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In the attempt to keep all the rumors and gossip in one place, this post has been born.

Keep in mind!

Please be respectful to one another, Alex, and those close to him.

Opinions on the matter should not be mean spirited and outright rude or obnoxious as some have been in the past. We ask that you think before you post about how you would feel if you or someone you love were the one being written about or in the center of the controversy. If after you do that and still feel like commenting, go for it. Please do not make us change our minds.

Note that first time commenters all have to be approved to avoid aliases that are out to cause trouble.


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  1. Had no idea this site was still active. To be honest I haven’t been following Alex that much in a while.

    Looks like Malia’s swimwear line came in like a lamb and then went to slaughter. I notice she added O’Loughlin to her name but that didn’t seem to help anything.

    Saw some filming the other day by the Blaisdale, but no Alex. Did catch a glimpse of Scott the other day tooling down the highway in a vintage convertible. Looking cool.

    I’ll check in more often now that I know this is still an active site.

    Aloha until next time, HP

    1. Hey HP,
      Great to see you back. Yes the site was taken over by new ownership and is very active. This post has died down but you were always the best to chat with anyway.?

      Why do you say Malias swimwear has gone out? Is the hoopla over and what do you know regardin it’s success. Would be interesting info.

      When did she add the last name ? She didn’t take his name from the start? If so interesting.

      The Scott in a convertible, that must have been fun although in Hawaii convertibles probably are a round a lot.

      Hope you do come back more often.

  2. To update a bit this site. Let me tell you taht Alex is currently in Italy, in Tuscany. No signs or proof Malia is with him or not.

    1. Looks like she was not, based on her Instagram account. Hope he had a good time either way.

      1. Well Malia did not confirm or deny anything about alex on her IG so we dont know if theyw ere together or not. We know Malia was in Japan and In France but in either countries again there is nothing on the media indicating who she was with n those countries if ALex joined her or not.It is a mistery.

      2. No she usually does not mention him direct but on the days the Europe fan pictures were being posted it seemed that she was posting from Hawaii. That one pic of the palm trees in black and white is from their deck (99% sure of that as she has posted from there before and it looks like the view) and she also has one about loving when her brother comes to visit and her brother pic in their house. So to me it does not make sense to post that when she is in Europe. But who knows, I could be wrong but I doubt it.

      3. Besides you and me are we the only ones who had posted on this site?? Fans just stopped coming to this site and post anything. Is not fair we are the only ones.

      4. Thank you for posting. We will continue to post regularly now and if you want to tell other Alex fans that you know that we are back and they can freely post and comment that would be great. Still have a lot of visitors so in time people will comment again.

  3. I stopped posting here a long time ago beause for some reason I thought the site had indeed closed down. Hello to all

    1. We will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Although we are not able to post often due to time restraints, we will keep the site open for comments and for anyone who wants to do some self posting as we mentioned prior.
      As long as it remains respectful we will allow open comments and opinions as it seems as we are one of the only places that does that.
      Good to see you have returned.

      1. I mean I left because for some reason the site domain each time I try to log in it told me the site no longer existed so I thought it closed.

      2. The site has been up the whole time so maybe you were using an old link as we have closed a couple of the old comment areas that were no longer relevant. When in doubt always go to the home page and get to the area you want on the site from there. Hope that is helpful.

  4. Well, since there does not seem to be too much news about Alex and Malia, how about discussing H50? I have watched every episode, but in this last one, Danny has a son. I cannot recall seeing anything about this on any previous episode. Does anyone know what the deal is on his all of a sudden being a father to a son?

    Also, they are not once again adding a new female member to H50. It did not work before so I wonder why the writers are trying again. The scripts are really going down hill. I still have my doubts that the show will be renewed.

    1. Good idea. As for Danny being a father, at the end of season 5, Rachel came to him and told him that the baby he thought was Stan’s a while back was actually his. She told him at that time because the child needed a bone marrow donor and thought he could be it a match for him. Danny of course was and helped save him.

      Agree with your comment about adding another team member- no need for her to be that type of addition but it seems the writers want to keep trying. I do like Abby, however.

      As for renewal it has already been renewed for season 7. After that who knows.

    2. The show was renewed for a Season 7 in case you did not hear it at the news.

    3. Indeed there are no new news on Alex or Malia, is like Alex vanished since the show finished filming for the new season. No news from people in Hawaii about Alex either.

      As far as Malia goes if you had checked Malias Instagram page, she seems busy, she was in France like 2 or 3 weeks ago and now she is in Japan I believe promoting her swimsuit line. Although she does not mention on her IG site if she went to those countries alone, with hubby or kid, nothing of that is mentioned. So noone knows anything about where is Alex now, in Hawaii or where. No pics of him either during hiatus time.

      What I do found strange though and even as private as Malia and Alex are is that on her Instagram page she never mentioned anything when it was her birthday, mentioned anything about her hubby wished her Happy Bday or posted a photo of for example anything indicating that she celebrated her bday with the family, she did not have to display a lot of her private life, maybe just a tiny comment, allowing people or fans of her to know she had a good time with her husband, or the family she just posted a cake someone gave to her, but never mention from whom she got it from and did not comment on the cake either.

      The same happened with Alex and Malias wedding anniversary, no mention of anything on her IG page.

  5. Has anyone heard if H50 will be renewed for another season? In the last episode, the lady that is friends with Chin Ho Kelly is secretly trying to disband 5-0. I am wondering if the writers are leading up to a finale that shows 5-0 being disbanded.

    1. She looked like she was going to tell Chin about everything at the end of the last episode so this will give 5-0 the upper hand. As for the show being renewed, I would be shocked if it wasn’t. Still one of the top CBS shows today and they own it so it will go 7 as it still makes them money but after that it will be a crap shoot just because CBS like to offer new shows to keep things fresh. 8 and on will depend on the what their new shows do.

  6. Hello ladies! Any recent news on Alex that you have read or heard of? Just asking.I havent heard or read anything.

    1. Nothing new in Hawaii very strange. Hope something picks up soon.

      Alex has become dull ;-(

      1. Strange that u live in Hawaii and there is nothing new, being Hawaii very small? Hopefully something will pick up soon

      2. Maybe he is just working and then living his life privately like a normal person

      3. Yes seems like he has settled in. A recent article shows he is happy in his home life. Maybe that equates boring for us …happy for him.

  7. Why did Alex chose to go to Australia this Christmas? A happy family reunion is very possible. Also there is a good chance 5-0 will not go to a 7th Season with contracts on the line and rating going up and down. So Alex may need an alternative place to work or just regroup. Maybe home is what he needs.

    If Hawaii 5-0 is over this year then Alex most likely will have to relocate at lest periodically for work. Malia’s business is just starting to take off and is definitely local based. She is being touted as a local Hawaiian designer and all she sells is beachwear. Mrs. O’L likes the Hawaiian lifestyle and honestly don’t see her business doing well anywhere else. Can’t see her running to the mainland anytime soon. But she might be able to make it work in Australia.

    Did he buy a new house? There are rumors that he did and still maintains the Diamond Head house. Lizzie said he seemed to be living there just a few months ago.

    Did Saxon always plan to go back home? When I saw the whole family out and about a few years ago he didn’t look thrilled to be with them. Unhappy at home or just being a teenager?

    Alex seems to be a genuinely nice person having observed him in non-working situation and the times I’ve interacted with him he was sweet and genuine.

    Alex says he’s happy well Bill Cosby said he was a content family man. We never really know the people behind the mask or what actually goes on behind close when the cameras stop rolling.

    Mele Kalikimaka to you and yours

    1. According to some article, Alex is spending holidays in Australia beause it has been many years he does not spend end of the year holidays in Australia so he wanted to go this year and take the whole family to see family and catch up with old friends.

      Here is the link to this article where he explains everything and the Saxon issue as well.

    2. I do agree with you in the part of that Malias fashion business is based in Hawaii and she only sells beachwear and indeed people said she is a local Hawaiian designer. I dont see her either selling her stuff in the mainland, like in downtown cities, such as New York, maybe Los Angeles or Florida whcih are cities that have beaches but I dont see her focusing her collection in either Florida or Los Angeles she is more into the Hawaiian lifestyle, and you can easily tell by reading her Instragram account, she always talks abotu Hawaii here, Hawaii there, etc etc Probably she can sell her stuff in Australia, as she lived there for many years as well and surfted there and she may have a more closer connection to Australia than to Los Angeles or the mainland..

      Indeed if H50 is done after season 6, Alex will have to start focusing in his acting career, doing other projects and I always have said, that Hawaii is not the best place to keep acting as there is no many entertainment job opportunities in Hawaii, Alex will have to move to Los Angeles, New York for that.

      Alex will have to fly from and to Hawaii to the mainland very often for work unless he buys or rents an apartment in NY or Los Angeles while he works and fly to Hawaii only on the weekends, days off, vacations, or holidays. to spend time with the family, unless he sells his house in Hawaii and relocate and move to Los Angeles or NY with the whole family to look for job opportunities as in Hawaii he wont find any.

      Where Alex bought his new house, in Australia??

      1. The new house is supposedly on Oahu. Haven’t heard anything else. They just went back to filming Monday. Funny no pictures from Australia over Christmas.

        I really don’t see why Lizzie left can’t remember anyone being rude to her or I just missed those comments. This is an all opinion site.

        Happy New Year and let’s get talking

    3. Well Lizzy said that she was going to leave because she felt she would not have some freedom to say what she thinks or make certain opinions beause under the new administration of this site, comments will needed to be authorized first before getting posted.

      1. She would be wrong about that as we do not have to approve comments unless a user is a first time user and that is based on trying to control spam. Have you had your comments held?
        Some people just like to make things more dramatic than things really are.

      2. I thought that the approval of comments was each time you comment then my mistake then and Im sorry, but Lizzie said and those were her words that

        “The reason I’m leaving is I feel I cannot give my honest opinion about certain things as it will be censored”

      3. That was her opinion- but she was clearly not right about that. Some people jump to their own conclusions without waiting to find out or asking someone that knows.

    4. Interesting…the site is still here.
      HP- just to address the H50 situation, it is likely that it will be renewed for a seventh season. I know we go back and forth on this regularly but in reality H50 is one of CBS’s strongest shows. It is pretty much always in the top 20 of all shows and makes the top 15 and sometimes even top 10 of scripted shows. That is not bad considering today’s television and ratings framework.

      NCIS LA has done worse, as well as CSI Cyber, Elementary, The Good Wife, and the new shows that do not seem to get off the ground for long unless it sprignboards from NCIS directly.

      If it continues this road it is likely to make it for a while. It is still also strong internationally.

      What did surprise me though is Alex saying he had not signed yet but was ready. I had heard from what I considered a good source, he had signed another CBS holding contract. However, now I question that source.

      Either way I think he will stay in Hawaii. He seems to love it there and has made roots outside of his family and show.

      Hope you are well.

  8. It does seem to address the majority of rumors that have been floating around on this site and other places. He says he is happy among other things.

  9. Hey nice new home. I agree give it awhile before we start talking about pulling the plug. I know I’m busy rigth now but will be back on a more regularly after the holidays.

    1. I got some news from Alex and Saxon. It seems for Christmas Alex is taking the whole family for the first time to Australia. In an article Alex said he has not spent a Christmas in Australia in years and be there to catch up with family and friends. He added that the little ones had not been home either. Alex will be reuniting with Saxon. Spike is also going. So the whole family will be spending these holidays in AUstralia.

      So it seems Saxon did not return to Australia because he had some issues with Malia, he still could have them , who knows but it was not a reason why he left Hawaii, it seems Saxon returned to Australia to recently start an apprenticeship. That is why Saxon no longer lives in Hawaii anymore.

      What do you think ladies?

  10. If no other fan wont come here to post anything, AOLO, I think it is better if you decide to close this site. I know ithe administration changed hands and give this site another chance, but it seems noone is coming here to post things after all.

    And for me is useless to come here to post things if noone answers or post anything.

    1. Cinthia, We have had the site for about a week. There has been plenty of times even before that no one posted for a while and it is also the holidays. Stats show that there were 400+ unique visitors to the site last week so people are coming. It just takes time.. Not sure if people want to post in this area based on it being gossip and rumors but time will tell.

      Thanks for being a loyal visitor.

  11. Just thought I’d drop in to say goodbye for good. Been nice sharing our views :heart:

    1. Why you are leaving the site?

    2. I mean the stie is not closing down so I guess it is givng the fans the opportunity to keep talking about the show and Alex.

      1. The reason I’m leaving is I feel I cannot give my honest opinion about certain things as it will be censored. I still and will follow Alex. As regards M she’s assigned to trash bin have no interest in her

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