CBS Three Rivers Switcheroo and Live Chat

dr. andy yablonksi, Three Rivers

Three Rivers is almost here! It starts October 4th! In case you missed the buzz… the pilot episode Tick Tock will not be the first to air. Rather the second episode will air on premiere day… the one where Alex delivers a baby.

Also… will be having a live chat with Alex on October 2. You can set up an email reminder on the site.. which is cool.

Alex O’Loughlin, the star of CBS’s new fall drama Three Rivers, will join us for a live Q&A chat in anticipation of the show’s pilot premiere on Sunday, October 4 at 9 p.m. PDT. The new drama is set in a hospital specializing in donor organs and transplants.

We’ll try our best to post as many questions as we can, but in order to keep the conversation flowing and easy to follow, every question or comment may not be posted. Think of this event as similar to a live Q&A.

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  1. One doesn’t have to use a live infant. Obviously the risk and liability would be far too great to use one as a mere prop.

    It would be far more realistic to use a doll…
    About the size of a cube (box) of margarine.
    In an incubator
    Tubes and electrodes everywhere.
    Probably with increased oxygen or other breathing assistance.

    Could they just install a high-res camera in an OB Surgery ward and the NICU? It would be great for monitoring the babies.

    Perhaps using a mix of live footage for the overall picture, and a doll for closeups.

    Yes, everyone likes to listen to the healthy cry of a newborn… when I heard that, I knew something was seriously wrong with the show.

  2. Not a bad show overall… some interesting topics for “food for thought”.

    The woman with the heart problem had a 28 week fetus…
    Probably would have weighed about a pound.
    The fetus itself would have been in serious risk of complications including brain damage.

    At the end of the show, they showed a perfectly healthy… 5 to 10 lb baby.

    With a full-term baby, there would have been little or no debate about the heart transplant or other treatment.

    Showing the barely viable fetus… would have shown the full reality of the choices made. As well as showing what other choices that affect birth weight such as prenatal smoking can do to an infant.

    If this is going to be a serious medical show, please add some believable realism.

    1. Clifford, TONS of shows use big babies for newborns and full term babies for preemies. Camera crews are likely not the best things to bring into a NICU and film crews in general use bigger, more robust babies for filming for safety reasons. I noticed this of course but this show is only the one millionth show to use a larger baby for filming. I barely bat an eye when I see it anymore.

  3. I’m so bummed. My cable went out this morning at 5am, then the power went out.
    Cable is still out, I can see Alex’s name on credits for Bonnie Show but no picture.
    Will someone let me know how it was.

  4. Well if she had to fan herself after saying his name, what will she be like when she actually meets him, after all as the saying goes, he could charm the bird out of the cherry tree, Mind that might be an old very English saying, but then I am an old english/aussie person LOL
    Enjoy the programme I migh have to catch it on the net somewhere. Oh, to be in the old U.S of A this week wih everything Alex on TV.

  5. Don’t know what she meant. but she did have to fan her -self off after she said his name.

  6. Whatever does Bonnie Hunt mean, yes we all know ALex is a Hunk, but whatever is a hunkie dunk?

  7. Everyone, Bonnie just said Guests for Tuesday “Alex O’Loughlin the hunkie dunk Heating up
    prime time. So for sure he will be on. Yeah!!!! Only 6 more days.

  8. Sandra, I understand , but my cable will list guests for tomorrow by 11am. Today.
    So as soon as I find out I’ll Post.
    Anyone in the L.A. area can call NBC programing and ask for the Guest line-up for the week.

  9. Cozette it is on Tuesday. The main guest is Betty White, also a six year old farmer. On the site there is a map of USA, if you click on your state it will tell you what time it is on for that paerticular place.
    Me I jsut hope it get on Youtube or such. I have pay TV but not probably on in Australia. I don’t even get channel 10 where I live in the Outback to be able to see Three Rivers when it gets aired over here.

  10. JoJo, I live in Reno, Nev. We get Bonnie Hunt on Channel 4 (NBC) at 11:00 am, Monday -Friday. I’ll Check cable listing Monday to find out who the guests are. Leave message for you
    Monday Morning.

  11. I have seen a preview of the new episode they will be showing on Oct. 4th and of course, Alex is wonderful. If all the women watching don’t fall in love with him at first sight, I wll be amazed. I live in Las Vegas, JoJo and we get Bonnie Hunt on channel 5 , Fox network.

  12. One week from today – THREE RIVERS !!!!!!!!!!!!! CBS has started running promos again so that’s a good thing. What network shows Bonnie Hunt – I don’t remember seeing it in any program guides? Anyway – one week from today, October 4th, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. I’m ready – I know all of you guys are ready too! Let’s make sure we all tune in! 🙂

  13. Yeo, knew that Betty WHite is the main guest, also a six year old farmer or something. Unfortunately not on my TV, hopeful interview will be on the internet Youtube or somehting

  14. I just found out Alex is going to be on the Bonnie Hunt show on Tuesday, Sept. 29. You will have to check your local stations to see it.

  15. Irina frim Ukraine.
    I think you are getting confused. Alex doesn’t go to this site and read our comments.Well if he does he never lets us know. A far as I know it is just us fans who read comments.
    The place to leave your questions is on another different site. If you click on the words under top photo it will take you where you can leave a question for Alex.
    Hope this clears it up for you a little.

  16. Hello, Alex. You look very convincing in the role of the doctor. I am sure that by the end of the first season episodes “Three Rivers” you will be given a diploma of doctor of medicine:) I want to ask this question: What for you is more difficult to work on the role of Andy Yablonsky – to remember and correctly use medical terms or communication with the patient and his relatives? Thanks in advance for the answer. Irina. Crimea, Ukraine.

  17. Hello, Alex. My name is Irina. I live in Ukraine. We’re are a few colleagues, because I am a doctor by profession, and you play doctor in the TV series “Three Rivers”, which I and my friends in Ukraine and Russia are waiting with great impatience. You are very talented and versatile actor, each of your role is not played, and if lived on the screen. I would like to ask this question: each actor has a role to which he dreams about what role you dream? Thank you, Alex, good luck to you.

  18. One week from this Sunday JoJo!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see Alex back on TV every week.

  19. Hi Everyone – the countdown is on! Two weeks from this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s hope that CBS starts running tons of promos just like they seem to be doing this week for shows for their premiere weeks. Do you think that they switched premiere episodes because this was the one where they added Alfre Woodard to the cast and they want continuity right from the start? The live chat will be awesome – hope everyone gets a chance to talk to Alex and let him know how excited we are to see him again. Thanks Tiffany, as always!

  20. Tiffany, thanks! thanks! thanks! and more thanks!

  21. A Live Chat with Alex? How exciting! What a wonderful idea. Can’t wait. Thanks Tiffany.

  22. Perhaps they switched Tick Tock to 2nd because the delivering the baby thing may attract and appeal more. The first show is important you have to sell the show to make people watch eahc episode.

    Even with Moonlight I like some eps much better than others. But I got hooked so saviour all 16 even the ones I not so wtapped about.

  23. I can’t wait for the Live Chat with Alex. Oh, the questions he’ll get. Bet it will be good 🙂

  24. Why did they switch the 1st episode? Counting the days til Three Rivers.
    Our Alex is the greatest. He truly is the sexist Man Alive. When does The Back-Up plan
    come out? Tiffany thanks for all the up dates and keeping all us females informed.

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