Three Rivers promo on Aussie TV

Just a heads up for Aussie fans. AOLO fan Jo saw a Three Rivers commercial on Aussie TV!

Just thought you might like to know that there was a promo for Three Rivers on Aussie TV tonight, (Friday). It was during the show The 7pm Project. It was quite brief, basically just Alex in character, talking about second chances. At first I didn’t realise what it was and did a double take, because I certainly wasn’t expecting to see it! There wasn’t a start date on it. Just thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to post it on the site so other Aussie fans can keep their eyes peeled for it.


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  1. Thanks for that Lisa. I found the info on the net that 3R’s was going to be on ten. I don;t get ten in remote qld, so unfortunately no good for me.

  2. I rang Channel Ten a few weeks ago and they confirmed TR will be on later this year. I will call them again on Monday and try to get a definitive date. I have also sent Rove (variety show host that interviewed Alex when Oyster Farmer was released in Oz) an email requesting a “follow-up” interview with Alex. The Rove show is also on Ten so hopefully they think it will be good promotion for when TR gets aired. Fingers and toes crossed here in Australia. Thanks for all your support.

    1. OMG im so excited finally some of alexs work here at home cannot wait to see it thanks again to everyone who finds out info and keeps us fans up to date

  3. Just checked on the internet. Three Rivers will be seen on channel 10 later on in the year. Naturally that is one I don’t have wouldn’t you know.

  4. So glad for the Aussies that they ran the promo there. I hope Australia does the right thing for their people by running Alex O’Loughlin shows for them. They ought to be as lucky as we are to see him all the time. After all, he started there. Thanks to Australia for this great gift. I always wanted to get to visit Australia and never quite made it. Maybe in my next life.. Again, thank you all for Alex O. PS I’m from Long Island NY>

  5. thanks for that! we don’t get much alex over here anymore so this is welcome news.

  6. Jo what channel was it on? I am slightly restricted, I have 7 Imparja which shows 9 SBS and ABC,
    Would appreciate if could let me know. But probably one I don’t get.

  7. It was very nice of Jo to tell you about it so that you could share it with everyone, especially the Aussie fans. Thanks to both of you.

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