Hawaii Five 0 Gif-fable Moments Episode 8.14


Since there is no episode on Friday and there was some decent moments to gif of Alex in the last episode here’s a gif-fable moments post to fill some time. There are many things you can say or not say about this past episode but one thing that is not in question is Alex showed many expressions in it. He even used his hands a lot more in an expressionist manner so maybe that restaurant is rubbing off on him since it is Italian. Anyway, here are the gifs.


Since we talked about the hand movements being more prevalent than normal, we will start with those.

Guess when he gets angry, he is more expressive.



It wasn’t all gloom for him as he shared some smiles and signature smirks, too


And a nod 


And a sigh


A fun eye-roll


And finally a McSwagger or a McSway in this case.


Hope you enjoyed them. Until next time.



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  1. I have been an Alex O’Loughlin fan since 2009 three Rivers when he played Dr.Andy

    1. That is awesome and thank you for following our site.

  2. Alex, I love Hawai 5 O and you. Please don’t cut your hair again… I’m your fan and I’d like that Katherine come back to Steve.

    1. This is not Alex – just a fansite. Thanks for following.

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