New Ownership Site Changes

There have been some site changes based on this site being under new ownership. Before reading about them, let’s all thank Tiffany for running a very informative and fun site for the last eight years. It takes a lot of commitment and time to do so.



Now for the changes:

  1. Read here about our exciting plan for the site.
  2. We have already updated some broken links and non- working areas of the site. Although, there are more which will be resolved soon.
  3. After reading the lively conversation about Alex and his personal life, we had to decide whether to continue to allow such comments and discussion. Since we are strong believers of freedom of speech, we decided to continue to provide an area for this kind of stuff. HOWEVER, we want to call it out for what it is- RUMORS and GOSSIP. We have created a post, called the Alex Rumor Mill, and as long as that type of discussion is kept there, it can continue.

Continual changes will being made over the next few weeks but we wanted to get the site back up as fast as possible.

Welcome back!

time for change

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