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I just came across a skit on Youtube acted out by Nathin Butler and Alex…although he is billed as Alex O’lachlan. It says it was acted out in the Hollywood Hills in October of 2008 so pretty recent. The content is pretty disturbing but Alex’s facial expressions are pricless. He is such a a good actor! According to the comments on the YouTube page this scene is from an Australian play so maybe these two Aussie friends were just having a bit of fun. It made me smile at a least.

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  1. I know this is really old, but for anyone wondering, the skit is based on a scene from the Australian movie The Club.

  2. its a sick story but omg i was Lmao at the end and at Alex expressions … classic ending …. and Alex’s expressions is just the cherry on the cake 😀

  3. I thought Nathin Butler was awesome! His good acting is what makes Alex’s expressions so funny, cause Nathin is being so serious. He will definately go far as an actor. He’s excellent at comedy. Good on you Nathin!

  4. Patricia,

    Thank you for the info. I did not know if it was true or not. I had read somewhere that he did have a son but did not talk about him or want pictures of him out because he wanted the privacy for his child and to not be stuck in the spotlight. He did not want for his son to have to endor what other celebrities children have to go through with the paparazzi.

    I know that Alex is probably a wonderful father and spends as much time with him as he can. I did not mean for my words to come across as him not being in his childs life or not being a good father. As far as I knew the rumors were just that, rumors.

    My parents got divorced when I was 4 so I know how it is to have your parents not together, and it is wonderful for the boy to get to have his father in his life, even with the miles in between them.

  5. I will also indicate that Alex is apparently in the boy’s life… He probably also supports the boy and. looking at the pix I left link to above, loves the child very much…

    Sometimes young romance does not work out the way we hoped, but thankful that the child was born… Quite probably the child’s mother prefers anominity because she is no longer in Alex’s life except giving permission for Saxon to visit Daddy and allowing the boy to really know his father, which is wonderful…

    As far as Alex just up & leaving his child in another country, it appears not to be that way, & I’d never beieve that was what Alex was doing when he left AU… He was looking to further his acting career in the US…To me, that is a dad that is looking to make a secure financial nest egg for any children he is father to…Great that the boy gets daddy time…

  6. Tiffany & Amber,

    I also have read that Alex is the father to a son, who is now 11, I believe…. Alex and the boy’s mother, who resides in AU, want to keep the child away from the public eye, as well as keep the privacy of the mother who was in Alex’s life when he was in his early 20s…

    The child’s name is Saxon and below is a link to a “private” moment of Alex and his son, ptobably taken with a telescopic lens and, from Alex’s intent on his son look, he was unaware of this being taken…

    One day Alex may be more open about this, but for now I think he wants privacy for his child…

  7. Tiffany,

    Thank you, I have only seen it on 1 out of I dont know how many pages that I have been on. I did not think that it was true because he does not strike me as the type that could just up and leave his kid in another country that far away.

    Just wanted to check with you gals and see if you had read anything similar.

    Thank You

  8. Amber,

    I have read nothing to confirm he has a son so I am inclined to believe that this is false.

  9. I was just wondering do any of you know if Alex having a son is true? I saw it on 1 out of the many pages that I have read about Alex and I dont know if it is true or not. I am just really curious, I love Alex and his acting skills. He will for sure make it big in hollywood if not he is number one to me.

    1. Yes, Alex is a dad. His son lives with his mom back in Australia. Alex is very private and caring person. I too do not care much for Nathan Butler. You call that acting.

  10. alex please SEASON 2!!!moonlight

  11. Yes Pat, a typo for sure. I did NOT care for Nathin Butler or his performance.

  12. Tiffany,

    I do hope that was a typo of fast fingers that wrote “I did care for Nathin Butler either”… And do hope you meant you did not care for that actor hogging the screen…

    Please verify for us all…Thanks

  13. Yes, I “hope” this is just a fun project they worked on together and not indicative of Alex’s CBS project…I don’t want him to have anything less than top billing. I did care for Nathin Butler either.

  14. I’ve seen it already through another site…Yes Alex’s expressions, as always, are priceless and wonderful to witness… I will check it out again on YouTube because there was no mention on the other site of this being connected to an Australian play but it did state at the other site that all connected with this skit’s production were Australian including the group, “The Kin”, playing the background music…

    I do feel that Alex is a better actor than Nathin Butler & Alex’s expressions & his dialogue, which is sparse, is why I watched, but Nathin hogged the scene… Am still wondering why we have been made privvy to this new clip which was so recently filmed if this has nothing to do with CBS/Alex contract project???

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