A Fan Gets to Meet Alex

Very cool! Recently a German fan of Alex O’Loughlin and Moonlight was visiting Hollywood and of all people she ran into Mr. O’Loughlin himself at the Urth Cafe in West Hollywood. Check out this post from her husband’s blog and the picture he posted of the two. Alex has very short hair again (think Oyster Farmer). AND of course the two said Alex was VERY nice. Congrats Sabine on getting to meet him!!


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  1. Oh what any of us would not have given to have been standing next to him in her shoes!!!! Lucky, lucky lady…

    However, Alex fans are fortunate that he is a great guy he is and as sweet as he is to take time for this nice gesture…

    Would any of us actually recognize Alex, or any star for that matter, minus makeup and as different as they look frequently when getting ready for other acting parts or just in everyday life??? As my Mom’s cousin, who was a very expressive flambuoyant personality, would say, “Powder and Paint makes me what I ain’t”…


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