Alex O’Loughlin at the 2009 Noche De Ninos Gala

Alex attended the 2009 Noche De Ninos Gala event on Saturday May 9, 2009 and we have photos!!

Noche de Ninos was inspired by a former patient, six-year-old Dustin Meraz, who was suffering from a terminal cancer. Dustin’s wish before dying was simply to have his life make a difference for other seriously ill children, and inspire grown-ups to have the courage to care about and provide support to kids in need.

It was attended by many stars including Alex’s new co-star Jennifer Lopez.

Many thanks to Nadioz of Lovely Lopez for the hookup!

alex at noche gala

alex noche gala

Noches de NInas 2009 alex o'loughlin

Noches de NInas 2009 alex o'loughlin

Noches de NInas 2009 alex o'loughlin and jlo

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  1. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  2. I would like to see Alex in the Wolverine sequel or the X-Men Spinoff (stars Ryan Reynolds). He would be great as a supernatural hero in either movie. Alex is an Aussie just like Jackman. Can someone contact Alex’s manager and tell him to promote Alex for a role in the movies? Alex would be so delicious in it. Bedroom eyes and sexy bod and all. We love you Alex.

  3. Alex looks fantastic! Yes, he actually looks like a doctor! He can operate on me anytime! It will be so wonderful to see him back on TV in the fall. I really hope that this new show of his succeeds. I wish you the best of luck, Alex, and welcome back! We missed you!

  4. I think it’s amazing that we are all pulling together for the success and happiness of this man we love!! I can only speak for myself by saying I have never felt this way about any actor. I truly find this man Alex O’loughlin an intriguing and intense actor. He’s beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. He seems to love and appreciate his fans and truly wants to give us his best. I hope to be able to meet him someday. I came close when he came to CBS in NYC. I was about 50 feet from him. I got so nervous I couldn’t move to get closer to him. 🙁 He’s very tall!! LOL!
    I’m looking forward to seeing Alex on the big screen and small screen too!!

  5. Oh girls, why i can´t spend my short freetime in other thing!
    Why i can´t help to search some information or news about this gorgeous guy!
    How can be so many girls in this world hanged on this man and he doesn´t know it?
    This world is very unjust!

  6. Hi there ladies,
    sorry haven’t been on of late. Great to see Alex out and about.
    Tish at least we know what he looks like when he is tired -mmmm sorry my mind is wandering now. BTW, I to love the bedroom eyes. I loved his long hair in Moonlight, but not complaining about the new look. And yes he is looking a bit thing. Might need to come home for some good Aussie food? My place is always open for a good feed. Tish, I tried replying to on LLOL but apparently you are not a friend, can you invite me as a friend? I think you know what I mean.
    Ladies, have a fabulous weekend. Unfortunately i will be busy again, may not get time to get on the computer for awhile again.

  7. Tish – You go girl – have your fingers become “un-tongue tied yet” I love your descriptions! Alex has that effect on all of us. I do love the 5:00 shadow look. Yummy! Take care, have a great day -it’s 6:30 a.m. here, getting ready for work.

  8. Oops, my fingers got a little tongue tied talking about Just gettiing out of bed with Alex… the typo is on the first paragraph, 2nd line…sould read:

    ladies wishing to wake….

  9. Not much hair there to tossle Linda A…do miss the bit longer hair… And men with bedroom eyes, as his, always look like the “just got out of bed” making all of their “fans” or ladyfriends widhing to eake up on the other side of the bed with him…

    Oh, behave Tish!!!!

    Susana, I have never run across an e-mail address for Alex… Do know that Alex gets all of his mail from fans unopened at his personal manager’s office as Alex likes to read them all as he gets the time…

    That address is

    Mr Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freedman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides Street
    Suite 18
    Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292

    Hope he will reply to your letter as soon as he can or, at least, get a personally autographed picture of him… I have one of those framed and hung near my computer in my office, where I spend much time in my writing. One thing his looks can do is soothe me…

    Sandra Fegan, Alex has always had a heavy shadow of beard… He must have to shave more than once a day for a baby bottom smooth face…Actually it is the “IN” thing now to have a 5 o’clock shadow for men… I had to laugh when my ladyfriend said she wished her gentleman would let his beard come in like that because she found such an appearance to be a turn on… She is 73…so Hmmm life still continues even after 70… Actually there is a brand of electric razor that has a setting on the blades where you can shave but not closely…

    Alex use to live in West Hollywood when he and his ex- Holly were an item. And he probably still lives in close vicinity of the studios, which W Hollywood is ideal…

  10. ohhhh me good alex is sooo hot and his smil is soo nice his lips everythink about alex is good hi is will nice man … yh i like his voice to hi is sooo sexy man and sexy voice i loved it… i want to send alex email plz … .thx u and thx soo much tiffany.

  11. All you talk about Alex´s eyes,about his smile but, what about his voice?
    I adore his voice.Maybe it be because I´m from Spain and when I watched any some capitol
    in original version and I heard his varonil and calid voice…I loved it!
    Don´t you think so?

  12. How can I do to send to him an e-mail? Please if someone knows how do it , tell me
    please, please,please…….

  13. I think he is a great actor also unknowed yet! I wish to him my best regards and

  14. I love the look of Alex any old way. Just watched a young Alex in Black Jack Sweet Science.
    I prefer his Mick locks, beacuse that’s when I first caugh eyes on him. He growing a beard and moustache? It is so like him to go to an occasion like this. He truly gets into his roles. Doctor ANdy. :LOL, He probalbly making Bask Up Plan now though.
    Has, Three Rivers been aired yet in USA anybody please?

  15. Thank you so much Tiffany .

  16. Hi All – I agree with Tish, Alex does look thinner and a little tired but those bedroom eyes are something, love the shorter hair, too. If it were more tossled, he would have that “just got out of bed look” that is also so sexy. Very yummy, indeed. 🙂

  17. Lucia, true dat. 😉

  18. He lives in the LA area as well as filming Back Up Plan here.

  19. Debbie, it was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

  20. Beverly Hills, CA. He is in LA filming The Backup Plan.

  21. Thank you Tiffany for some more great pics of Alex. He is so HOT!!!!!!

  22. Alex, as always, looks great…Love his smile, but he looks so tired, too… And I do think he has gotten thinner since Moonlight… Perhaps it is the stress of whatever caused the Holly breakup… Does the man not know he is so worth more??? Love can put more stakes in the heart than any stabbed into a new type folklore vampire to paralyze him/her…

    But again it is so nice to see him again in the limelight… He so deserves that…

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough adjectives to describe how hot Alex looks in these pics!!!
    That look screams doctor, doesn’t it! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Where was this event held? City and state??

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