Alex O’Loughlin Confirms Three Rivers Cancellation

Three Rivers

From his MySpace blog:

Hey everyone…..

Well, like usual I have been meaning to write you all and, like usual, not getting around to it.  Before Thanksgiving….. during

Thanksgiving….after Thanksgiving!  But today, I thought I better get to it…..

A lot of you probably already know this, because you guys know what’s happening in my life before I do, but today I was informed that Three Rivers would soon draw to an end.

To be honest I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

After Moonlight was canceled I needed to go away and regroup for a while.  I was hesitant to engage in another show at all, even when Three Rivers was proposed, but I realized immediately how important this story was and would be. This, the story of so many different people all around the world who’s lives have somehow been affected by organ donation and transplant medicine.

I often catch myself saying things like “We’re actors! We’re not curing cancer or feeding the hungry.”  (Of course referring to the fact I don’t always feel that as an actor my job is that important or relevant.)  But I soon realized that Three Rivers would be a source of great comfort to those aforementioned people, providing perhaps for the first time an accurate and cathartic experience directly related to that which they all shared.

Already in this short time I have received so many beautiful letters of support and gratitude from so many of you who have lost loved ones, and also shared the gift of life with others as a result of those tragedies.  And this sudden cancellation has rocked me completely.

As most of you know, through Three Rivers I was blessed to have been afforded the chance to work with the organization Donate Life America. This potential opportunity was one of the main reasons I agreed to do the show, and having only recently finished my Ambassador training I had become an official spokesperson.  We have done a couple of events and some PSA’s and there has been growing excitement about the possibilities of exposure and support we at Three Rivers could provide as the show gained in numbers and strength.  Well, though the news of the show is heartbreaking I view it as nothing more than a temporary setback in the work I plan to do with Donate Life America.  For me this is just the beginning of what I hope to be a long relationship.

To be honest I don’t really know what else to say.  I am beginning my process of detachment and will be in touch soon.

All my love,….

Alex O’Loughlin  x

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  1. HOWDY MATES!! Too all our Alex fans out there. I read somewhere on the net that our Alex has been thought of to do the 1970’s series Hawaii 5 O, but it did not say what network was doing it. If it’s true – I just hope it’s not CBS. You all know how that dumb network been treating our Alex.

  2. I would classify myself as a late bloomer to Alex’s work as an actor, and he has certainly proven himself to be a versatile and talented performer, I am hopeful that he will continue on as an artist, it becomes a part of who you are, I look forward to his next project.. keep the faith !

  3. CBS doesn’t understand what they have right in front of them. Taking Moonlight was bad enough, and now Three Rivers, they obviously have a problem understanding what to do with great shows. Alex is too great of an actor to have to deal with all of the politics in the business.
    CBS needs to get it together. Something better will come along for Alex, he is the best!!!
    What a sweetheart………………………

  4. To Alex, I am so sorry for this set back and I am sure that is what it is because your talent is above and beyond. CBS is crazy and I seriously think they need to have a meeting and let go of some of the people in their employ. It is obvious the ones they have working for them have no clue what the viewers want to see on TV. We loved Moonlight and the story was superb. We moved to Three Rivers mostly because of you but I was getting into it. CBS you have a serious problem with the people that work for you because they just don’t get what makes a good show and someone needs to replace them before the other networks replace you. Again I am so sorry Alex, but it was not you just what you were given to work with and work for. Much Love to you, and Happy New Year ! Its going to be a better one!!!!!!

  5. I maybe wrong, living in Australia because we had 1 episode. But I think only 8 eps were aired. I think hte remainder will show after holiday season when other shows come back.

  6. I can’t believe their taking it off the air!!!! Best wishes for you! I have one question though…are they going to air the rest of the season? I heard there were 13 episodes in the season and 10 have been aired…maybe I’m wrong on that but I’m very curious to know!

  7. I’m so sad about the cancellation of Three Rivers!!! My question is are they going to finish viewing the rest of the season. They’ve shown 10 and i heard there is 13 in the season? Maybe I’m wrong on that? Just wondering.

  8. ok.. well of what I suggested of as to possible of well asking of CBS of to and in a politle manne too.. and yes i did so in polite manner that of asked CBS @ of page).. and well .. all we can do is try.. for if we do not.. then well… think… yet if u do do it.. time is of the timing that is a of ticking and well u get my meaning right? all we can do is try..ok?

  9. of well… as to and that of thoses certain episodes that are awaiting to be still shown if I did get that right… and well how about this… and yes there is a chance that CBS as to well I won’t say it… and yet anyways.. how about this… and too remember you can always get more w/ honey than vinergar… that is to and yes in a politlet manner too.. and yup that does basicly mean that of mindwise bitting one’s tongue… and yet how about right now that of politly contacting CBS and asking as to of when the episodes yet to air will air… and well.. of to say letting them know that of say would be of well u could put int there that of the Christmas spirit on their part sort of speak and too… of as to give a fair and honest to those of us the fans of Three Rivers of at least that of seeing theses episodes be.

    of if this may sound like done this before for other series… for sure and too… well let’s just say that of remember that of the series Touched by an Angel… and well… again honey is way better than well u get the idea… and yes maybe as to as willd as it may seem as to just maybe contacting that of say the other enteratinment news shows out there first ,and then as to say contact them first that will for sure of possible even if this is the wildest chance taking sort of speak… and of thoses shows take it on and well.. like any word of news.. to say think about it… ET would more than hear about it and by that sort of speak CBS as well…

    hey i know its a wild chance of a chance.. and yet what do you think? It is the Holiday Season right? & of whatever of may of be for you of this time of year… things for sure do and can happen right? right? think about it… of for it just takes that 1st step and yup that can for be and seem like a over the ego version of a step and yet… well who knows …

    AND TOO….. um, of as that we may of as to the moment we learned.. and yet even so that even now… no matter of what the outcome may of be either way… that of to say of if we as to well…. do …. then we for sure have without a doubt tried, and for sure did our best either way… and for that we can for sure know for us that we tried right? and yes even as to this time, this moment…. and yes even of with all that of this time of year we all have so much happening… and yet well just a thought of an possible of a chance… and without question we would all like to get to see thoses episodes tooo right?

    o’ and may you all have a wonderful holiday of to what may of be for you.

    Merry Christmas and of course to Alex… Happy Boxing Day… and yes that of may we all have a hope with love and peace be New Year ….

  10. Alex I hope you find a network that will revive Moonlight. You and the rest of the cast worked very well together and it is a shame what CBS did to you twice. You need another network to work with and hopefully Mick will rise again.

  11. I am really sorry about the end of Three Rivers. The show is very believable and heartwarming. Alex O’Loughlin did an outstanding acting job. I really enjoyed Moonlight and I thought Three Rivers was a hit. I hope to see you soon.

  12. Can’t believe CBS have cancelled two of the best shows on TV, with some of the rubbish that is shown on free to air here in Australia, I always looked forward to episodes of Moonlight and three rivers. So much for keeping the viewers happy.

    Good luck Alex., I am sure you will find other fullfilling roles.

  13. Message to Alex…get away from CBS!!! As far away as you can!! Its time to be hired by another network!! Unless CBS brings back Moonlight, of course. By the way, why didn’t another network pick up Moonlight and carry it on? I really hope Alex reads all of these comments so he can see just how much he is loved and admired…not just for his incredible physique but he is an incredible actor!!

  14. Have we heared anything about what’s he up to, what’s going on what’s next. No news is good news isn’t satisfying me now. Help!!! Any bit of news would be appreciated …

    1. Carol, no news of new projects. I think Alex has gone home for the holidays. But there is a new poster pr The Back-up Plan! See

  15. dear alex

    not sure if you read your comments-

    i’ve follow you straight through it all-
    am i am sick-of what is happening around you

    but i would persevere

    is it your agent?
    or is it you just can’t predict these things

    with all that is happening with the Twilight genre

    i wish “MIck St John” can re-surface
    we’re behind you

    i am really angry that both your shows have been cancelled
    but SYFY -returns Moonlight and i watch and re-watch the episodes

    your sense of integrity is inspiring

    right now i guess there is a populace out there that are
    hanging onto the darkside
    people are fickled

    i will follow you-as a devout fan

    happy holidays


  16. Well I too am very sad for Alex that Three Rivers has been cancelled. I have not had the pleasure of watching any of the shows here in Australia and was looking forward to an Australian network picking them up.
    Alex is a fantastic actor and this is only a stepping stone in his career. He has all the qualities of a big star and it is only a matter of time before he is offered the right role that will showcase his talent.
    Network TV is full of politics and it is difficult to understand the executive decisions and why they make the choices they do.
    Alex I am looking forward to seeing the Back Up Plan and hope that it is shown in Australia.
    It is only a matter of time before someone wakes up and realises that you could bring to life the right movie. I believe you would be fantastic in an action movie with a touch of romance.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and maybe it is time for a holiday back home her in Australia. Who knows there could be something waiting here for you to star in.
    All my love and keep up the good work.

  17. I am so saddened by this Three Rivers thing, but more importantly want Alex to know this is not him. Alex is an outstanding actor and gives everything he has to all the roles he plays. CBS is totally nuts! They don’t give a show a chance. I figured that TR was in trouble with the someone dies so someone lives theory but the message is so important. My best friend lost her kidneys at age 38 and was on dialysis for almost 5 years before her name came up on the list . She has had her new kidney for 4 years now and I thank God every day for the fact she was blessed to get it. So the show had the message, just wasn’t as interesting as Moonlight. But CBS let that one go also. I am in full agreement that now would be the time to bring back Moonlight. Vampire craziness is on the rise with the release of the second Twilight movie and the Vampire Diaries on the CW. Vampires are IN. It is a well known fact and it would be smart of CBS to give the show back to the viewers that are still out here waiting for it. I realize it was cancelled well over a year ago but every time I am on the computer searching everyone is still talking about it. Obviously it was a show worth the time and the effort we just have to talk to the nuts at CBS that let it go. So go to the and tell them it is now time !!!! Time for the return of the BEST SHOW ever created…. MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the vampires including True Blood which is headed for season 3 but there will never be one like Mick St. John and there will never be anyone suited to play the PI but Alex. He was the hottest vamp out there and he deserves a chance, so the way I see it CBS needs to give him back his show. Alot of us didn’t even know who he was until Moonlight. It just blows my mind when I think of all the money they said they spent on the TR set and now its over. NUTS!!!!! BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!!

  18. · Edit

    Poor Alex must feel awful. We still love him tho!!!

  19. Alex, get away from CBS. I live in Chicago and they did not do right by you. Try another network You never had a fair chance. Will stick with you wherver you go. Have a Happy Holiday and I will be waitng to see mor of you in 2010. Right now I will view the Moonlight dvd.

  20. To give your thoughts and input go to the website and email them your thoughts as to why they canceled Three Rivers. The more emails they get….maybe they will hear us all die hearts of Alex more. Have a FAB Friday too.

  21. Alex is such a wonderful, caring and dedicate person. He deserves to be treated with the respect he is entitiled to for all the great work he has been doing for Donate Life. Alex you are loved more than you will ever know. I hope you keep caring and moving towards a prosperous career. I will always be a tremendous fan and will look forward to your future endevours. Find a way to bring Moonlight back to a competent network such as the SYFY channel. Your fanbase has expanded so much since it was cancelled the show will prosper for certain. Don’t let the politics get you down. Keep pushing towards organizations that make a difference in this world. You are the Man!

  22. Alex you are a wonderful actor…..its all about what the fans/viewers are into at the time….you were the Vampire before the craze hit…in my opinion you were the best vampire of all and your show was wonderful~WON A PEOPLE’S CHOICE and won its time slot, but CBS had a bug up their butts and pulled the show…they then gave you another show with a crap time slot…..It seems to me that both of your shows had very bad time slots….you managed to make one work(Moonlight) despite the bad Friday night time but CBS seems to have you running uphill~find a network that will treat you with respect and not jerk you around…..and even better find a network that will pick up Moonlight because YOU SO ROCK IN THAT SHOW!

  23. It’s been nine days and no new news. Were is everyone? Please give us what ever you got …

  24. I have written to CBS and boy did I give them a piece of my mind! I informed them that “THEY ARE NUTS FOR CANCELING THREE RIVERS”. I have some friends that had written to them as well. ALEX SOLIDARITY 4 EVER,,RAH RAH. As I stated many many times we have to watch out for our Alex and root for him.

  25. Yeah wouldn’t it be great if Moonlight came back and if MIck “returned” if you will. SYFY would do well to consider the opportunity. There was just so much more story left to tell. I love you Alex . You are in deed a wonderful actor whose heart and soul will always be with me and your other fans. Keep up the great work you are doing for Donate Life America and continue to believe in the possibilities of life.

  26. Oops! They sure did it again to Alex. We all just have to boycott CBS; they sure don’t know what the HELL they were thinking! I’m sure if TR was moved to an entire different network, it would do great. We die heart fans just have to support our Alex in his coming adventures.

  27. Tiffany,

    Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea how the the ratings were on the replacement shows?? That NCIS LA (except for Linda Hunt) is a dog…..

  28. I have to hold back on the comment I really want to say to CBS because it’s not too lady like.
    I will say I’m a pretty good judge of entertainment. CBS, you had us thinking you came to your senses in picking up fine entertainment once again(Moon Light-Great Entertainment).
    But, NO! You seem to enjoy dangling that carrot in our faces and for no reason yank it right out of our reach. Shame on YOU! You will be sorry if you don’t bring Three Rivers back or Moon Light back. You will see your run of Good Luck ( all the CSI’s) RUN OUT! Then where are you going to be? Good Lord give a new show a chance. Someone should yank you, oh yes, yes!

    1. I am sorry to hear three Rivers has been canceled but not surprised. I wholeheartedly believe in what the show stood for and am myself a donor. I was glad to see Alex back on TV but the show didn’t fit and it was to predictable. I am so glad to hear of his involvement with Donation Life America. Maybe that was the reason for the show!
      Hope to see Alex back soon!!!!

    2. i love Alex also and was really enjoying seeing him every week–having been a diehard MOONLIGHT fan also. forget Twilight—-BRING BACK MOONLIGHT!!!!

    3. I agree – I cannot believe that CBS has pulled Three Rivers. I feel SO bad for Alex. He is such a gifted actor and I think it is a shame that Three Rivers was never even given a chance – it was either pre-empted by football or the timing was such that people never knew when it was going to be on. Come-on CBS – rethink this. I think you know that Alex has a very loyal fan base – ALL ages – and we love him. He is adorable and this is a quality show – not stupidity like some of the sitcoms that are out there. My thoughts are with Alex all the way!

  29. Hi Moonllight Lovers, I ,like you are sick about the Three Rivers cancellation and we really don;t know why they did it. I’m so afraid that Alex might go back home. I don.t know how long his contract with CBS will last, hoping he will not sign up again with them. I love Alex very much and want the best for him. Hope he and all the people here and Tiffany have a Merry Xmas and a happy New year. signed Hopeful

  30. Alex if you read these comments as I’m sure you do, read this. Get away from CBS as fast as you can. You’re a wonderful actor and a good person. If Moonlight had been on TNT or SYFY or just about any other network, it would still be on. If you haven’t figured it out by now, unless CBS is dealing with a reality show, crime drama, or the occasional comedy like Two and Half Men, it can’t develop a show decently. Maybe the producers and writers of Gray’s Anatomy could pick up Three Rivers, hold the audience’s interest and still get the message out about organ donation. It was a noble show with less than noble writing and production. CBS made a fatal mistake. They thought all they had to do was put you in Three Rivers and it would be an instant hit. The execs forgot you were backed up by a great production staff, incredible writing and story line and a kick ass supporting cast in Moonlight. I couldn’t wait to come home on Friday nights to see what was in store for Mick and company. The network let you down again. It’s time for a change. Enjoy the holidays and know that the cancellation of Three Rivers had nothing to do with you. I know we’ll be seeing a lot more of you. After all you can’t keep a good Aussie down.

    1. I totally agree with you Jackie. Alex should stay away from CBS. They just don’t get this very talented actor. Yes, yes CBS did also make a serious fatal mistake. I will not ever support this network…not worth it. This is the second time our Alex has had his series canceled. I agree if they move Three Rivers to another network; I am sure it will do a lot better. Yup you can’t keep a good Aussie down.

      1. Olivia, Jackie, Boy do we all agree with you TOTALLY!
        Alex, hear us loud and clear keep your USA fans in your thoughts. Maybe you could team up with Hugh Laurie, indulge in the Fantastic Craziness on “House”!
        Fox Network ALL the Way! Moon Light is one of those shows that keeps us all thinking “What Next?” Aussie & British, What a combo!

  31. This is so sad for Alex and us as his FANS. Everythingg he does he puts his heart and soul into, he was a spokesperson for the blood bank when he was doing Moonlight and he is now a spokesperson for donate for life while doing Three Rivers, who could ask for more?CBS have done this twice to Alex, don’t worry Alex you will have the last laugh on them, and they will kicking themselves for not getting it right the first time. I just loved Moonlight and I really liked what I had seen of Three Rivers, I live in Australia and have only seen six episodes, five more than alot of the rest of the country thanks to channel ten, another stupid station with programming issues. I can’t wait for the Back Up Plan it will be great, Thanks Alex for being such a talented actor. You just know when a show is good when it can make you cry and laugh in the space of about ten minutes, thats is what Three Rivers did for me. WE ALL LOVE YOU ALEX and we will support you in any venture you chose, just dont’t take too long to find something I don’t know how long I can miss seeing you on TV, thank goodness for DVDs,
    ALEX ALEX ALEX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. This message I would hope and love Alex to read:

    Well my dear Alex, all I can say if it came to an end, then it was meant to be. But not for the reasons many think. Three Rivers did its job exceptionally well in bringing out the message to millions the importance of human life, showing the dedication and sacrifice each professional in this field have to endure unconditionally to save a life and/or sacrifice give one. We viewers or actors never knew what that was like, until Three Rivers, you and the remarkable performances of all the actors involved brought to us front and center!! Culture shock, eye opener!!!! For me, personally and I thank you…we all thank you.

    I don’t see Three Rivers as an ending, but a beginning!….As you said and I have to agree Alex, your dedication and sacrifice in this Series paid off more than you can imagine. Its led you to a path of being a spokesperson for Donate Life America!….Its all predestined.

    Now another open door awaits you!…A new year and another adventure to other exciting film roles that will have your fans going Ga-Ga!!! lol!!….word of advice, action / adventure / romantic comedy roles suits you!…women love bad boys with a loving vulnerable streak in them and you naturally have that ;-)l!!!! Trust me!

    So go out and celebrate the Holidays and ring in the New Year…for good things are coming your way sooner than you think! The Universe has spoken!

    Warmest wishes for this Holiday Season! Feliz Pascuas y Ano Nuevo
    BIG HUG! and one xo 😉

    1. Nydia, you said everything, I would have liked to say & said better than I could have. We really wish the best for Alex! He is truly the greatest!

    2. Very well put Nydia — everything for Alex is a positive. What he’s taking away from Three Rivers is opening up all our eyes to Donate Life America which is the much bigger picture in all of this. He also made some new friendships especially with Dr. Gonzo and all the knowledge he learned studying for this part. It all becomes a part of you that you carry with you forever which is most important.

      I agree that Alex’s best rolls would be the action/adventure/romantic comedy ones — I do love bad boys w/that vulnerable streak and likability. Alex has that and more plus his beautiful smile and heart.

      We’re all there with you Alex — your fans and friends forever!!!! 2010 will be a brand new exhilarating year for you so like Nydia says — go enjoy the holidays with family and friends and relax. You’re going to be a busy boy come the new year.

  33. I can’t believe CBS have done this to Alex yet again! I haven’t seen “Three rivers ” yet and looks like I won’t now. Been waiting for it to air in the UK for what seems like ages. I’ve watched “Moonlight” about 4 times now and just love watching his fantastic acting! I only hope it’s not too long before Alex gets the massive break he deserves. Looking forward to seeing “The Back up Plan”. YOUR FANS LUV YOU TO BITS ALEX! Hope you have the break and credit you well deserve very soon.

  34. So sad for Alex. I watched the show regularly and enjoyed it very much. Alex was wonderful in it . I have faith that he will find another role that will bring him much success. This has to be a hard time for him and we need to all keep him in our hearts and prayers so that he gets through this difficult time and is not too disappointed with acting. I would hate the thought of not seeing him regularly on television. I hope he has a good agent. CBS has been jacking him around for too long. Putting this show (or any new show for that matter) on Sunday nights in that time slot was idiotic. I imagine that this show has been very demanding and he probably needs to recharge for awhile, Will miss him in the meantime, that is for sure.

  35. Eres un gran actor y puedes hacer lo que te propongas,de hecho,ya lo has demostrado, llegará el momento oportuno! Eres un hombre de grandes convicciones y que lucha por ellas, y te admiro por ello. Siento que no haya llegado la serie a España!

  36. Oh well thats it for us here in the UK we will never get to see Three Rivers. Can only hope there will be a dvd at least we can buy. Anybody know if there are any plans to release one?

  37. Once again CBS made a HUGE mistake. Took off Moonlight, now Three Rivers.. Alex was so good in both of the series. Now without Three Rivers or Moonlight there is absolutely nothing on tv worth watching. Best of luck to you Alex and hope to see you again SOON!!!!!

  38. Pssst .. forgot one more thing ….
    Maybe it’s time for that “Moonlight” movie to come out and blow them all out of the water!!!!!

    The DVD was super and after watching it a few times times now, see what a hugh mistake they made in canceling that show — it was really a great show. I knew it as I first watched it but seeing it again on DVD solidified my feelings that CBS done them wrong big time!!!!!!

    Alex will come back and show everyone how wrong they were with all of this but in the meantime, can’t wait to see his movie coming out in 2010 “The Backup Plan.”

  39. I just wrote this below to Comcast who took over NBC — what can I say but sorry about the cancellation Alex, but I know you’ll rebound and that special show that they’ll finally give you a chance to play out in is right around the corner. You did your best in both series and gave so much of yourself not only as an actor but as a humanitarian. I love you for who you are and what you stand for…don’t ever change. You are a great person this world needs.

    Maybe Comcast has better network execs who can see what the fans REALLY want out here. TV is dying as we speak and ABC, NBC & CBS have basically attributed to its demise by yanking new series off the air before giving them a chance to unfold their stories and gain a good fan base. Programs like Moonlight, Three Rivers, Eastwick and little older show Southland, to name a few. Stop with just getting your ratings from 18-49 — we older viewers probably watch a lot more tv than that age group and enjoy watching good series. Enough with the reality shows, boring sitcoms and tired and worn out dramas. We want to enjoy new and fresh ideas like some I mentioned above that had great casts and looks to their shows. We just get involved in a new show and want to see where the writers really want to take us and bam! They’re gone within 3-6 episodes – just when they’re starting to get really good. Look at the last 2 episodes of Eastwick and Three Rivers — really good performances. Come on Comcast – be innovative and give shows like this a chance; we’ll watch your network the most as these others are stale and don’t know what their audiences really want…they never listen to us. Look at Alex O’Loughlin — he’s been given awards for great new actor and Moonlight even won the People’s Choice Award. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … do you think the fans are trying to tell all of you something. Please listen to us and give us the great programming we want and deserve. Lately I haven’t been watching much of tv any more – bring back tv to the viewers — we will come!

  40. I very disapointed to read that Three Rivers had been cancelled!!! I have not been on line for quite some time. It’s so upsetting to me, it was thought provoking and original. With so many crappy shows out there, this truly was a true gem. Well we all know Alex is super talented and there will be many more great opportunities for this dedicated man. I was just wondering if someone can tell me how I can access Alex’s Myspace blog or paste me a link ( is that what you call it?) Thank’s a bunch!

  41. I am so so disappointed with CBS. Again how could they do this to Alex. He’s a very great actor and Humanitarian. I just don’t get it! I feel so hear broken and very sad at this moment. Gee, what a way to spend the holiday’s that come. I just hope Alex has a fabulous 2010!! I am still looking forward to see The Back Up Plan….more power to you Alex!!!


  42. I am also disappointed in CBS. This show had potential and they didn’t even give it chance. I enjoyed every single episode and each one had a wonderful storyline. Even made me cry a few times.

  43. I adore Alex. I watched Moonlight from episode one and thought it was a wonderful show. CBS clearly pulled the plug too early and I beat they’re punching themselves now that “vampire-mania” is everywhere.
    As for Three Rivers I’m sorry folks. I thought it was terrible. The writing was bad, the cast members didn’t mesh, it just didn’t work.
    I wish Alex the best. He is truly a gifted actor and one who is so considerate of his fans.

  44. Oh and Tiffany, I just want to thank you for being such a special and kind friend, I think this is a wonderful thing that you are doing for the fans of Alex. May God Bless You on this day and forever more. Again I commend you on your work and dedication. Trace

  45. I actually posted Alex’d My Space Blog on another comment page.
    I have just been onto Alex’s Myspace page and had no problem getting in and reading blog again and looking at photos. I commented on his blog to him straight after I read several days ago.

  46. I agree–Alex needs to get away from the Big Black Eye and go to better Powers That Be out there! How about Jerry Bruckheimer? Everything he touches turns to gold, it seems (not Silver!) but somebody who can see Alex’s s amazing talent and really put it on the screen in a way that nobody can deny it! That means GOOD scripts, Good cast, lots of action for Alex to show off his amazing physical talents (!) and–essetially–a Moonlight Movie! YAY!!! Let’s keep writing. Our boy’s star will rise and we can help push it up there!

    1. I cannot be more agree! Through vampire’s fever i got to “moonlight” , i felt in love with the characters, witty, smart storyline; Alex perfect for the role, Josef Kosten ! Oh i love him. The synergy between the characters, Fantastic!.
      I watch a lots of stuff but i am very picky. I ve had watch Moonlight a few times, while introducing someone to the show on dvds, all love it!!! Bring it back!!.
      Soooo many ways the story can go…….. i wonder.
      Now is the right time for season 2!

    2. I have already said the same thing and will agree with everyone here again, And will speak for the ones who don’t get a chance to comment; CBS needs to take get their heads out of their” WHOHA”! CBS, YOU better start taking our FREE Advice and put That good Entertainment back where it belongs or Fox, ABC, NBC will. FOX had the X-Files for 9 years…Moon Light and Three Rivers could very well be a 9er!!
      Come on CBS take your sunglasses off, your not that bright! STUPID is more like it!

  47. Oh my gosh! I could hardly believe what I was reading the other night! I thought (and tweeted) “not again!!”

    I wish him the best in his next pursuit-which HOPEFULLY will not be with CBS…

    What they have done with him is criminal….I only watch CBS for one show now–and that may have to change.

    The show was on at the absolute WORST time and day.

    CBS has really let him down. Twice.

    I’ll write more when I can gather my thoughts and when I’m not in such a bad mood!!!

  48. I’m so sad many many sad what happen with Alex.He is a great actor and TR. is good tv. show. I hope Alex will have new project soon and will be lucky for him. By the way I will alway wait.

  49. Thank you Tiffany for keeping us totally informed all the time. Natalie & Rosemary said it all. There is so much junk on TV today, I can’t believe CBS could cancel a show that’s informative, & enlightening, while entertaining. I wish the best for Alex & will (with your help) follow his career wherever it takes him. I’m wearing out all his movies already! I watch re-runs of Three Rivers on our Cable network, On Demand, but that won’t last long. Although, we will be in Alex withdrawals, hope all my fellow fan members have a happy, healthy Holiday.

  50. hi thanks for the info well now three rivers is going they did not give three rivers time i watched that show every sunday and it was a real good show my heart goes out to alex he but all of him in to three rivers and what did cbs do to him slap him in the face once a gain they took off moonlight now this will they every give him a change he is a great actor and the show helps out but maybe cbs could not handle it maybe they should give three rivers to tnt i bet they could do something it i feel bad for alex i new he was shock again first moonlight then this but i will br there for alex to alex dont let this get you down you are a great actor

  51. I have just read the most beautiful letter on another of Alex’s fans website. The letter is called Television can save your life, it is written by Tenaya Wallace, who is the campaign director of Donate Life Hollywood, and Tom Mone who is the CEO of One Legacy , the organ recovery agency serving the Los Angeles area. the letter states how people have been donating organs of relatives who have passed because of the television show Three Rivers. They mention Alex in the letter and wonderful stories that were influenced by Three Rivers. What better reward can Alex have than that. CBS should be so ashamed after reading this letter that they didn’t feel this was a show worth keeping.

  52. Sorry………I think I put the wrong name down to ask for my email. Tiffany is who you ask for my email. Am I right? Sorry, it has been a long time since I have been on.

    LOVE this site though!!!!!

  53. I thought I would throw a question out there casue I do not know who else to ask. I have been trying to send him a message on his blog from his myspace page and it keeps saying …….THE USER HAS DISABLED THE HTML AND ANYTHING THAT COMES IN HTML WIL BE DELETED.

    I so much want to send him a note as he is a friend (my only friend) …..LOL……. on my myspace page. You would not believe th day he accepted me as a friend after 6 months of waiting. you would think I was 12 years old again. If anyone can help you can email me or ask Trish for my email. I do not think I am supposed to put it on this site.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the poster for The Backup Plan!!!!!!

    ALEX SOLIDARITY………..RAH………………RAH……………….RAH


    1. Moonlightfan4evr,

      Not sure who Trish is… also not sure about how to fix your issue. I was able to send a message to him just now. Are you typing in the text or pasting in the text? Perhaps there is some html code in the message??? It appears Alex is not accepting anything with html in it.

      1. Tiffany,

        Please let Alex know how many of us are truely hurting for him and how much love we have for him! He is a rare individual who has been able to touch so many, so deeply! Thank you!

    2. Hi I really feel your pain, I have had a hard time even sharing with you guys my true feelings, but tell u what, I and Alex r friends, reply and leave me a note of what you want to tell him and I will make sure he get it ok. But the God I serve is Truly Wonderful and I know that when one door closes there is always another door about to open, It is just called really having faith. and this I shall carry for ever

      1. Hi,

        Just saw your note and was wondering if that was to me or not. I have not been on this for some time as you can see and I am totally frustrated with the myspace page. I have tried sending him message after message and then when he got cancelled AGAIN!!!! I sent him a really nice message and his page would not accept it. I am not even sure what I am doing wrong. I did not save the message and it was a really nice one. I see in your message about how God closes one door and opens up another. That is what I told him, just wish I could remember the rest.
        He is the only actor I keep up with and am totally excited about seeing his new movie since it is around my Birthday.
        Even my hubby (can you believe it) tells me all the time to try again to get a message to him. Just too discouraging to send a message and not be able to get it through. If your message in Dec was to me you can contact me. My moonlight fan4evr is a yahoo address and only for Alex things.
        Hope tp hear from you

        ALEX SOLODARITY………RAH……………..RAH…………RAH


      2. gotta spell it right

        ALEX SOLIDARITY…………………….RAH…………RAH…………RAH

  54. “Three Rivers” is one of the best shows. It was best demonstrated the hard work of doctors, the show gave me hope for patients. A lot of people understand how important human life, how important donation. “Three Rivers” gives hope to people, gives a chance for life. I think that the closing of the show is a crime. We must show the show at the right time to all visitors could see it and not skip a later time in conjunction with the sports programs. Bring back the “Three Rivers” people!

  55. I am so sad, Alex is a sweetheart, not to mention an excellent actor, Three Rivers was never given a fair chance!!

  56. I have not been on here for so long but it feels good to be back. My heart goes out to him. Not sure who wrote it but ( group hug ) was exactly right. I think all of us feel alittle bertrayed by CBS. But as I told Alex on his myspace page. Look at all the things he has done through these programs that have brought nothing but good to people. And I know he will continue to do so. ALEX SOLIDARITY……….RAH……………..RAH…………….RAH


  57. Just wanted to say we dont have Three Rivers over here in UK yet, but we did have Moonlight- which I loved so much I actually bought the DVDs! I keep hoping another series will materialise. But if it doesnt I really wish that something good will be offerred to Alex via Hollywood/ USA. He is such an excellent actor and its so great to see an Australianr making it over there. He has the talent now lets see if he gets the offers he deserves.
    Yep a fellow Aussie- Diane.

  58. um.. of how to put this… I’ve got a Q/ and that is I have heard that of as to the emmy’s are concerned.. that where Three Rivers up for one.. that of sorry to say the word is tnat well b/c of this now happening.. that something in the rules says to effect that as to Three Rivers, that its no longer up for the emmy it was up for… um.. is that right?

    of by chance that of well maybe.. that stinks worse than well… it just stinks!

  59. Alex’s MySpace blog shows exactly what a wonderful, stellar human being he is. The carpet is being pulled right from under him and look how he reacts.

    I’m so gutted for him right now for him right now and am I ever going to get to see an episode of Three Rivers on a TV in the UK??

    First Moonlight and now this, and I still don’t know why in the world they cancelled it.

    I pray that in this case the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ is so very true and that so much bigger and better things happen for Alex. He more than deserves it, he’s a massive talent and I want to see much more of him on my TV and on the big screen.

  60. well let’s just say that when it comes down to it… as to networks basicly… its of what comes down to that of the “BOTTOM LINE”, which is baisicly made up of $$$$$$$$ & that of the $$$$ to which is as in stockholder’s share of it… and yet too as to like most things theses days.. as to which will bring most , yet cost the least.. and yet bring in the most $$$$$ & w/ it $$$$$ profits/stockholders…. thats basicly the short version and yet well… as to say just look as of over the years of late and many other series to which like Three Rivers for sure worth it and yet well….basicly that is a major part of it., or very close to it.

    and too to hear that as to over in Australia after just “1” episode that was it …wow… and ouch!

    and yet as to say… and no this for sure can not make up for it 100%.. and yet we must remember that Tree Rivers did make it to air.. and that of the chances of that too are like the odds are way out in left field to even make air.. and too that it did and we did get to see it , & w/ too that of ok maybe not as many as we would of and were of as to hopes of.. and yet we for sure can as to besides us knowing Three Rivers for sure “top notch top of the line series.. that w/ that for sure we each in our own way also from maybe just a bit to that of even learning as to things 1 moment we may of not of known and now we for sure do as to what Three Rivers for sure gave us as to medical info for sure.. and too.. that of we each are important.. and that well…of as we humans be.. for sure we do go thu so much and too we can from on our own to that of when we come together can for sure do so much…right?

    and Alex.. please keep on doing what you are doing.. for you are an actor w/ heart & caring.. and yup… of as to the real meaning of an actor… for sure you do become that of who are portraying 100% + more… BRAVO!!!!!

  61. Alex, I can’t tell you not to take this personally because you put so much of yourself in everything you do. That’s what makes you the great actor you are. That’s what makes you the great person you are. We all know it and that’s why we’ll follow you wherever you go (I’d personally pay money to watch you read the phone book). You’ve done more good with Three Rivers than you know, people out there have been moved to donate organs who might not ever tell you. I hope to see you again *soon* in my living room. Until then, here’s looking to The Back Up Plan.

  62. Hi Everyone – so angry right now that there are not enough explitives to describe it. CBS has no clue of what real people want to see. Anyway, I was watching the news last evening, a Pittsburgh channel, and they commented on “Three Rivers” saying no further programs will air in December and that it is on hiatus? What’s that all about? Another twist of the knife that is in Alex’s back right now? It would be wonderful if it could be picked up by another network rather that just fade away. Note to Alex – if anyone from CBS approaches you again with a “project” or “development idea”, run as fast as you can away from them. This is twice you got burned, they do not need to use you or your talents for a third time. CBS hasn’t honored their agreement, again, only showing 8 of the 13 episodes ordered. This is such a crock. What are they planning to do, keep us all guessing and playing the waiting game like we did with “Moonlight”? If they want to end “Three Rivers” then let it go and give another network the chance to have a hit. It’s been done before, one networks “failure” turns out to be a winner for another. Alex deserves to be on a winning network. Let’s hope the hiatus is short-lived and that “Three Rivers” finds a home where it will be appreciated.

    1. I am totally in agreement with you JoJo. Alex DOES NOT need to waist his talents with CBS. They’re a network that DOES NOT deserve Alex’s talents what’s so ever! I too would run as fast as I can and don’t look back…getting burn twice with one network isn’t worth it. I too hate playing the waiting game. I just don’t have the time for it! I just live day by day and I am real thankful for it. It’s not easy; specially since I have Acute Leukemia and are real grateful that I even made another day, week, month or even a year. I just wish you and my fellow ALEX FAN’S a Happy X-Mas and New year as well. I just know that Alex is going to have a FABULOUS New Year – as Alex having projects in the works. CBS just doesn’t get it!!!!

  63. The more this sinks in, the angrier I get! CBS never gave Three Rivers the same push that it gave NCIS LA or the Good Wife. Those actors were booked on major morning and late night talk shows. They were given great time slots—put Three Rivers in ANY other time slot and it would do great! Not only was Alex and the rest of the cast wonderful, the show was trying to tell such important stories. I guess that is not what is important to CBS. I am not watching ANY more CBS TV.

    For Alex’s sake, I hope this an opportunity to move forward and have an incredible movie career! I look forward to seeing him on the BIG screen where he belongs!

  64. Group hug (((Alex))) ! Love him and will continue to support him in anything that he does! Alex is wonderful, brilliant actor. He just needs the right series or movie to showcase his abilities as a talented actor that he is. Continue to believe in him and know that his strong work ethic will carry him through. He is mentally tough and physically…well…gorgeous! I continue to look forward to The Back-Up Plan April 16, 2010 in U.S. theaters. Hope he does a ton of interviews and photo ops for this movie. I need my Alex fix 🙂

  65. I am so mad. We all know what CBS did wrong, and this is ridiculous. Alex worked so hard on this show – just like he did on Moonlight – and believed in it so strongly – and look what they have done to him again. I am pissed.
    I hope Alex gets away from CBS so he can be treated like the true star that he is.

  66. I am so saddened by this news. Poor Alex. He put his heart and soul into this role. He’s such a terrific actor. He needs to go to another network where he will be appreciated. Thanks Tiffany.

  67. I am boycotting CBS because they canceled Moonlight and I NEVER missed an episode of that and now Three Rivers??? I will NOT watch CBS again for any reason because they cancel the good shows and keep the ones that SUCK!!!

    1. I totally agree with you. I too will be boycotting CBS. They don’t know a good show when they see one. Any until now there was TR but now they just have dumb shows on that network. No more CBS for me. NEVER!

  68. My heart aches for Alex. I just want to hold him and tell him everything will be alright. I know that he will come out on top but it’s just so hard to know that he’s going through this again. He studied so hard to get this role just right. He always puts his heart and soul into his roles. I too hope that he will leave CBS. It’s obvious that they don’t give a crap about him.

    Alex please know that we will continue to support you in whatever you do. ALWAYS!!! You have a LOT of people who love you and wish you the best.

  69. What the HELL is wrong with the idiots at CBS? Three Rivers was great! Poor Alex….

  70. This is sad new for the fans of Three Rivers, I feel for Alex, he has put his heart and soul into this showl. If CBS cannot make this show work, or if it is not picked up by another network, I hope CBS does not have a “holding agreement” on Alex after they have done this to him again. Alex, we love you, thank you for being the upmost professional even thru the tough times.

  71. I too am heart broken for Alex. He is such a beautiful and caring person. This show was never given a decent chance to find an audience and once again CBS should be ashamed!

    I hope with all my heart that Alex and everyone else at THREE RIVERS knows they made a positive impact on many lives by bringing organ donation into the national spotlight!

    Any of you who are able to comment directly to Alex, please, PLEASE tell him how much we ALL LOVE AND SUPPORT HIM!

  72. How horrible for Alex and the fans:-( he put so much work into this role, it is not fair. I was loving the show, even though it was axed here in Australia after only one show I was watching it on You Tube. I hope he gets a proper chance with another network/channel. He could come home for a bit but as you all know there is not much work for an actor here in Australia:-(

  73. My heart is breaking at this time for Alex. After reading his myspace blog…I can’t image what he must be going through. Everything that I’ve read about Alex and heard in his interviews, he puts everything he’s got into each and every role he takes on. Knowing how hard he worked at this role, it just doesn’t seem fair that this is happening to such a talented and gifted actor. I know that he will come out on top and continue to do well. I will miss seeing him every week in something new and exciting. I don’t understand the tv business and definitely don’t understand why they will not give new shows time to get their feet underneath them. I felt that Three Rivers was just hitting its stride with excellent episodes. I know that if I were an actor on that show, I’d have a hard time going into film the last few episodes knowing that they will probably never be shown to the public. At this time, there is hardly anything that I watch on the “big” networks because I feel that it’s the same thing over and over again with every show. Three Rivers was the only show on CBS that I did watch so I won’t be watching their channel anymore. Actually I think that Alex should look into a series on USA network or even head back to FX. They seem to really be churning out the hits lately and I usually get hooked on them and have a hard time when they go into their finales since it’s not the normal schedule that the “big” networks use.

    Alex, keep your head up and keep on smiling…wonderful things are going to be coming your way soon!!!

    Tiffany — thanks again for all the great updates on Alex and I look forward to continuing to see “all things Alex”. If you can, please let us know an address that we can send our well wishes to Alex going forward as I’m sure the current address will no longer be valid.

  74. Unfortunately, our comments, etc. to CBS have been and will continue to be ignored. They are not the least bit interested in quality programming – they do not know the meaning of what “quality” is – they are more interested in quantity of shows, or should I say clones of other shows. Once again, Alex is the one paying the price. TPTB at this moronic network have their own agenda and unless a show comes out of the box as a “hit”, then they cast it off and move on – they could care less about the fans of “Three Rivers”, “Moonlight”, or the many shows cancelled in this manner. All the letter writing, etc. does not seem to phase these people because there are too many other people out there hooked on their stupid shows like “Survivor”, and their entire “comedy” lineup, shows targeted for the purpose of the almighty $$$$$ and not necessiarily for the sake of quality programming. The only way CBS will get the message is if people change the channel and boycott CBS but it looks like the majority of TPTB share the same mentality as those who think “Survivor” is a show worth watching. Guess “Three Rivers” wasn’t gross or disgusting enough, better yet, it wasn’t stupid enough for them to support it. I for one will be changing channels immediately.


  76. WOW….. um,… thanks Alex of well… doing what you are very good indeed at and that is of putting into that of life into who you are protraying… and for sure giving 1000% too .

    and well please know that you and everyone on Three Rivers for sure 100% + not only gave us that of lives of people.. and yet too for sure that of information medical wise that well chances of find out..its for sure rare theses days. and for sure too.. caring,,

    for its so easy theses days to walk away and not get involved.. or as to change the tv channel.., or what have you…

    thank you for doing what you love and yup.. for sure giving way over 100%+..

    and yes as that saying goes.. as one road may seem to come to an end.. just keep looking for if u take a closer look you may only find not a road of a road.. and it may of only be a path.. yet before any road became a road it was just only a path… and who knows of where it may lead…

    you take care and yup as this window of may close.. the next for sure can be one that of opens up even larger and wider unto you…

    1. Well said. He is a wonderful actor , I will miss him on Sunday nights.

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