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  1. This promos are fantastic – very clean and direct – straight to the point…
    I absolutely adore the “Australi’a’s Alex O’Loughlin” – what a powerful detail!!! Making all the difference…
    The voice OMG what a voice… and thinking he is using a different accent only makes it more perfect and profissional…
    Thank You Tiffany and of course “tvauscast”.

  2. hi thanks for the videos on three rivers i must say wow alex looked great i cant wait to see three rivers

  3. wow… i love alex 🙂 he got the greatest voice , eyes and face 🙂 he is so sweet.. the way he talks with his mouth… i just looooove him !!!

  4. Great to see Alex promoting Three Rivers here on Channel 10, I can’t wait to watch him on a weekly basis again, these promos are short and to the point and well Alex he just get s the point across so well and his voice.. wow..

  5. Holy moley. Those were short but soooo powerful, compared to the ones they ran here in the States. If more of America could see Alex this way they’d surely be tuning in on Oct 4th. OMG that voice just reallly captures you. Thank you Australia. and Tiffany.

  6. OMG im so excited cant believe i havent seen these promos though either way cant wait to see Alex back on screen and doing what he does best

  7. Good I can actually watch these. But of course they have to lift the country restriction. They are good, ALEX,
    Pity I don;t get channel 10. Now if they were on channel 9 like Moonlight was I could see them. shucks

  8. These promos are great but as noted I have not seen any of them on TV here in USA. I am anxiously awaiting for Oct. 4 for the show. I have also noticed that CBS is not running any promos for Three Rivers lately. For a while they were showing 2 an hour and with the show so close to starting I would think they would be right up tthere showing them as often as they could. Maybe Moonlight would still be on if it had been advertised more.

  9. Oh yes that`s Alex! Only this voice …wow! Thanks Tiffany.

  10. Wow. What I would give to have Three Rivers here in Spain. Meanwhile, I enjoy watching these great promos. Tiffany, Thanks for posting.

  11. What is CBS waiting for? Gheesh!!! We need these promos here in the State…..NOW

  12. Good idea JoJo, I just left my message on Feedback. I definitely think we need to see more of Alex. I also think you are right about them promoting the show as it gets closer and the other shows have made their premiere

  13. Definitely like these promos better – question though – where did these come from? This is a CBS show so wouldn’t the promos have to be authorized through them for distribution elsewhere? I think these promos should definitely start running here. I notice that the shows with premieres coming up are getting a lot of air time, like “The Good Wife” scheduled to debut this week. Let’s hope that the closer it gets to October 4th, the more we see promos for Alex. Maybe we should leave a comment or two about this on CBS Feedback line just to remind t hem that we’re all anxiously waiting for the debut of TR and want to see more promotion for it.

  14. Super! Wish we had promos like that too.

  15. for sure now if we were to have promo’s like that one … and to which added are as simply put and that of just says it like it is… way better… plus added that in this case that of also of makes one think as to w/out … that is as to all the rest of when u see that kind of just as is.. ok for sure makes u think as to what matters for real , to that of well…

    hey cbs any chance of showing thoses promos over here in the usa?

  16. I think CBS needs to realize that if Three Rivers is going to be successful they need to Promote Alex. He will bring in the fans just as he did in Moonlight. The show may be a very good show but in the beginning it will be Alex who drows the viewers.

  17. great proms! I agree, those need to be running here too!!!

  18. WOW they get Ale!!!! I wish we had promos like that. He is so great & cute. They should definitely run those promos is the US

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