Hawaii Five-0 Production Ceremony Photo

Here is a pic from CBS. Enjoy!!

HawaiiFiveO  kicked off production in Honolulu today with a traditional Hawaiian blessing in honor of its host culture!

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  1. Hey. New 2 this sort of thing. Just wondering if any1 out there knows if Australia will get 2 c any of the H50 shows. In the slight chance the man frm down under reads this Alex frm 1 Aussie to another you are ‘fair dinkum’ in the career you chose. Bring it on btw down under huh.

  2. Tiffany, it’s great to hear from you again! Thanks for all the latest information about Alex.
    Alex, I wish you and the cast and crew the very best with H5O!

  3. Carol: Look closely at the music video “Release me” where he is arriving at LAX ….short clip of (I think) his sister right behind him, then when he’s signing autographs for Back Up Plan she is behind him on his left…again, short, dark straight hair, sweet face, you only see her for a moment but this is one of several times I’ve spotted her. She’s a year younger than he is and since we all know he’s very protective of his family would probably not want her right in front of the camera…they said she and he saw a special showing of Back Up Plan together and she thought it should have a sequel……nahhhh, no more JLo..she helped put him on the Big screen, but he’s much more a Hawaii Five o type a guy. Those videos of him are just terrific and I look at them every day…Falling for You and Tall Dark Handsome Stranger by Hart are my favorites…yummy…. have a great day suzanne

    1. Suzanne, In the picture from the airport is she wearing glasses? I kind of thought they were together too. I’m on an older computer right now so I can’t watch videos, but will certainly check it out. Do we know his sisters name? I just love hearing ANY info about him. Would so love to see a baby picture of him. Can you just imagine, OMG! That would just melt my heart. Keep us updated… Thanks

  4. Dear Sheryl: Alex isn’t a Gemini (that’s June) he’s a Virgo…..like me….August 24th is his birthday. Whatever…we love him and that’s the name of that game. Again, go to “Alex O’Loughlin Music Videos” on your Google or whatever, the best are “RElease me”, “Falling for You” and “Tall Dark Handsome Stranger”.. I even think I saw his sister in the background of the one where he’s signing autographs for Back Up…she’s cute, short, and looks as adorable as he is. I know she was with him during that time….Love, Suzanne

    1. Suzanne, Which video did you see his sister in, and how did you know who she was? I so much would like to see her. Thanks, Carol

  5. Wishing Alex and the whole crew the best of luck with filming H5O. Can hardly wait for the fall to see the series. Love ya Alex, you roc.


  7. Tiffany – welcome back – we missed you !!!!!!

  8. Anybody who spends any time on the Islands knows the power of the kahuna. Blessings are a MUST if projects are to be successful. The Hawaiian gods are not to be trifled with! The story is–not even Pearl Harbor could be completed without a sacrifice to the tiger shark goddess. So this must mean H5O will be a HUGE success! You go Alex!!

  9. Hey Tiffany!

    Let’s hope we will be able to send the cards to him and that he will receive them. I think it’s really amazing all the support he has from all of us, I mean, you guys from the U.S, and some of us from other countries, I think it’s important that he knows how much love and support he’s getting from all over the world and also how excited we are about the new show H50. Tiffany, I would like to thank you personally for this site and the opportunity that you gave us to share our thoughts and love for Alex. Thank you girl..you Rock! =D.

    Costa Rica

  10. What a wonderful photo. There was a small bit regarding Five-O in a recent TV Guide and a small picture of ALex on the front of the TV Guide. I am so looking forward to this new Five-O.
    Thanks for keeping us informed and providing photos.

  11. Well, according to CBS they track fan mail that goes to:

    Alex O’Loughlin
    CBS Audience Services
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    LA, CA 90036

    I will still keep an eye for a HI address though, because who nows how promptly they will forward his mail. As for trusting CBS.. well they handled all his mail last year when he was filming 3R and we know he got that because he posted pictures.

  12. Thank you once again Tiffany for keeping us updated on what’s going on with Alex and his professional life.
    Its really difficult to get information about Alex and this project although all efforts I do searching the web, specially being a foreigner.
    Thank you.
    At this moment I can only wish Alex and the whole cast as well as their crew (without forgetting the writers because they DO make a show to succeed or not) and I truly truly truly hope for a huge success.

    Alex you deserve all the best in the world as you have stayed humble and committed to your objectives and I’m hoping that what I saw on you, as a fan, a few year ago with our beloved Moonlight, will shine to the world making the realize how special and talented you are.

  13. Wishing Alex heartfelt thoughts and the entire cast of Hawaii Five O. Also, that the ratings go threw the roof.

    Love & Hugs,

  14. This is a great photo. Wishing nothing but the best for Alex and the whole cast for a great
    and successful show that runs for many years. Can’t wait for it to start. Love you Alex !!!

  15. · Edit

    So happy to see this great news about Alex and H50…It’s coming on the heels of the news that appears in the new TVGuide mag today..Alex is actually on THE COVER….and an articfle inside on H50 and ComicCon in SanDiego. Ck it out. Alex rules and shines …Thank you Tiffany for all you input.

  16. Ooops…! forgot to put in the street address:

    again: United Talent Agency, 9560 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 500, Beverly HIlls, CA 90212. Sure am going to send him a birthday card August 24th! If anyone knows of a better address, please let us know. Suzanne

  17. Welcome back Tiffany!!! hoped you were just away on vacation and were coming back…you did! I did some checking and found out on another site that Alex ‘s new talent agency and the person who is representing him is:
    Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Chris Hart
    United Talent Agency Suite 500
    Beverly Hills CA 90212

    I already printed this out on the last information you sent on Alex’s next to last episode of 3 Rivers. Hope this is right….his agent should surely know how to get in touch with him…trust CBS??? I don’t think so. GREAT PHOTO of Alex and crew…with blessings like that they are sure to make this show a BIG hit…I am more than happy. I also mentioned I got a surprise inthe mail a couple weeks ago…a photo I copied of Alex on line…sent it to him with a postage stamped self addressed envelope and asked him to autograph it HE DID! “To Suzanne, Love Alex O’Loughlin xxxoooxxx” To say it made my day would be an understatement but the address I used was not this new one …….He cares enough to try and please his fans…the 3rd photo I got signed from him. First two when he was just completing Moonlight. Love from Suzanne His Forever Fan

  18. Thanks Tiffany, the photo is great. Also thank you for trying to find out what Alex’s new address is, especially before his birthday as I wouldn’t want to miss sending him my best wishes.
    To my beautiful Alex and his wonderful cast of Hawaii Five-0, I wish you all love and success for Hawaii Five-0. XXOO

  19. Thank you for the picture Tiffany and will watch for Alex’s Hawaii address. Wish I could be there too. Was there once and it was awesome, just beautiful. Had the time of my life. I wish them all the best of luck and success with this show. It looks really good. It’s good to see they are getting blessings – that never hurts. Alex you’re the best. Love, Laura

  20. I think that is a bit rude of CBS to return peoples mail! Are they giving them a forwarding address? Would be a bit heartbreaking to have something returned to sender after sending to Alex. Will be waiting to see the new address:)

    Thanks for the photo – we have heard so little of Alex lately.

  21. Tiffany, to send Alex’s Birthday Cards do we send it to Alex O.Loughlin c/o Hawaii Five O
    CBS studios / Los Angeles, Ca.? I guess we’ll know when you do.

    Good luck to Alex and the cast of H5O

    1. I have had several reports that CBS is returning any mail sent to Alex in LA C/O of CBS. We need a HI address.

      1. Welcome back Tiffany. We sure missed you. Yes, good luck to our Alex and that Hawaii 5-0 has awesome ratings. Take care Tif.


  22. Alex best of luck with 5 o can t wait to c u to tv again by the way happy early birthday hope all your wishes come ture u r the best gemini

  23. tiffany could you give us an address to send alex birthday card to for next month thanks

    1. I am working on it. CBS hasn’t announced what their production headquarters mailing address is in Hawaii… but I sent emails to 3 different CBS execs today, so we shall see.

  24. i want to wish alex and the rest of the cast lots of luck with the show and send my best to alex good luck this one is for you all my best

  25. · Edit

    What a wonderful idea!!How can they lose after that. Wishing darling Alex and all the cast and crew much love ,sucess and hapiness for the 1st Season and many more to come

  26. All the blessings, all the luck and all my love to Alex and the rest of the cast.

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