Alex O’Loughlin Loves Vampires

ml108429-xnickstax.pngA new interview in the Ottawa Citizen reveals that Alex and I have more in common than I thought. We both LOVE the vampire genre…books, movies, you name it.

“I’ve been kind of obsessed with the genre since I first discovered it,” he concedes. “I discovered Anne Rice when I was sort of in my late teens. And I read the first five or six books of The Vampire Chronicles twice, actually, which was a little obsessive.”

I too started reading Anne Rice’s Vampire series when I was a teenager. I also loved the movie adaptation the Interview with a Vampire.

O’Loughlin favorite movies as a teen included such vampire flicks as 1983’s The Hunger and 1987’s The Lost Boys. I have never seen The Hunger (hmmm..gotta see it) but I LOVED The Lost Boys. I still remember fondly the boys grandfather never once eluding to the fact that he knew their small town had a blood sucker problem until the very end when he declares that there have always been “too many damn vampires”. That movie was awesome.

If I were an actor I too would jump at the chance to play a vampire.

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