Three Rivers Dead and CBS Teases Fans

Dr. Andy and Dr. Foster on Three Rivers

Nina Tassler of CBS has finally confirmed what we already knew… that Three Rivers is cancelled. I liked how she said they have to “assume some responsibility” although it should have been MOST of the responsibility. They needed more character depth a heck of a lot faster than they did AND putting in on Sunday night when it was often an hour or more late was a death wish. It was a darn good show and they failed.

But then… perhaps in an effort to stave off the angry mob that went after her when she cancelled Moonlight she does something really awful… she teases fans with the idea that someday Moonlight will come back. One is left not knowing if she actually means what she says or if she is just trying to prevent fallout again. She could draw this out for years and then end up saying that the timing wasn’t right or some obstacle was in her way… all the while taking credit for “trying her best”.

One thing is clear already though. CBS is always willing to jerk us around and this may be no different. Since Alex has a major motion picture coming out soon I would think that any person with some sense would be locking these plans down NOW if they really intended to follow through. Tassler expressed a “desire to remain in business with Three Rivers star Alex O’Loughlin.” Hmmm, that sure doesn’t sound as though you are actively trying to resurrect Moonlight, that sounds like a carrot is being dangled in front of fans and it sounds as if your not even sure that Alex will stay contracted with CBS. She also mentioned that she is already selecting pilots for the 2010/2011 season so at best she is putting this off until almost 2012?? Is Alex supposed to wait in limbo until then?

We will have to play the same game that many fans have played for years…. hoping for a return of Moonlight based upon the little scraps that CBS is willing to toss out every now and again and “hope” they are being genuine. I have my doubts. But as always, I would love to wrong this time.

Source info: Rob Owen at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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  4. i agree with tiffany, i really did like miami medical a whole lot better, and think that he would have been far more suited for that role instead of TR

  5. i agree of the three shows that he’s done for me moonlight has been the best, i haven’t seen the old version of hawaii, i might like this new one, i might not, who’s to say, but the only reason why i’ll watch it is because of him.


    i did as well… i thought that he put his all into moonlight, and nick was just getting into his grove as well as the storyline…but with three rivers, there really was something lacking, i felt that the show didnt’ really need him, to tell you the truth.

    i love him don’t get me wrong, but this show could have had anyone play the doctor, really, where i dont’ think that anyone else could have played nick, lol…besides garrent wynn davies, back as the first vampire called nick….lol


  6. i love three rivers
    i love alex i loughlin.
    hes a good actor i want to meet him
    when is three rivers coming back.
    his fan maria

  7. um.. i don’t mean to stir anything up and yet well i just came across a new seires on cbs that premires april 2, at 10 om called.. Miami Medical..

    sorry havet to keep this short and yet well just wonder if anyone knew anything about it?

    1. Rosemary, this was formerly Miami Trauma and they chose Three Rivers over this show during the Fall but apparently now that TR tanked they are giving this show a chance with a new name. I always like the look of this show over TR and wished Alex would have been on that one instead.

      1. thanks for the heads up on this… and like u said.. just possible Alex should of of taken a chance on this one ” Miami Trauma” instead… less chance of frost bite. ok so I just had to throw that one in for good measure… lol.

        yet its ok anyways.. there is still some chance of running after a bad guy across the sand right? thats my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!.

        thanks again for the info.

  8. Oh, come on people! Moonlight was one of the best TV shows I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot in the decades I’ve watched TV. And I liked (but not loved) 3 Rivers (and I was born there) Alex is smart enough to realize you have to give the people what they want and it might not suit us all but that’s show biz. Give it Up!!! I would LOVE to see another Moonlight but I’m not holding my breath. Just get your friends, family whatever an go see Alex and JLo in Back Up Plan on April 23rd and show him we love him no matter what!!! A forever Fan…Love you Alex….

  9. three rivers was good, but the concept, how many times has that been done before, i kind of found him boring on that show, yes he was giving it his all, but still, there was something lacking in it…..

    but with moonlight he was off the radar in it…i couldnt’ wait to watch that show…and i wish that he could do it again…..but moonlight has to go some other place, someplace that will embrace it….like the sci-fi station…i do not trust the others with a vampire show and never will…my first experience came with forever knight, it was going great on ctv, but once abc got a hold of it it only lasted a year….fox had a chance at a vampire show, it was supposed to come back after the original 8 eppies, but it never did….and it goes on from there…..nbc tried a night time version of dark shadows and just as people were getting into it, well there it went……

    so no, i do not want moonlight to come back if it’s on the big four networks…….


  10. you know i really so do not get cbs at all, vampire movies and series are all the range, so why ever on earth didn’t they keep it….it’s like they don’t want what’s popular unless it follows the formula of csi’s there is nothing else that they want, and that is the sad part that they do not want what’s popular…that they want whatever they want…i do watch a few of their shows, only 3 to be exact, but really they need to be branching out and trying new things, like vampire series… moon was a great movie, and i enjoyed it, i have read all the books, and i can’t wait to see how the other two will turn out…i love watching true blood, haven’t seen year two yet, but i will in time, and i also love vampire diaries, i can’t get enough of my vamps, yet here cbs is going, screw you guys, we won’t give them to you…i really seriously think that if cbs.nbc/fox and abc want to go into the sci fi genre that’s what they need to do, but not give us a series and go screw you after a year….yeah there have been a few series that have lasted more then a year, but generally tha’ts not the norm on the big four…’s really unfair that we have to rely on the cable stations, and some of the shows i do not get because i do not live in the US….and it’s a toss up if canada picks it up on a station that i can even see, without futher cable subscriptions…

    sorry for the rant…but it just makes me mad that no sooner do you start to get into a series then it’s yanked


  11. i agree alex needs to do other projects he shouldn’t have to wait for cbs to do stuff with where he’s concerned, and cbs is, is it’s just like fox, once you get used to a really good show on that station it’s gone like the wind…and i hate it..what they’re doing to him……he deserves so much better and so do his fans.


  12. ok.. well as to say and yes i have suggested as to letting CBS know that we are of awaiting to see the several episodes that are still to be aired… and that of i do not know of and i do not mean to upset anyone.. and yet.. of as to this that of if we do still want too and yes we for sure do.. we need to keep letting CBS know this and that does mean as to a bit of over flow of letting them/CBS know of this and too.. that of if as to do not keep w/ letting them know.. to say that as wild as this may sound… that sorry to say if we just wait and see.. to which lets just say that is like not only giving them an “EXIT” , THAT ITS AS TO SAY LETTING THEM SORT OF SPEAK “LETTING THEM SKIP TOWN” & TALK ABOUT A MAJOR & EASY + QUICK MAJOR “LOOP HOLE” , AS IN LETTING THEM OFF THE HOOK.


    PLUS TOO… Remember as to when you ( + under “feedback” ) that as alike the old saying goes.. you for sure can always get more “flies “with honey than vinagar…”.. plus too..and well hope you know I am somewhat pun-wise that of have to watch it a bit as to too much honey can of be like too much sweets.. and for sure upset tummy look out.

    just a thought.. and well know..

  13. Yes, I agree Alex should go to another network. He is an excellent actor and puts his whole self into whatever character he is portraying. He is so wonderful he does not deserve to be treated the way cbs has treated him. I can’t wait to see his new movie coming out ‘The Back Up Plan’. He could go into the ‘big screen’ but then we would not get our weekly fix of Alex.

  14. Hi Moonlight Lovers. Right now I would settle for Hawaii Five-O just so I could see him and hear his voice each week. He is such a good actor and would be very good as a detective just like he was in the show Moonlight , I know being a vampire he had special talents but I think he would make a good detective.There are so many shows like that now, Castle, Human Target that just started, just to name a few so why not Hawaii Five-O. I will always want and love Moonlight. signed Hopeful

  15. I realize it would take a while for the Moonlight thing to become a reality but I would rather see Moonlight come back with full force and full support for several seasons than for this Hawaii Five 0 thing to do what TR did. That show was a show of the 70’s and a good one at that but have you ever seen how they are always remaking stuff. Moonlight was an original and a good show. Tassler did wrong and she knows it. It is never to late to correct a wrong. Moonlight could be bigger than it ever was. Vampires are in and we all love them. The human – vampire thing is really a plus. We are always gonna want vampires and Alex plays them sooooo well. They are not just a fad. Remember Barnabus Collins? He gave me nightmares. Mick St. John didn’t do that I just wanted him to bite me!!! LOL!!!! I will forever be a die hard MOONLIGHTER and I have been checking out the web and there are plenty of us still out here waiting.. Good things come to those who wait so I still wait. As always More MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Apparently, Nina has gotten the flack that she deserved and is now trying to smooth things over. Well it’s too little, too late. Her words are meaningless because she and TPTB at CBS can not be trusted. Until it comes directly from Alex via TIffany, I will believe it when I see it. When Alex’s contract is up, he needs to give Nina and CBS the proper finger salute and move on. When TBUP comes out, his star will rise even higher and more people will fall in love with him just as we have.

  17. ok … can we all agree that for sure…. that is…. that if it hadd not been for “Moonlight”… that to say its a possible of possibles that theses other vamp series & movies may of not seen and yes i am going to say it… that of seen the light of day sort of speak?

    for me.. the answer is 100% for sure … YES!!!!!!!!

    don’t get me wrong… I have seen twilight.. and have read the book… and for me and again i know that I may be of one when i say this.. or not… and yet that of between thoses 2… the book for sure had a lot more to it and in it that for sure as to only added to the movie .

    of as to new moon… I’ve not seen, nor of read the book as of yet.

    and of when I say this… i may be of well dated myself a bit… and yet well i do remember that of another tv series called Dark Shadows(abc)… and to say that in short .. that series had a very hard time b/c as to say that there were stories going around that according to parents .. and of remember that this was on in the afternoon wkdays.. and that was according to parents .. it was claimmed that acorrding to them.. the kids were having nightmeres… when in fact it wasn’t the kids at all… as it turned out and yup even now as to well.. lets just say its wasn’t the kids… it was for sure that of the parents.. and this was siring during the daylight w/ the sun still up and shining too!..

    my point is this… of whatever may be… that of for sure and yes i know I may more than not be of repeating myself.. and yet.. that for sure moonlight for sure started and yes help to restart again.. something that of as to comes down to it… in itself that of one of kind and yes.. can of like dark shandows too… can never be copied b/c of its trueself is forsure one of kind, and of re-opened the door to that of what is now happening.

  18. Hola, he leido esta noticia y ojalá sigan con la serie de Moonlight, ya que en España hay miles de fans y estan deseando que sigan con la serie . Animo Alex eres un buen actor y tienes miles de fans, esperamos verte de nuevo en Moonlight, un saludo desde España 🙂

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    Well guys so far this week , I’ve watched

    Mary Bryant, Man-Thing, the Shield (6), and all the Three Rivers on my DVR.
    So tonight is a MOON LIGHT night.

    I feel so bad for our ALEX he deserves so much better than CBS can do for him.
    Has anyone Heard from him on his blog. He seems to be very quiet. Hope he is ok.


    1. The only rumour I have heard about Alex is that he came home for a week for christmas and then he was holidaying in LA with Jason Dohring. Don’t know how true this is but a few people heard the same thing. I hope he is growing his locks back and that he and Jason were discussing a Moonlight movie with Warner Bros. not cbs. We wwmoonlighters have been campaigning hard for a movie with WB. We are striking while the iron is hot as Alex isn’t committed to anything yet.

  20. Hi Moonlight Lovers, CBS likes to hurt Alex , right now we would be getting ready to see The Back Up Plan and not the Harrison Ford movie, I like H. Ford but he does not need any push to see his movies. the cancellation of Three Rivers was bad enough but moving The Back up Plan to April was very very mean to him. I again do not watch any CBS show only when Alex was on Three Rivers. You are so loved Alex. signed hopeful

  21. I don’t think I would trust CBS. Alex should just give them the finger and go to another network . Now with the time slot for Jay Leno opened he should see about that. I understand they want to do a remake of the Rockford Files. Alex would be a natural for that.. Of course I would like to see Moonlight back but I think CBS is just jerking us around.

  22. Dangleall the carrots you want cbs and Tassler should know by now what they did whan they cancelled Moonlight and they need to return it to us. TR was not given the chance that it should of been given but Moonlight was a far better show anyway. I SAY BRING BACK MOONLIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Vampire Addicted, Tassler already indicated they would not be bringing it back NOW. She said they already have next year’s shows being selected. That means Moonlight wouldn’t be brought back for quite some time (like nearly 2012) and Alex shouldn’t have to wait around twiddling his thumbs.

  23. They’re complete idiots if they allow Alex to slip away. He is such a talented actor. They failed with Moonlight and Three Rivers. With this movie coming out, someone will snatching him up soon!!!

  24. this is alike that of as to promising a child that if they eat their veggies and well u get the idea… that in short the odds are more alike “not” that of what of is sort speak promised .

    of as to moonlight we all know that of if it had not been for moonlight… for sure the odds to say of well …Twilight then making it .. that of then that would of a wait and see on its own..
    yet too.. the $$$$$$$ that as to involed in series and moives from point a to z… well that for sure has a lot to do with it too without a doubt…

    anyways.. of as to cbs… that of there have been too many times of where a series of 1 day on the air and then not the next… and of as to of fans were concerned… cbs didn’t care either way.. even that of as to say words are words and yet w/out true meaning and that of keeping one’s word… that of are empty w/ not and not a sign of life in them… in other words.. just plain old window dressing… and i know that this may sould that of well… and yet of they of who may of this and that of the bottom line…of um.. well its on their heards sort of speak.. and not ours sort of speak..

    otherwise… well…as to say they are not much better than of their last work … and that of the truth for sure can of be tried to be hidden and yet the truth will always come out … always..!

  25. The players and good players like Alex are toys in the hands of dishonest people … I am very sad for Alex

  26. I agree that Moonlight was before its time and should not have been cancelled AT ALL. Now with True Blood and Vampire Diaries and I heard yet another vampire show or mini-series may be televised, CBS really lucked out cancelling Moonlight. What idiots. They did not realize they had a gold mine in that show and then lost it, while other networks are now in the swing of things with vampires shows. These type of shows are always in demand as new generations come to be fans of the genre – look how long Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the air! Anyway, CBS will not bring Moonlight back as that would be admitting they made a mistake, and Nina Tassler will never admit to making a mistake, especially one of this magnitude. I do hope that Alex leaves CBS as they are just using him and not in a good way. There will more projects with them, but if the shows are not promoted then they are doomed to failure again and again. Look what happened when they brought back Jericho – it was cancelled again almost immediately and if the original cast is not available then what’s the point of bringing it back – if Sophia cannot play Beth and Jason cannot play Josef then it would not be the same. I wish Alex all the best of luck in any and all future endeavors and hopefully, not with CBS.

  27. While I would be delighted to see a Moonlight movie or a miniseries I doubt this lady is serious. And I agree with Alex who said he wants to move on and delve into other characters as far as a series goes. It would seem like going backward to be doing ML again on a weekly basis even though I’d love it. As for Mick and Beth, their relationship was intended from the get go. I missed ML as a series and only saw it after getting a peek when it was rebroadcast on SciFi and I’ve never seen a relationship telegraphed as clearly as that one was. Alex once said it would be a different story if they got together and he’s right-but that’s where the series was ehaded from the beginning. Keeping a couple apart forever with nothing but longing looks and hesitant touches, especially after the events of BC, makes no sense and would be nothing less that boring in the end. A relationship must be dynamic, changing and growing and ultimately becoming what was promised or it becomes a tease and nothing more.

    After that door closed in Sonata there was definitely a relationship about to be consumated and a new beginning for Mick and Beth. Nothing else makes any sense to me. Beth further exploring the vampire world and Mick accepting himself because Beth loves and accepts him is exactly what I want to see. But CBS might well screw it up and movie or miniseries would hoprfully mean less of an apportunity for them to do that. I defintiely want only Mick and Beth going forward. THe delight is in the two very different worlds of human and vampire mixing and in the MickBeth relationship and the possibility of Mick turning Beth somewhere down the road.

    I want to see ALL of the filmed eps of Three Rivers, too; what is the point of filming and never broadcastring them? And yeah, lady, you did screw up by putting 3R on after numerous football delays and in not giving us more character development first. THat was a very big mistake.

    Now they really do owe us that movie or miniseries but otherwise, I hope Alex becomes a big name movie star- and if the hilarious clips from Back-up Plan are any indication he should be- so he doesn’t get screwed over by this network again.

    1. You are SO right Margrots! I agree – you absolutely knew what was going to happen when that door closed on Sonota. It was fantastic. The chemistry between Alex and Sophia was so sweet. I hope that he bounches back from this disappointment!

  28. i am not sure if you guys no this but moonlight is on evey monday night at 8:00 pm on chiller channel on drictv also they run eight shows of moonlight evey mounth durn the day

  29. I have to tell you, I think Alex I being treated so CRAPPILY!!!!!! He always gives it his all, he goes all out. He did the blood drives, toys for tots, and now donate life. He goes above and beyond being just a star. He is like an Angel for God’s sake. Why in the hell is he treated like this? It pisses me off, totally. I love the way he looks, don’t get me wrong, he is some Serious eye candy, I do have awfully nice dreams, but he is more than that. WAY more than that. He Is like this Big beautiful diamond in all the nasty Hollywood Rough. He is so totally amazing. Smart, giving and of course talented in the acting department. I am doing some serious rambling here, but my point is, He is the Unique, his isn’t like anyone else. He isn’t generic movie star crap. No offense, McSteamy aint so great, no Alex, His charm is just plain I have no words. His mom and dad need kisses for making him, he has definitely made a mark on many peoples souls. I think I remember he said he wanted his acting to mean something, not just the heart throb thing, but for it to leave a mark, change things, change people, well it has. God Bless you Alex, you are really loved sweetheart, and not just because you are physically beautiful, but because you have a heart and sweet sweet spirit, you seem unafraid to connect and love and go outside the box. That is really what attracts me. I like your ADD OCD smarty pants self, please, please, NEVER CHANGE your drive for life. I love you. LULA x0000000000

  30. I don’t think NIna Tassler has any morals or ethics when it comes to the public she is suppose to serve. I only wished her sponsors would see her for what she really is “a phony”. I believe she is dangling a carrot in front of the fans of Alex and Moonlight. She can’t wait too many years to address the issue of Season 2 of Moonlight, because vampires don’t age. She’s has no intention of bring back Moonlight, she just doesn’t like the bad publicity for CBS that it has drawn.

  31. CBS screwed up on canceling Moonlight. Once Twilight came out everyone went vamp crazy. It would be nice to see Moonlight back on but how can we trust CBS they cancelled two shows Alex was in. I think Alex should make a dive and leave CBS and try something new. I believe Back-up Plan will be a hit. I have never been apart of a fan club before and for some reason Alex caught my eye. He is a great actor and deserves the best.

  32. I want to believe that cbs wants to bring back moonlight to but as they continue to rake Alex O’loughlin over the coals i don’t think cbs should get any more chances to have alex on their network. he is better off going to abc nbc or any other network but cbs. They don’t deserve him, he shouldn’t have to wait to see what cbs will do or not do. He is to good an actor to be jerked around any more as cbs has done to him.

  33. Although it would be nice to see where MoonLight went after the kiss and Mick told Beth he
    loved her, best to leave it alone. Alex is too good for CBS, and now CBS sees how dumb
    they were for letting MoonLight go. I started watching Vampire Diaries, I’m sorry but I needed a Vamp fix. Don’t like Twilight, or True Blood. And Vampire Diaries Guys are H O T But no
    Mick St. John. Three Rivers showed Alex’s acting depth, But the small screen does him no justice. He is so much better then CBS gives him credit for.
    Tiffany any word from Alex? He’s quiet again.
    Cozette(MoonLight MaMa)

    1. I agree with the idea of Mick and Beth being left alone – for them to have taken their relationship to the “next level” would have taken some of the “magic” out of their relationship. I always loved the way Mick would look at her …so cute! I just hope that CBS realizes what a great actor Alex is and I hope he realizes how much his fans love him. I don’t care what age you are – this guy is HOT!!!

  34. I wouldn’t believe the BS that comes out of Tassler’s mouth.She just doesn’t want a lynch mob after her for another one of her stuff ups.I believe we will get Moonlight back but not with cbs. Warner Bros are the way to go and that is who I am writing to in the campaign to bring Moonlight back.I don’t want cbs to screw Alex over a third time. They had their chance wit ML and blew it and won’t come out and admit to it..

  35. Yes, we may have known it, but it still is a sad day. And Nina T’s admitting “some responsibility ” is pathetic, as is the Moonlight “carrot”. I think your take on this is right on Tiffany. I hope their plans for the future do include Alex in a show that better suits him and stars him! And as much as I want to see him on my TV every week, I also want what is best for him and his sure to be expanding career. We all hope that TBUP will be a huge hit and since it is produced under the CBS umbrella, they will have first dibs on him since he is still under contract. I just hope his agent/management team is the best there is…he deserves to treated better than he has been by CBS. My heart goes out to him and I hope he knows the failure of 3Rs is not his fault. All the best to you, Alex, and keep going for it!

  36. Like everyone else I too would love to see Moonlight come back. As good as Three Rivers was I felt Alex did a better job in Moonlight. I mean that show caught my attention from the first moment I saw the previews to it. Three Rivers was good but lacked something. It was just starting to get better by getting into the characters more when it was canceled. If Alex comes back to another tv series (and I hope he does) I’d like to see him give CBS the boot and go with a different network. Although CBS is the network I watch the most I’d watch any network that he was on. I don’t like the way CBS has done him, not once but twice now, and I think he should split from them. And I’m excited about seeing him on the big screen. I hope more movie roles come his way and we get to see his handsome face on the big screen more often. He is a very handsome, sexy and talented man and I wish him only the best. I hope he gets the break he deserves and finds a new weekly home with a different network soon.

  37. I think she also stated, that hiatus means not coming back, so will not see the other episodes that have been made. Which is a shame. But she also said that Moonlight was actorcentric yet again, but that Three Rivers was a team. Well we all loved Alex, but I think we all loved the whole show, the whole team Sophia (the chemistry), Jason (the banter, and bad boy thing) even Shannon (evil bitch, but very much part of the storyline) to Eric, Jason David. Well you know what I mean Moonlight was special, and they all need to be Moonlight not just Alex (though he’s the best).

    1. Agreed, unless everyone came back it would not be the same show.

      1. I saw a commercail for it yesterday, while i was watching stuff on cbs, and i was like, they just got rid of a really good medical show, and now they’re giving us another one….why.


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