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whiteout dvd

Ready to see Whiteout, starring our favorite Aussie, once again? Amazon has it available for pre-order now and it is due out on January 19. Often times with Amazon pre-orders it gets delivered the day of release right to your door… no need to brave the 19 degree temperatures (just in case you live in blizzard zone, like me). Enjoy!!



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  1. I just watched Whiteout for the second time and ran all of Alex’s parts in slo-mo, inlcuding the scene where he takes a romp in the buff. In slo-mo, it’s pretty revealing! You can’t miss him–his tatts make him a stand-out (!).

  2. I just received my copy of Whiteout and really loved it. Alex as usual was great. Small part but very believeable . Alex was the second guy out in the naked running scene, how could you not notice his tats. There is no one like our Alex. Watch for the scene near the end when he is going after Kate in the Whiteout scene. First he gave that “Smile” only Alex can and then the next time the black look he gave Kate was even more evil than the look he had in Crimiinal MInds.. I just love this man. He can do ANYTHING. Certainly hope he gets the role in Hawaii 50. He would be great especially if they got Jason to play part that was DanO and get Sophia in as a romantic lead. Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. Well, I saw Whiteout. It was fair, but watchable. The director has a great story but failed to bring out the best in his actors or really develop the storyline or the characters protrayed. Alex played an evil part directed by greed. You saw little of him or his acting abilities but you definitely knew it was Alex. It was good exposure for him to be in a movie just like August Rush (little exposure but this time a great movie). Looking forward to BackUp Plan.

  4. ok.. well I’ve not seen it yet…. and yet , i do believe that of as to I saw something on a quickie for Comcast as to watching new released movies on their (i think it was paidperview).. and it mentioned it.

    it was so quick thats all i got… yet anyone who well… that… well i hope its true and you are able to see it…. lucky you.

  5. Sandra, Alex was the second man out the door in the naked running part. I haven’t seen the movie yet but did pre-order it . Can’t wait to see it. Also looking forward to Backuup Plan

  6. I loved the movie and I’ve had it on pre-order for a while now. Can’t wait to watch it again.

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    I loved that movie…I went to see it 3x and I never go to the movies anymore. Just get my NetFlix…but of course I’ll be in the theater when TBUP is released in April. Can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD of Whiteout tho’ ’cause I want to watch Alex over and over in any of the scenes he was in. Loved the one when he was making drinks….And yes to heck with those idiot critics. It’s just their opinion. Then again we have OUR opinions …and they are so much more credible. We know Alex better than anyone on this planet. Alex leads. We follow. Thanks Tiffany for the heads up.

  8. I did see Whiteout as soon as it came out. I loved the film, not just because our Aussie was in it (but of course because he was in it). It made me jump out of my seat a few times. It was also good to see Alex in a different type of role. I really believed him to be the psycho he was playing. His versatility is what makes him so great to watch.

  9. I have not seen Whiteout yet but being that Alex O’laughlin is in it, it has to be good. I don’t care what the critics, they are just a bunch of jerks anyway. I will be getting the DVD soon.

  10. Yes, Alex’s part wasn’t big enogh. But then we all could watch him 24/7. His part wasn’t that small that I would say he wasn;t noticed. He was certainly noticable. Mind you the naked run I stil haven’t been able to pick him out
    He was certainly the baddie, but played an Australian so pretty much accent more like his own, but probably a bt more over the top Australian..

  11. I don’t care what the critics think, I never think they are good anyway, but a nice sexy man in a blizzard, he can come and live at my house at the moment we have the same temperatures here. I have already ordered WHITEOUT

  12. I read the reveiws on WHITEOUT and they were not good. It was brought out that Alex had such a small part that he was on/off the set without much notice. I haven’t seen the show because I need CLOSE CAPTION. I will rent Whiteout and present my veiws too. Usual the show is better than the critics give it credit.

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