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  1. Where was Alex at the Grammies??? JLo was there promoting her new movie–by name! So where was her HOT co-star????

  2. AHHHHHHH SOOOOO HOT IM SOOO EXITED, hes so great but no one seems to notice him, im hoping this will get him bak on his feet 🙂 WHYYY JLO , CANT IT BEE MEEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  4. simply….. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. OMG! “Besides, you wax?!” I can’t believe that he said that. I can’t wait for this movie.

  6. Oh yes…this movie it`s great!!! Alex and Jennifer are great comedian actors! I loved this comedian side from Alex his lucky faces are so funny! He and Jennifer are a wounderful pair in this movie…I just can`t wait to see it!!!
    Thanks for posting this video

  7. Absolutely the best! Every promo I saw convinced me this movie would be terrific. This really confirms it and beautifully exhibits the talents of our gorgeous, wonderful Alex. Seeing this trailer really took me out of my depression over the stupid new about TR definitely being canceled.. It really shows the stupidity of CBS losing out on Alex again. Their loss. Not ours. This movie will really get attention and more of the world will get to know Alex like we do. Thanks Tiffany for the update.

  8. Just watched it again. Taking more notice this time. No enormous upper arm tatts. The make-up artists must love him, all the attention they must have to pay to layering the whatever they need to cover those BIG tatts he’s got. WIsh it was me, all that skin on skin contact. Did any of your girls also notice?
    In fact I am very slow, seen that tractor photo so many times, and only just noticed. I know he had the lower arm tatts removed, but I doubt the upper arm ones. Wonder why do they take them away?

  9. that is HILARIOUS!!!! JLo does funny so well and then with Alex who does funny really really well that film will be a treasure!

  10. Well I thought the other trailer was funny, but boy that is hilarious. I have told my daughter she’s got to come to the movies to watch this one. Of course she know who Alex is, can’t help but know my screen saver is Alex LOL

  11. lol *pass out* thats like the best part when he just like falls over…

  12. Tiffany, thanks for the new trailer and Happy 2010! Hope it’s a good year for all of us, especially Alex. This trailer made me laugh out loud. Alex is so adorable and I also have to agree with Pam. Move over Hugh Grant, Alex will be the next heartthrob when it comes to a romantic comedy.

  13. Oh, this movie is going to be just awesome!!! I love the first trailer and I love this one – both make me smile and laugh the whole way thru. Thanks for posting. Alex is so cute in this! I am going to be the 1st in line at the theater on opening day for sure. OK, I am rambling – I am excited… 🙂

  14. Love this trailer. The movie looks sooo funny and I love all the shirtless scenes, He is sooooo Hot. Thanks Tiffany for the trailer. I hope they don’t show too much more of the movie. I don’t want them to ruin it by showing all the funny scenes up front. I can’t wait for the women to see Alex. I can just hear them now, What is his name? Who is he? I think this movie will be a big step in Alex’s career. They will finally see the gorgeous man that he is.

  15. Anyone who watched Moonlight could see that Alex has great comedic timing. He’s got that deadly sophisticated hot goofball combination. Hard to resist, hard not to love, hard not to watch.

  16. Love this trailer. So funny. Hope that this movie is Alex’s breakout role. Hoping that this movie will be a hit, it certainly looks like one. Thanks Tiffany and

  17. Loved the trailer. Seems that TBUP will be a sweet and funny movie that will showcase Alex’s talent and will finally launch his career in the US. Hopefully, everyone will see him as a multi- talented actor. Can’t wait to see the movie! Thanks Tiffany.


  19. OMG!! This is hilarious…I cannot wait to see this movie. It looks like he and JLo have some real chemistry…but then, didn’t some wise person say “Alex could drum up chemistry with a doorknob”, (no offense meant, Jennifer!). He sure looks goooooooood!! More, more, more!!

  20. This is such a funny trailer! Alex has such great comedic timing!!!! We also see that there are even MORE shirtless scenes!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

  21. This movie is going to be so great, Alex looks amazingly funny, April 16 can’t get here fast enough!

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