CBS Looking at Alex for Hawaii Five-O

hawaii five o and alex o'loughlin

According to Michael Ausiello, CBS is considering Alex a starring role in their recently green-lighted project of Hawaii Five-O.

Talks are ongoing, says the insider.CBS really wants to do another series with him.

The original Five-O  which starred Jack Lord as Det. Steve McGarrett  ran on CBS from 1968-1980. The update is being shepherded by Fringe writer-producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, as well as CSI: NY e.p. Peter Lenkov.

At press tour last week, CBS president Nina Tassler reiterated her strong desire to stay in business with O’Loughlin. We love him, she said, and want him to stay around a long time.

Is it any wonder we have a hard time believing anything CBS says? Last week we have Nina Tassler whispering that Moonlight may return and now we have an insider saying they want him for another role entirely. Guess we just have to play the wait and see game.

Personally I kinda like the idea. I think a fresh HFO with a hunky, often shirtless – laid back most days but ready to turn his James Bond on – island police officer could have potential. If they do decide to go this route they need to hire me as an advisor – I’ve got some ideas, LOL.

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  2. Let’s pray it works out, Alex is very good actor and I’m sure this show he will do very well, he’s smart, charismatic, talented and very beautiful, that fan would not want to see him again, surely this show is going to astronomical audience, I hope that this does not spoil everything nina. I love you

  3. Let’s pray it works out, Alex is very good actor and I’m sure this show he will do very well, he’s smart, charismatic, talented and very beautiful, that fan would not want to see him again, surely this show is going to astronomical audience, I hope that this does not spoil everything nina.

  4. Hi everyone–I’m new to this site and have only left a few comments, but I just wanted to say that I’ve been sort of silently reading all the posts and can see and understand everyone’s points–those who crave having Moonlight back; those who are irritated with the CBS network; those who would love seeing Alex in anything (me!); those who are a little of everything I just listed; and any other “sides” or positions I may have missed. It’s okay to vent, it’s okay to express ourselves–I’m sure that we’re all coming from different age levels and life experiences. The one thing I’m pretty sure we all have in common and why we keep coming back to this site, is that we enjoy Alex and, through thick and thin, will support him in whatever endeavors he takes on. It’s difficult to swallow and understand at times, but CBS is, at the end of the day, about making the big bucks. They may even have stuff going on that we are totally unaware of–that’s why they’re in the business that they’re in. And they are bound to have people who make bad decisions, just like any other business–and they will rise and fall because of them. The main thing is that we hold steadfast in our support, especially in today’s economy, of any job that Alex takes on. From the posts I’ve read so far, I may be the only one who actually lives in Hawaii, so I’m for Alex taking on the H50 or CSI-Hawaii show–whatever it ends up being called. That is–if he does. We don’t even know for sure if a new show from CBS is really “on the table” for him. If he does end up coming to Hawaii, that would be great for our state, because “Lost” just finished wrapping up filming here. Our economy could sure use a regular series like an H50. I would run into “Lost” filming pretty regularly all over Oahu, so I’m hoping for the same thing with H50! Got to go now, so to everyone–have a fabulous week! 🙂

  5. If cbs is going to bring on H5O, why not just call it CSI-Hawaii. The viewers seem to like the CSI’S. I think Alex would be perfect for the part.. This way people can’t compare it with the old H5O. Of course I don’t know if Alex wants to trust CBS anymore. I know I feel a little afraid they may just be using him again. Alex should get something in writting stating his program will run for at least one season and then go from there. I would watch him at anytime,antwhere no mater what he stars in. I sure hope this is the one that makes him a big star. He deserves it. He is an excellent actor and the body to go with it.

  6. Jo Jo OMG, Thanks for the visual, I can only imagine..

  7. Thanks, Tiffany – guess I was jumping the gun but wouldn’t that be a good character idea? Remember JAG ad how hot the lead actor, David James Elliott looked in his Navy whites? I can picture Alex in Navy whites and a gorgeous Hawaiian tan – just a thought! Yummy!

  8. OK, I’m confused – who got a role as a Navy Lt.Commander? Alex? Is that going to be the character’s background for H5-O?

    1. JoJo, as far as I know it has not been cast yet. I think this site took the general casting call and added Alex’s name in there after the rumor hit that he was being considered. I don’t think that site is legit.

  9. Carol when you put it like that I just have to agree he is truely breathtaking now I cant wait to see him again in ANYTHING Damn it!!!!!!

  10. Come on Carol hes an actor and a good one not a male model hes as apealing with or without his shirt!!!

    1. Sure he is. I just think the allure of a H5O show is the idea that we get to see him shirtless more than he has gone in the past. I am all for that idea!

    2. Bunty, your so right, but I didn’t say anything refering to this. I do belive he is great at everthing he does. Apealing? He’s breath taking XXXXX

  11. I agree we should let Alex move on with his career, i will watch anything
    i get the chance to see him in. That said i personally think CBS love,s
    the crime drama , and when it can,t think of something it goe,s rakeing
    in the archives, now we have H50.,

  12. of as this series does takes place in Hawaii.. and of this mix its of one that even to say ..perfect match for sure!

    o’ and of as to say that of sometimes that of undercover does take place… who knows just maybe by chance as to well storylines go.. that of can last a while.. and that of hair going beyond the allowed regs ..of for sure just still might happen..

    either way.. that of for sure this wonderful combo appears.. for sure we all will be of well… politely taking a look.. as we know we will…

  13. Navy?? Does that mean we won’t be seeing his long locks again? His waves are sooooooooo fine.

  14. I got a few shout outs to ya all. HEATHER thanks for the website, your right he did get the role. A Naval Lt. Commander, WOW, and he is determine, love that word. VERONICA, so agree about this being yummie and needing chemistry with co stars ( I think THAT is what we are all missing from Moonlight) BECCA, Lets fight to see those last five episodes. He did work hard to put them out there & CBS owes us to view them. LETS GO GIRLS 🙂

  15. Now, we’re talking! That’s the kind of show that fits this yummy Aussie perfectly. Picture his perfect body in those beautiful beaches, the mystery, some sexual tension now and then…because let’s be honest, Three Rivers was a waste of time and talent , not only because there were plenty of similar drama shows airing at the time, but also because poor Alex was on his own, there wasn´t any chemistry among the characters. I miss the great interaction between Alex and the co-stars in Moonlight (Jason Dohring, especially) . I’d love to see this new version of Hawaii 5-0 , I’ve gottta a feelin’ that this show could be the one.

  16. Can we comment on Three Rivers or is that off the table too?

    Sure, CBS can be all sweet and nice to Alex when they’re courting him now for H5O, just like all the sweet things they did for him when pitching for his show last year. Then, when push comes to shove, they “pulled” his show without so much of a courtesy notice. Poor Alex had to work hard all summer putting his efforts in the Donate Life organization and mastering his pronunciation of medical terminology. CBS doesn’t even have the decency to air the last 5 episodes and then they belatedly came out and said his show was cancelled.

    BTW, nothing has been confirmed that Alex took this part. It’s only been said that CBS wanted him in H5O. Big difference. Run Alex, run!!!!

    1. You are so right about Alex being able to create his character in Moonlight, with his own personility coming out. Do you think he was trying to play Gonzo in Three Rivers and kept his own personility fhidden, which didn’t give him that soo sexy self. I’m not complaining just looking at him is enough.

  17. Heather, I have seen also that Hawaii 5 O is a go, but were did you see that Alex got the part. I must have missed tit. Thanks, Carol

      1. I think we need to wait for more official word. This site looks very spammy with all the Google Adsense ads plus I can find no other site to confirm, which is suspicious.

  18. I love Alex.
    Whatever he will be in, I WILL WATCH!!!


    1. This idea sounds great! Lets just hope the show gets a “good” night and time slot. I really think that’s what did in Moonlight and Three Rivers. Of course, I’ll be faithful whatever day and time it’s on!!

  19. I love the idea of Alex in the surf and sand and being in the role of McGarrett’s son makes sense, instead of being in a role that’s been done. We all remember the original H-50, and Jack Lord’s role was played for the times, it’s now the 21st century, I think it should be up to date.

  20. I am happy if Alex gets the part in Hawaii Five-O BUT I still believe that CBS should finish MOONLIGHT. Regardless of what part he plays in any production, I will now and always want Moonlight back or at least a movie. (I see that on the casting call board for Hawaii Five-O testing, Alex is listed as already having the part in this remake.

  21. The topic is Hawaii Five-O. Any more Moonlight comments will be deleted for being off topic. I wish we could have non Moonlight conversations on this site!

    1. I so agree with you Tiffany….no more Moonlight comments or inputs. That is so OVER! I just hope that CBS does not let Alex down. Sure, they give him the role and then they cancel the show. I don’t want to see that happen to our Alex again.

    2. How juvenile. Moonlight made Alex and no role he has played todate can compare to MOONLIGHT regardless of how great an actor he is. If this web-sight is not open to comments on all roles he plays, why bother with the sight.

  22. I absolutely love the idea.. Just PLEEZE do not put him in another show that cancels in such a short time. It’s not fair, he is a great talent and we don’t want to lose him!!! Luv u Alex!

  23. I would love to see him in Hawaii five-o but I can not get cbs. I am much

    a fan of his. I think he would be a real Hunk in this one.

  24. Jackie, Wow, That was a lot of hostility pouring out. First of all I am not upset at all and second I don’t belive I was not being nice. So lets give it a rest. This will be the last time I comment on your remarks, but like everyone on this site I will still add my two cents. To anyone else that was offened ” I.m sorry”

  25. Wow ladies. A lot has been said since I last checked in. Comments have been made that I feel I must address. Tiffany and the rest of you ladies I promise I will never comme on the subject on the subject again. It concerns comments made by Carol & Heather. Carol I know why you wanted to address the comments I made to you. You became upset because I asked you to be nice to other fans so you decided to lash out at me. Heather was very gracious in her comments. She is absolutely correct in her assessments. Tiffany has provided us a wonderful information network and sounding board. She puts her heart and soul into this website and we all appreciate how devoted she is and the enormous amount of time and effort this website demands. We can all agree to disagree and that’s fine. That’s what makes this website so wonderful, but if we do not demonstrate respect for each other and our opinions, we in fact, are demonstrating a lack of respect for Tiffany and this website. We will never all agree. That’s what makes this website so wonderful. So in the words of an avid Alex O’loughlin fan, “Accept it!” That’s the last I will say on that subject. Carol I don’t believe Nina Tassler made a quick decision to cancel Moonlight. She did this only after meeting with the producers and actors about changing the format and storyline of Moonlight. They disagreed with her and the rest is history. Someone in her position is really not given to making rash decisions. When you cancel a show, you’ve got to have something to replace it. Just ask NBC. They are scrambling to fill the failed Jay Leno Show time slot. Her decision to cancel Moonlight was thoughtful and deliberate on her part. Ms. Tassler has never to my knowledge admitted verbally or in writing that she made an incorrect decision to cancel Moonlight. If someone out there has found that, please let me know. I’d love to see it. Carol, I completely agree with you about not trusting CBS. Not trusting CBS is synonymous with not trusting Nina Tassler. As far as programing is concerned, she is CBS. I would also like to comment about a subject Heather and Carol both discussed. It concerns fan intentions. I sincerely doubt we the fans are holding back Alex O’Loughlin’s career. CBS seems to be doing that quite nicely without our help. I do believe that CBS has someone that monitors this and other websites that offer feedback about its programing which is why I sometimes speak directly to CBS and specifically to Nina Tassler and Alex O’Loughlin. The internet is a valuable tool for the network and it would be foolish for them not to utilize it. Whether Ms. Tassler or Mr. O’Loughlin listen to us is another matter entirely. I share everyone’s desire for a successful TV series/movie career for Alex O’loughlin. I just have my doubts that CBS is his ticket for a successful TV series. CBS(Tassler) has a lot to prove where Alex is concerned. If I were him, I would be very skeptical and wary of another Tassler disaster.

  26. I sure hope Alex does not sign another contract with cbs until after The Back Up Plan is released. I would hate to see him held back from making it big. After cancelling two of his shows what is stopping cbs from doing it again. I do not trust cbs. I still will not watch that network. If he gets into another contract he could be held back and miss his chance. Yes, I would like to see Alex weekly on a TV series but can you trust cbs? What will cbs do put him on Sunday nights again? I would follow Alex anywhere no matter what time or what day.

  27. One point missing is the fact that no matter what Alex will be doing, regardless if it’s what we want or not, we have to support it if we want Alex to succeed. The more success he achieves, the more he will be able to call his own shots and not rely on the decisions of someone like Nina Tassler. As much as I disklike the way she plays the game, the results are out there for everyone to see. The shows that she totally gets behind and supports are in the top 10 each week. As Jackie had said, if this is the only type of programming that suits Nina, maybe H50 will be a winner. We do have some say here though and it all comes down to our support. We have to supoort Alex in what he may be doing now, if this is successful, the rest will fall into place. Please, let’s remember that this is and should be about Alex. He wants to work and if this latest idea is what he wants to do then we need to support him. Support = Success and Success = $$$$$$$. This is what Nina and Co. look at, not the fan base, they are looking for the support that is generated so in the end, we have to put aside our wants for the past and help Alex move into the future so if H50 is that project, then sobeit. Get behind it and support it and support Alex. 🙂

  28. I must agree with carol, I loved alex in oyster farmer, but the character he played in moonlight was so sexy. Now that we all agree, lets play nice.

  29. In a nut shell!!! Thanks Heather.

  30. In a nut shell!!! Thanks

  31. You know it quite ironic, all our statements posted her, bashing each other, giving testaments to our feelings and emotions doesn’t really mean much to Alex future. Whatever we write or say here really means nothing. CBS will do what CBS wants to do regardless of us, the fans. Alex will progress forward and take whatever or whichever part in a movie or TV series that he is offered. We can either watch or not, because any other choice is not our to make. We can continue to love Moonlight, even if it’s dead. We have a right to state that that we want it back. We have a right to those feelings. We can hate the cancellations of Alex’s shows, we have that right also. However, the final answer to the his future is not ours to make. It belongs to those with the Gold $$$$. We can accept that fact and move on or be left behind. This website is nothing more than a sounding board for our comments to information Tiffany has provided on past, current or future projects. Therefore, we should respect each other and our individual opinions. We are all different but have a common appreciate for Alex as a person, as an actor and the profound love of Moonlight. That love for Moonlight actually brought us all together from all over the world I dream of seeing additional Moonlight performances because it’s the only show I have really liked Alex in. We all have a a voice and a right to be able to voice our opinion. It will not change anything in Alex’s life. We need Respect for each other!

  32. Jackie, I am not even sure why I am ansering your remarks. Do you here how you sound going on and on about Tassler? She did make a quick and incorrect decision, and she and everyone else agree. Now.. Alex and most of his fans know what a great actor he is, and know he does not need to hold on to one great movie to survive. He was excelnt in Oyster Farmer and Mary Bryant. You don’t see any one crying to stop his career and continue on these. do you?? Glad you think your mature but your constant batching of any one that does not agree with you tells us you are not, but that is not the question here. I too wuld havel liked to see Moonlight go farther but it did not, this does not mean that Alex will not. I am sorry that you think I am not being nice here but, you and yours are not being nice to Mr O’Loughlin trying to keep him back from bigger and better things. When and if the time is right to continue with Moonlight then it will happen. Except it!!!

  33. Carol,
    I am surprised that a mature person such as yourself would assume the position of belittling another fan the way you did with Heater. How do you know it is just young fans that want to see a little bit more of Moonlight. I’m mature like you and I want to at least see a Moonlight movie which will tie everything together and bring a dignified ending to the series. I suppose you think what CBS has done so far is just fine and we should all be like sheep and accept whatever Nina Tassler says or does as absolute and sacred. Your harsh, blunt comments should be reserved for those who really deserve them. I can’t believe I’m saying this but since Ms. Tassler is unable to get past crime drama’s/legal programing, H5O may be the ticket. If she puts enough time and creativity into it she might just pull it off. I just think it is a real disappointment that CBS has to reach back in the past and rehash an old TV series. Ms. Tassler look at White Collar, Psyche, Leverage and Burn Notice. Where is your creativity? I think it is a real shame that CBS had a diamond in it’s hand with Moonlight and threw it away. I also believe that if Nina Tassler had spent as much time supporting TR as she did The Good Wife, it might still be on the air. If I am whining then so be it. Nina Tassler is the one responsible for what has happened to Alex Oloughlin’s TV series and she knows it. Although she knows she has exercised poor judgement she is determined to push her own agenda irregardless of what the fans think or want. CBS could make a Moonlight Movie if it wanted. It doesn’t want to. Why? Probably because Ms. Tassler doesn’t want to. So far, as I said before, her track record with Alex has been pretty bad. I have read that CBS is still #1 in programing. That’s great but I still believe Ms. Tassler is a one dimentional person whose creativity and production skills are limited. So far these skills have served her well because the public seems to like a never-ending supply of crime drama’s and legal shows. So Ms. Tassler if you are going to make H5O, do it right. Don’t put Alex O’loughlin in another klunker series. Make this series so great that we’ll all forget how good Moonlight really was. Good Luck on that one. And Carol please be nicer to fellow fans.

  34. Hi Rosemary – thanks for the link. I went on it and read the article but saw no mention of Alex. I remember watching the original H50 and I do not remember Steve McGarrett being involved with anyone romantically so the idea of his “son” taking over is interesting. The original H50 was a “must see” show back in the 70’s – let’s hope the remake 40 yrs. later will also be a “must see” – then again, we’re talking about CBS here so it’s anyone’s guess as to how they’ll handle things.

  35. According to Staci Hayes of CBS Films on Twitter, there will be a 30 second spot of The Back-up Plan during the Superbowl. You can follow Ms. Hayes on Twitter at @HayesStaci , and @CBSFilms & @backupplanmovie

  36. Got the new issue of TV Guide and apparently “Hawaii Five-O is planned for the fall. If this is the case, I hope CBS does right by Alex this time and supports this program, unlike the way they have “supported” him recently. Guess we’ll wait and see. I really hope that Alex’s reps. have put a lot of thought into this latest idea from the network that has screwed him over twice now. Let’s hope the third time out is the winner.

    1. jojo, I read your post and well…try this… i just to see what i could find on it.. and found this..

      and in short goes on from the original ,& something like “Mc Garrett”s son is like incharge/ followed his dad’s lead.

      I saw it and normal for me.. i’m rushing and so well.. if this is out there.. there for sure will be more… lots more for sure. who knows..

  37. Hopefully Alex will give CBS the finger when his movie comes out and hes snapped up elsewhere. No No to H5O hes better than just being eye candy give him a real meaty role and a huge pay check!! Miss him on screen tho that smile brightens any day!

  38. Heather, Grow up, please!! We all enjoyed Moonlight, but that was not the only show Alex was in that we loved, nor will it be the last. He is moving on with his career, so quit wining about wanting more of something that won’t let him move on. I am so sick of you young fans crying over what is, except it all ready…Gee!!!

    1. Wanting and getting are two different things and has nothing to do with growing up. I want Moonlight back in some form (movie or 2nd season TV). It will never happen but it doesn’t stop me from wanting. I didn’t like him in Criminal Minds or Whiteout because I didn’t like the production. I like August Rush but Alex’s part was miminal. If I grew up any further, well let’s just say I like it better as it is.

  39. for sure this be something… and yup i do remember Hawaii Five-O… and yet as to say then it was James MacArthur of who played Danny Williams… and to say that for sure as to James MacArthur was then… that of Alex is Today..

    and too… of as to this of well… for sure it be a true ride …. plus one of a kind one too!

    plus of whatever Alex may do next… for sure be ” a true ride”. right?

  40. It doesn’t matter how many movies or TV productions the networks place Alex in, I still want Moonlight back. It was my favorite. I want the entire cast, Alex included, to be successful in what ever endevors are presented to them (and don’t expect them to stop breathing because of Moonlight being canceled), BUT it won’t stop me from hoping, beyond hoping, that CBS or someone will complete MOONLIGHT or give a 2nd season ago. I don’t believe that CBS cares about the public. If and only if, Moonlight fans were putting a dent into their financial pockets, would they care about bring Moonlight back.

  41. I saw that Allison Winn Scotch posted on Twitter that she interviewed Alex O’Loughlin over the phone. I asked her if she asked him about Hawaii 5-O.

    1. @aswinn Just got off phone w/Alex O’Loughlin from Moonlight/Three Rivers. MAD LOVE. (He doesn’t tweet, so he won’t see this. Phew.)
    I wrote her:
    2. TalkintoU @aswinn Also, regarding Alex O’Loughlin, did you ask him about the CBS Hawaii 5-0 and whether he is going to accept the role or not?
    She wrote back to me:
    2.@aswinn @TalkinToU Hi! It will be in April 1st issue of American Way. Did ask-he can’t comment but said “no one’s taken him out to dinner yet.” 🙂
    So as of January 21, 2010, no one from CBS has taken Alex to dinner yet (presumably dinner to discuss the role). So CBS, if you are reading this, you need to take Alex to dinner! Throw in drinks while you’re at it – LOL!

    1. BTW, American Way Magazine appears to be American Airlines American Airlines flies to Hawaii. Still, the article may be predicated on whether Alex takes the role or not.

  42. Thanks for that piece of info Mary Ann……however, not surprised, those promo videos are hilarious, and that chest!!!!!!!!

    We in Oz are still waiting to see Three Rivers, perhaps now some of our networks will go charging to the archives to get what they can on our Alex. If not now, for sure after the release of BUP, he is on his way to the big time with this movie. It will be a case of “egg on face” for channel 10, who cancelled Three Rivers after just ONE episode.

  43. I just read an article on another website , that a TV station in Australia showed the trailer from the BUP and they were inundated with e-mails and tweets wanting to know more about Alex. I still think this movie is going to change a lot of things for Alex. I have mixed feelings about Hawaii 50, I was a fan of the original and I think Alex would make a great McGarrett but I’m not sure the show would do well. Alex prefers movies to TV and if this movie gets him noticed, I’m not sure he will be so anxious to tackle TV again. Whatever he does, I will always think he is the greates.

  44. Though the thought of seeing Alex on the beaches in Hawaii is a wonderful idea, let’s all remember that this is coming from CBS – the same network that has now cancelled 2 shows involving Alex. IF this becomes a reality, Alex should have it it writing, making sure all the I’s are dotted, the T’s crossed and more importantly – a guarantee of a full season, a prime night and time slot, and 125% support from CBS. I think this is another way for Nina to have Alex under her crooked thumb – make promises and not follow through on them. Hawaii 5-0 was a hugh hit for CBS back in the day when TV shows were given the chance to find an audience unlike the way that CBS handles things. Instant ratings or immediate cancellation. Did anyone happen to watch the Golden Globe Awards the other night? Do you remember the acceptance speech made by the actress on “The Good Wife”- She was just gushing over Nina Tassler and going on and on about the “support” for the 10:00 drama. Well, guess I’d be sucking up too if my show was still on the air. “The Good Wife” got the support that “Moonlight” and now “Three Rivers” should have gotten. If either one had received the proper support, we would not be having these conversations. Be cautious before believing any hype from CBS.

    1. I completely agree with you. Alex is an amazing actor and it’s sad to see that CBS doesn’t understand how good he is. I wanted him on Moonlight and I still say that his episode of Criminal Minds, is my favorite episode of that show ever. Alex deserves a lot more credit than CBS gives him. Let’s hope they get their heads out of the sand and realize they have a diamond in the rough

  45. I can see Alex playing McGarrett’s son–an island boy raised in the surf. Get it? Shirt off! Tats visible! He could be unconventional like Magnum. Jason could play a prosecutor. Think of the trouble they could get into!

    1. I really hate his tattoos .. and hope the network keep the majority of them covered up. I think that they ruins his body appeal (his and anyone elses). They are so dirty looking and distracting.

  46. · Edit

    If someone cannot find/write a winning and successful role for Alex, then we are in dire and desperate need of talent in Hollywood. Such a waste of good star power and talent — it’s unbelievable. Pathetic.

  47. Hey Carol, I’m one of those mature fans just like you and last time I looked this was America. Everyone has a right to their opinions. If someone states they wish Moonlight would come back, they have that right. Personally, if it is true that CBS is planning a remake of Hawaii 5-O that is just disappointing on so many levels. That’s the best CBS can come up with for Alex! Please Ms Tassler, don’t keep torturing the poor man. You say you love Alex and want to work with him. You’re track record so far where he’s concerned has been abysmal. Don’t keep jerking him around. If you can’t come up with anything NEW AND INNOVATIVE for him and you won’t do the right thing by admitting you made a mistake canceling Moonlight, just let him go. I think you people at CBS have shown the man enough love to last him a lifetime. Give him a break-specifically from you.

  48. I think Alex in Hawaii Five-O would be terrific. Moni, do you remember Tom Selleck in Magnum PI filmed in Hawaii? He spent a lot of time shirtless and in very short shorts. Not only did we get eye candy, but the stories were very good. Now, doesn’t that just sound great for our guy! As far as Nina Tassler and CBS are concerned, they are mercilessly teasing us about ML. I agree with Tiffany in that they are doing it just to keep us off their backs because of TR. Whatever Alex decides to do, I will always support him. Thanks Tiffany.

    1. Hi Pinkeva-Yes, I remember Magnum PI very well–both Magnum & 5-0 were successful shows in their times. While I enjoyed ML too & would luv to have it back, if Alex could be in a program like this new 5-0, which looks like it will have some great creative minds & financial backing, this may be the superstar vehicle that he (and us) have been waiting for! Magnum & the orig. 5-0 also had strong supporting casts & storylines, so if Alex is selected & he accepts, hopefully that will be the same too. With a superb cast, interesting storylines, special guest starring roles, Hawaii’s famous beach & tropical backdrops, and a suited up & suited down Alex 🙂 it has to equal a hit show!

    2. P.S. This writer pretty much sums up what I’m saying….check out: (sorry about any pop-ups–just “x” them out!)

      1. Moni, great link. I especially liked this line, LOL:

        “now he could brood over crystal blue waters and palm trees”

  49. On a completely different subject…bought my Whiteout DVD and am enjoying watching specific scenes over and OVER again!!!! Love the Aussie accent, love the tattoos, and he is such a bad boy!!!!

  50. I have to agree with kate, wait till Back Up Plan comes out. I got a feeling he’ll get a lot of movie deals, and even if it is great to see him weekly, how great is it to see him on the big screen! Only he can make that decission and I trust he knows whats up.

  51. I don’t care what Alex is in-I will believe in him and support him. I do hope he waits until the release of the Backup Plan until he ties himself up with any series…and IF he does agree to ANY new series with CBS, that he gets guarantees about time slots and promotion!!!!!

    1. Aloha Ladies-I live in Hawaii & we are all a twitter with the news that Alex may be coming here to do a t.v. series! If he does that means he’ll be LIVING here, just like the LOST cast members u see alot of around Oahu. He’d make a perfect McGarrett, but they’d need to make sure to have him in a lot of beach & water scenes & not suited up too much like the original character! They say the third time’s a charm & 5-0 may be just the ticket for Alex!

  52. Makes a person wonder if CBS is trying to kill Alex career, they sure aren’t doing anything to help it. Thats the worst idea, a remake of Hawaii 5 O. UGH!!!!!

  53. Tiffany, Ms Tassler never said Moonlight “may return”. She may be one of the most annoying people at CBS, but even she is not reckless enough to make such a remark, unless there were serious talks going on, with practically a quarantee of Moonlight

    1. Linda, Tassler said that she and Moonlight executive producer Joel Silver have “recently had conversations about a possible revival”. To me that is as good as saying that Moonlight may return.

      She said it to keep fans off her back about Three Rivers IMO.

      1. Hi Tiffany, To me, Nina Tasslers’s vague remarks of a possible revival a few
        years down the road are no more encouraging than the bloggers like Michael Ausiello bringing up the subject of a Moonlight revival just to get the fans riled up yet again. So I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.

  54. Hawaii 5-O was a favorite show of my family for years. We followed it faithfull and even into the re-runs. However, remakes usually don’t produce look at Knight Rider it last one season. Yet StarTrek did well because they use a different twist tying both old and new together with ‘back to the future’ story line. I don’t trust CBS with anything they promise. I am tired of regular police-dectective productions. I really loved Moonlight because it gave you the best to two worlds, fantasy/reality of police-dective work. Alex will do well with whatever he undertakes but CBS would have to give the show time to develop the characters and they fall short in that area. Still want MOONLIGHT BACK regardless.

  55. Since CBS did Alex wrong twice now, they deserve to have him walk away. They keep saying they want to work with him, but haven’t given his shows a chance or listened to his fan following. Wouldn’t it be great if he just said **** OFF. He’s to nice for that, so he’ll show them by sticking in there, as we will too. Luv ya, your the best…

  56. WAHOO!!! Can’t wait to see Alex on the beach shirtless!!! So you young folks that just won’t give Moonlight a rest. please stop. Like myself and so many mature fans let Alex move on with his career, he has so much more to offer. Yes Moonlight was fantastic but so is everything else he does.

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