Two Ways to Wish Alex A Happy 40th Birthday

No one is immune to aging…not even Alex O’Loughlin. However, you have to admit he does age pretty well. There are probably quite a few of us that wish we could have his genes. This month Alex turns 40 and in order to make his birthday special there are a couple of things that us fans can do.

First and foremost. Alex has asked for donations to his favorite charity, Taylor’s Gift. If you are new at adoring Alex and do not know the history behind his heart for organ donation you can catch up on it here , here, and here, to name a few. And even if you are a long time fan it is always fun to look back. As for Taylor’s Gift itself and how Alex got involved, here is a blurb from their blog.


TGF: Why did you want to support Taylor’s Gift as a spokesperson?

  • AO: I really believed in their mission and what they stood for. I also thought I might be able to make a difference. They were doing such a great job with something so important, I knew that if more people in the world could see what Taylor’s parents were doing in her memory that it would inspire more support for the organization but also inspire more change in people’s beliefs and attitudes.


  • TGF: What does the phrase, “Outlive Yourself” mean to you?

    • AO:  I have a little saying- “This whole Being Human thing, it’s the toughest gig in town”. And I mean it, it really is an enormous challenge. Being human and walking the earth is a tough ask and if we can give each other a little help along the way then I say we do. We are after all, essentially all the same.To Outlive Yourself means making a difference in the lives of others.


TGF: Why should someone support Taylor’s Gift Foundation?

  • AO: Because it represents humanity in a way that is rare and special.

So if you can DONATE today and make the month of August extra special for Alex as he celebrates the end of his 30’s. This particular campaign ends August 31, 2016.

alex o'loughlin and taylors gift

Secondly, there is also another way you can help wish Alex a happy birthday which is fun and personal. The ladies at H50 Europe have been organizing a video birthday project for him and Scott. (Scott and him were technically born on the same day). You can watch them talk about that below on the Talk a few years back.

The message should have an average length of 30 – 40 secs. Say who you are, where you are from, then what you want to say to BOTH of them. To give you an idea how the outcome you can find more info on their tumbler page or contact them via twitter.

Your message is sure to get to both Alex and Scott on their birthday, even though the boys themselves are not actively on social media. Joint projects always have been seen by him in the past and have been greatly appreciated by Alex.

This project ends August 18th so get your videos in as soon as you can.

Thanks to H50 Europe for all the hard work on this fun birthday project.


So make Alex’s birthday extra special! Donate and Participate!!


Here is that video we promised you thanks to Alex O’Loughlin 26 on you tube.



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