reading the more recent threads of topics pertaining to Alex here at this site…Check the subject above on right… We are still very vocal and desiring the return of Moonlight…we also fear for Alex’s career under this contract to CBS, seems like he is being made a patsy…Heads will roll if he is and they make his career sour in anyway…Alex is much too talented an actor and individual to be at the mercy of such unintelligent actor-phobic parties at CBS…

    I left addresses to begin a snail mail writing campaign again to not only the 2 heads at CBS, but to the CEO over the corporation who has the most holdings with any part of CBS, Westinghouse… All mailings hould be sent Cerified with return receipt or better yet, Registered with return receipt… Please check out all newer threads, and addresses on Alex’s new Interview I do believe…

    Enjoyed your comments & let me tell you I also heard from Dayna at Andrew Freedman’s that Alex is exactly as you stated… He is a very genuine person and fame has not put his head at lofty heights…I think that is why we love him so, because he is everyone’s dream of the boy next door who is whom we want our daughters to marry…And if you are new here to AOLO, Welcome Joyce & do hope we will be hearing more from you…If you post on any other sites, tell them to continue campaigning for Moonlight’s resurrection starring the orignal cast et al, especially improtant now with the favored ratings being received by Twilight, the movie, which is, in its own way, a very similar love story but at a younger age…

    Warmly Tish, aka, Pat

  2. Alex is my idea of the perfect man. He’s sooo nice in person. Just a blessing to have him on this earth. He’s smart & athletic.He is a great actor & the most heavenly looking man ever. He makes me melt & my heart just races at the sight of him.

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    sirensong if you are here email me

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    Of course this is wonderful, and I am so thakful for Alex that he has another shot with/at CBS. Moonlight is Alex and he brought so much pleasure to us with Moonlight I just wished CBS could see that. I will be happy to watch Alex in anything, he is a handsome man and I adore him.

  5. OOPS, I got carried away in my thoughts & forgot to fully type into sentences what I was thinking:

    The last few words of above’s 2nd paragraph should read:

    Add to this the lies of CBS &, of course, Joel Silver probably is not at all happy with the situation so decided that enough is enough as this can definitely look bad for him in Tinseltown, too Joel has been on the Biz when most of our ML stars were in grammer or high school, college at the very latest, & before Nina was thinking up schemes to ruin CBS..

  6. You have that right. Lisa… I can think of one, the head one of entertainment for CBS who is more than an idiot; actually completely brain dead…And to boot, there is another ML site that wants us to be nice to this head person, send flowers, etc, after this person cancells ML & says that no liked the show, just the actors, Alex especially… And this new nice thing is even after Joel Silver, the real papa of Moonlight, told fans at ComicCon 2008 that Moonlight is no more or dead…

    I, myself and in my opinion, feel that Moonlight was unjustly murdered by a well meaning ML campaign site that by did do some good with donations, etc, but their other antics caused us all to look like morons or teenie boopers, not mature adults… We were all so low b/c ML was cancelled we, ML fans, clung to whatever we thought could help & were pulled into a web for someone else’s 15 minutes of fame…Add to this the lies of CBS &, of course, Joel Silver, who was in the Biz when most of our ML stars were in grammer or high school & before Nina was only thinking up schemes to ruin CBS

    Yes, Alex is totally pleasing to see, but he is also a wonderfully talented actor, as were all on Moonlight… And anyone who knows show biz can tell you no storyline can reach its full potential unless brought full round by great actors, which ML hadthus complimenting great stories with their own personal adaptations & also endeared themselves to us… Nina is blind and dumb to this show biz law that a storyline is only as good as its actors performing it; she think she can make her own…hopefully CBS will see the error of their ways by putting her in any position of authority in their corporation….

  7. OH MY!! Thanks, what a great video. So many perfect Alex smiles. CBS must be run by a bunch of idiots.

  8. Yes please, Alex, come back to your fans to make anothet
    TV serier, as a lead, we need to see you……we miss you,we you love,we support you

  9. OMG I can not think after seeing that!
    but i will have beautiful dreams tonight;)

  10. he makes my blood boil everytime I see him.

  11. Oh My, Oh My, just what to watch on a smoldering hot AZ summer afternoon!!! Now I am completely melted…

    Please, Alex, come back to your fans to make another TV series, especially as the lead…. Please may we request that Sophia play your leading lady again… I ahve watched enough films containing sensual scenes with you & other actresses, but none have the same intimate chemistry as you with Sophia…

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