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  1. i am almost 70 years old and the number one star i would love to meet is alex. i dont know what it is about him but of all the stars i have seen in my life he is so special. i love his smile. loved him as a vampire. watched it faithfully and now dont miss any 5 o s

    1. Beverly – I agree completely. I’m 55 and just simply adore him. I’ve been following him since Moonlight and am completely addicted – :heart: SIGH…. I’d love to meet him too! Can’t wait for s3 to start! :heart:

  2. I think it’s about time we had another sexiest man alive from Australia. All those
    in favour of Alex O’Loughlin…

  3. So glad they’re letting him be tattooed. It must be a huge relief for him to not have to get those large ones on his arms covered all the time.

    1. Alex is the only man alive that can wear his tats GREAT. I also glad that they are letting him show them off….that’s him…tats and all. He’s free as a bird…a big
      YEA for him :love:

  4. Can hardly wait for H5O to air in the fall. They have even announced the filming of it on our local radio station in Sturgeon Bay, Wi.

  5. Phyllis….so glad you enjoyed the music video “RElease Me” Everyone should go over to
    alex Oloughin music videos on google or wherever….he has MANY music videos and some of them you just wanta sit there all night and watch. I don’t know who these talented people are who put them together but the do a terrific job. Also think I spotted Alex’s sister in one of those crowd scenes where he’s signing autographs for Back Up….she’s a real sweet girl, kinda short, sort of in the back ground. I know he brought her over to see the opening. What I’d REALLY like is a photo of his son but want NO paparazzi to go after them! Love his forever Fan Suzanne

    1. My fav video of Alex is titled “Addicted to Moonlight” with Etta James song “I just want to make love to you.” HOT HOT HOT!! It’s on YouTube. Just search “Alex O’Loughlin” when you get there.

  6. He looks so gorgeous… reminds me of the couple of The Shield episodes he did. He was awesome! I´m sure this show will increase his popularity and fan base a lot. Good for you, Alex!

  7. It looks like Alex is going to have to keep his curly hair short–or he’ll have FRIZZ! That Hawaiian humidity can give anybody a bad hair day!

  8. That’s my cutie. I miss him. 😉

    1. Keep dream’n Yoli Alex is our cutie.

  9. i cant wait to it comes out he looks so good i wish him all the luck in the world alex you go all the best your fan

  10. Alex almost always looks like you would love to give him a big hug and kiss..he’s the most pleasant person (and STAR) I think I have ever seen. And I’ve seen MANY years of Tv/movies…a real person, with a real heart and soul….try U Tube music videos about him..especially “Release Me’ and you will melt. Suzanne His forver Fan

    1. Suzanne—just checked out the You Tube “Release Me” video. You are so, so right on. It’s just perfect for us Alex fans—-what a beautiful man and so sweet too. Thanks for pointing out that You Tube has some great videos of him.

  11. Thanks for the clip. Hawaii is definitely going to be hopping with fans and cameras what with the filming of Hawaii Five-O and the new Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp and Alex O’Loughlin on the same island….gee, I want to go to Hawaii!!!

    I liked that small bit they did on the clip showing Jack Lord – that is always nice to acknowledge the original series. I am looking forward to Alex O’Loughlin’s McGarrett, too.

  12. I absolutely ADORE Alex’s voice! He looks so professional doesn’t he?
    I miss Alex so so so much.
    He looks so young yet so mature. Alex’s little smile is about to kill me.
    I never saw the 1st version for this show (70’s ?) so I’m so looking forward to see it and absorb all details possible.

    Obrigada (as always, lots of kisses and hugs from Portugal)

  13. Thanks Tiffany for this great picture and video from the first day on the H5-0 set!!! Alex looks absolutly gorgeous!!!

  14. Oh My God! i feel like is taking for ever, i just can’t wait to see this….i love you Alex!


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