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  1. What have they done to our Alex? I just watched the 4 minute Alex video as “Mick”. Alex moves smoothly, sat in that chair with a smirk with that Henley shirt and that hair. He looked 20 lbs heavier of muscle. His teeth looked real and great! CBS- captivate his real appeal, his sexy voice.

  2. I have been reading on line off and on all day and no one is saying anything good about Back Up Plan. I am so sad!! What’s the matter with these people? Get away from CBS Alex, I have heard you quoted as you really like her( Nina Tassler) but those people at CBS sure have done some pretty awful things to his career. If Hawaii Five 0 doesn’t get acccepted there will be many heart broken fans out here !!!! Better put it on Alex does not deserve another slap in the face. ADORE YOU ALEX, HANG IN THERE. SUZANNE YOUR FOREVER FAN….

  3. April is almost here!!! I can’t wait for my ‘date’ with Alex on the big screen!!! Tiffany, as always, thank you for the pics and videos that help us hold on till the movie comes out! 🙂 XOX

  4. I was just thinking how terrific had Sophia Myles been his partner in this movie instead of JLo ( nothing against JLo you fans out there!) Alex and Sophia had such undeniable chemistry. And he make her look good as well. We fell in love with that story as well as those actors.

  5. This is gonna a be a BIG hit!! I’ve even called my local theatre to see if I can have any posters of ads from the movie to take home. (After ifs had its two months run!! That would be great. Love Love Love that man Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan Hugs, Tiffany!!!

  6. Yoli….we went to see Bounty Hunter with jerry butler and jen anniston……it was funny but anti-climatic after seeing Alex up there.Cannot wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love the fact that “Entertainment Tonight” had a full week of promotion for TBUP. The more previews I see, the funnier this movie looks to be. Nice to hear compliments from J-Lo about Alex – but as Sandra said, she’s not telling us anything that we don’t already know, LOL. This is the exposure that Alex needs – looks like this will be a huge success. Can’t wait for the movie and then the DVD. Thanks Tiffany fo the info – great job as always.

  8. JLo is tealling us fans what we already know. Alex is a good actor with impecable timing. The Bacj Up Plan is showing as a forth coming movie apparently at lots of cinemas. I lady I know went to see Bounty Hunter ands they showed a preview of BUP. I have to wait until May in OZ.

  9. WOW! Everyone that goes to see the movie Alex fans or not will fall in love with Alex just
    like WE did. I even have my daughter going to see the movie with me as well as some
    friends. Alex in his Dress Blues is now my screen saver.

    Thank you THANK YOU, Tiffany for all the up dates and the dedication you have to all of Alex’s
    fans. Doen’t know what we would do with out you.
    Thanks again.

  10. hi thanks for the photos of alex i cant wait to see the movie if not i will get the dvd
    i love alex

  11. Saw previews on the big screen last nite!!! My oh my!!!!!! he does take your breath away!!!!!!

    1. Jean++what big screen did u see these previews? The more u c him, the more u love him..

  12. thank you Tiffany . for sure am going to enjoy going to see this movie for sure.

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