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  1. Come on Danno, smile. love the show & the cast. Best tv remake ever. I vaguely remember the old show, but it pales in comparision to the new one.

    BOOK EM’ DANNO! :whistle:

  2. Cinthia i did not know how Grace Park got her big break in tv so thankyou for that news! Drew
    loves Grace! I just love Alex :heart: ! Grace and Alex are wonderful on the show! So is the rest of the cast too! Thankyou for the news! Keep up the great work! 😀

  3. Comment 😮 What isure hope they keep Grace! So does my boyfriend Drew! :woot: HE really likes Grace! I like her on the show!

    1. Michele, maybe I read too much between lines but someone say that Grace was in this series WAY before she was in Hawaii 5-0. She was just a beautiful kid in Canada when she made this. its about high schoolers !!!.Its in syndication Not a new show.. It has just been renewed but the title of the article for me it made me wonder as it is confusing. I hope is not true

  4. Out of the topic question. Has anyone read or heard anything that Grace Park is joining the cast of a TV show she was on before she was cast for H50? I read on the internet that there is a show were Grace Park was famous b efore H50, that will be renewed soon. But nothing has been said if Grace Park will join the cast of that TV show. This is pure speculation and do not get me wrong, please.

    If I mean If, Grace Park is joining the cast of that TV show, it means that indeed she be the one leaving H50 as Im not sure if she can be in 2 shows at the same time, which I doubt. , and for sure she be the one who gets killed as the statement says ” one of their own”. Like I said this si pure speculation from my part, but since I read those news that that Canadian tv show is renewed , one may wonder if Grace will join the cast too, although nothing oficial has b een said about it.

  5. Cinthia..you are right….never really noticed Scott note smiling thwt much….wonder why :angel: He seems like such a happy person otherwise, especially on the show they did with his Dad James. I sure would like to have the opportunity to make him smile..but that’s another story!! :p

    1. Suzanne I jsut saw anothger photo of Scott with the 4 core taken I think yesterday or Friday with a dog (A german shepard) and there were Grace, Daniel Alex (with the biggest smile of the 3) and Scott. those 3 smiling but then again in that picutre the serious one is Scott, not even a small smile, anything, unlike the other 3 all smiling and happy. Is it Scott personality? I guess Scott is camera shy when it comes to his personal life. I mean smile does not hurt anything. I guess he transmit that to the show as in the show Danny is not a smily person either.

      I do wnat to know why Scott never smiles

  6. I am still so sad that Alex won’t be in the cross over show….that would have been great I know.but he had to to what he had to do and he is looking much better and back with the gang. I wonder if he’lll go back to Austrailia for hiatus. Would be nice if he could do something dramatic show that wouldn’t have him crashing into things! :woot: One site said they won’t start 3rd season till late next fall 🙁 I will miss him big time; Hope you can fill us in on anything meanwhile Tiffany….it means so much to us and big hug to you :love:

    1. I also wish if Alex besides resting and enjoy his free time and more importantly finish healing, during hiatus, do a similar thing like Scott will do, that he be doing some theater presentations during hiatus.

      I mean maybe be a guest star back in Australia in some TV show doing a totally different role or doing a small role in movies that does not require a lot of work as he be in hiatus, even theater also. I dont know something where he can be more marketeable and more noticeable to the population and people start to know him better.

      I read sometime ago a fan saying that Alex need to be more out there in the business to be more recognized, I mean after all he is an actor he cant be secluded in privacy 100% of his time, of course celebrities have the right to be private and people respect their privacies, I am for that, but it wont hurt if the person gets a bit more recognized by people and attend more celebrities event. I know Alex is not so much fond of that beause he is very reserved and private, I understand but it wont hurt to be out just a little bit.

  7. It seems our boy is dooing fine……thanks Tiff for the pics (and Daniel too) :heart: :love:

  8. I’ll add my thanks, Tiffany, for posting this great picture! And thanks to DDK as well for sharing. He must have known all of Alex’s fans were concerned for his health. Good to see him so happy! :heart:

  9. Tiffany, thank you for the latest update about Alex. Many thanks to Daniel for posting this photo of the Hawaii Five-O team. Alex looks terrific with everyone, and it’s wonderful he’s back!

  10. I am so happy to see him all happy and smiling 😀 i am so in love with alex he makes my heart sing lol :love: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  11. great picture thank you! so glad to see you looking well again alex, we can see those gorgeous muscles again under your shirt. welcome back alex all the best to you my babe.

  12. 😀 Everyone looks happy and healthy!

  13. Ohh my I cant stop looking at he picture. It is so so lovely :heart: 😀 and pretty all of them smiling (well except Scott) and Alex with the biggest smile of them all, huggng his partners from work. Alex look very excited, happy and healthy here. So so happy for that :love: :p I missed him very much, So happy and excited he is BACK!!! Looking forward to see him even more on Season 3.

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    Best news ever. Couldn’t be happier to see this great photo. Thanks so much once again Tiffany for sharing.

  15. I will add in my Thank You’s also to Tiffany and also to DDK for this awesome picture.
    Alex looks as I expected, weight and healthy looking and surely looks happy. Yeah. Our
    crew is back and looking good. Thank The Lord.

  16. Thanks Tiffany for keeping us up to date. So good to see Alex looking healthy and that wonderful smile on his face again. Our Fab Four are back! :love: :heart:

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    Thankyou Tiffany for the wonderful website you have! WE ladies sure love it down here in
    ST Pete FL! You all! We sure make Alex feel at home down here! :woot: :love: Him!

  18. Thanks Tiffany and Daniel for this lovely picture. . That picture is so lovely, you can feel the Ohana between them. They look great. Alexx look so happy and healthy, thank God. He look so handsome as usual. Im very happy he is back, cant wait to see him in the last 2 episode.

    I just have one tiny little question since it is not the first time I notice this but alreayd more than once. Why Scott Caan never smiles when people take pictures of him? I have seen him in other photo shoots and practically he harldy smiles. They all seem so happy and excited in this picture I wonder why Scott seem not so happy about it. Maybe is his personality, smiling is always a good thing.

  19. alex looks soo happy ! ! ! 😆 😆 😆 :love: tnx to daniel dae kim :heart: & tiffany 😉

  20. Thanks Tiffany and Daniel Dae Kim for the photo. Alex looks great and very happy,in fact they all look great and very happy too. :love:

  21. :love: AComment Alex is so hot! I really enjoy seeing him look so happy! I love five o cast! :heart:

  22. Alex looks wonderful. Such a glorious smile !!! :love: :heart: :love: Thanks, Tiffany.

  23. So very happy to see Alex ( my heart throb) back and looking so happy and feeling great.
    I am excited to see the next episode that he is in. Thank you for sharing the photo

  24. Thank-you Tiffany and Daniel for sharing this great photo! Alex looks healthy and happy to be back……missed that smile!! :kiss: :heart:

  25. :heart: Comment I love Alex glad tosee he looks so happy and hot! :love: Alex seems like a
    real strong person!

  26. Welcome Back, Alex!! He looks great .. very healthy and ready to take on more action packed scenes as McGarrett. So glad he’s back! :kiss:

  27. Glad to see that Alex is back on set and looking well. My son and I love this show. Scott doesn’t look too happy here though. Maybe he was tired with the night shoot and all. Anyway, great show, great chemistry between the actors.

  28. Thx Tiffany and to Daniel for sending the photo. Alex looks great !! :love:

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    :heart: :love: Love to see all those smiles,
    Thanks to Daniel for this great photo
    Thank you for sharing it with all of us
    Hugs 😀

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