Alex on Set with Director Larry Teng

A photo taken on the set of H50 episode 2.22 as it wrapped up. Tweeted by director/Producer Larry Teng. Alex looks really tired but it may have been a grueling day on set.

He also tweeted this:
That’s a wrap on Ep 2.22 of #H50… Might overtake 2.15 as my most fave episode that I’ve done with this awesome crew. Epic is the word.

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  1. :heart: My darling Alex…you are such a special man. Lord how I wish he could read these words. So proud of you the way you came through your recent “troubles”…health and happiness to you and a good rest before they put you through your paces again. Lord, I hope they don[‘t overdo the physicality of your part and have you hurt again but your part in that drama is so physical I don’t see how they could tone it down. Hopefully, the powers that be will have some good sense. Buring you out is NOT what we want to see. ^_^ You are so versitile it shouldn’t be necessary to put you through meat grinder every week. The body is only so strong and you aren’t 25 anymore! Love love, and can’t wait to see you next season..Love and prayers :love: Suzanne your Forever fan remember fans, let CBS, TV Guide and of those publications now we love our Alex and treat him write….

  2. Someone, can’t remember who, asked why they couldnt get into the site “Alex OLoughlin Rocks”…..I just go into my Google, type in Alex Oloughlin and a bunch of his sites come up including AOL Rocks…which is a good site. Lots of info (not nullifying the good work Tiffany does) I’m no computer geek…hope I am on the same page as the person who asked the question 🙂

    1. Several of us here cant access to the Alex O Loughlin Rocks, to post comments, to see the page without registering as a member you can see the site but if u want to register as a member and post comments, you cant, something about the page that do not accept the username does not allow to post comments. I do not know how other fans can do it and not others.

      Is it next Monday yet to start to watching the remaining 3 new episodes of the season?? Wow this week is going to be looooooong

  3. thanks for the pic tiff, alex looking good, bit tired but looking good! lovin season two. we have just had the valentines day episode…….. gorgeous in his suit i must say. all the best to you alex.

  4. Tiffany, thank you for the recent photo of Alex. I’m very happy he’s back!

  5. Great picture Tiffany! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. he does look really tired in this pic!! i hope they give him the time he needs to completely feel better!! He does look fuller in the face though and has some color back in him that is a great sign!! i wish he wasn’t so tired :straight: I love Alex he is so special!1 :heart: :heart: :love:

  7. I’m sure some of you have seen this on another site, but, for those who haven’t, here goes:

    Devon Nekoba was being interviewed. He played TSA Myers in the recent episode with Steve’s sister. “I was practically running after Alex (in the scene) because he walks so fast.” “O’Loughlin and Caan had a nice rapport together and Caan’s dog, Dot, was always with him.” When he encountered Alex for the first time, he saw Alex waiting by a van and thought, “I’m going to ride with Alex?” O’Loughlin put out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Alex.” “I kept my cool, and said ‘Hi, I’m Devon,’ but I was thinking ‘Um, DOH, of course you are Alex.” Once in the van, Alex asked him, “Hey, do you want to run lines?” and so they spent the ride preparing for their scene together.

    This, for those that don’t get Alex, is why we admire him so much. So down to earth and sensitive enough to know when someone might feel a little intimated on his first day to the set. It’s nice to see he hasn’t changed with fame.

    1. Shirley I have read the article about that local actor and his first encounter with Alex. For sure it seems Alex is a very humble, down to earth, accesible guy and very helpful. Not many actors are like this, because nowdays many actors and actresses are so stuck up and arrogant tthat they believe they are God or a Goddess and people have to yield to their demands and stuff, like they are untouchable. Alex seems so different from many of those actors and actresses, even if he is an actor and are involved in the entertainment business.

      I will like to mention here some of the words Alex had told to magazine interviews during the course of many years, regarding fame, pouplarity and beign famous in the industry.

      ““I like my job, and I’m not naive or ignorant to the nature of what happens in this industry, but I didn’t become an actor to get famous. I became an actor because I love the work.”

      ““I think [Aussies] have a really good work ethic – we don’t sit around and moan that we haven’t got the right flavored candles in our trailers. The things you hear, it’s like, are you kidding? You’re overpaid as it is, just shut up and get on with it.”

      “At the end of the day, I’m either an asset or a liability. I’m either making money or I’m not. You can’t take it personally. That’s a mistake a lot of young actors make when they come to Hollywood. They fall into that trap of believing they’re special.”

      Those are just fo a few words that Alex has said and what he thinks of fame and popularity.

      I hope Alex will never change the way he is as a person and as a human being just because he is an actor in a very demanding business that is Hollywood

  8. · Edit

    Oh so glad to see that gorgeous smile….and if he can smile thru the fatigue all well and good. i’m with you all, looking forward to the upcoming episodes …with STEVE.

  9. OMG Can Alex EVER look bad???? Because I have NEVER EVER EVER seen a bad picture of this hunky guy!!!

  10. Tiff as I know u are very resourceful. I hope you can find and post them here some new pictures on the internet a friend just sent me of new photos of the infamous Ep. 2.22 where Steve and Wo fat are together and cuffed to each other.

    Cant wait for that episode for sure but I believe as I read somewhere I dont know if it strue or not, the Wo fat character will be on episode 2.22 but not in the last episode of the season. Does anyone know anything?

  11. Thanks Tiffany for the photo. Alex does look tired but he will soon be able to rest,as the season will be coming to an end and he will be on hiatus. I agree Shirley we will all volunteer to cook for Alex,anytime. 😀 :love:

  12. Alex looks really good. Much much better. A little tired but his job is dema 😀 nding

  13. Dear Tiffany i really enjoy the weekly up dates on Alex! I really enjoy being a part of the weekly post!I am so happy to hear about Alex”s wellness! Thankyou Tiffany for all the news I really do care about his rehab and how he is ! Thankyou again Tiffany! :

  14. Great to see Alex looking much more healthier,a nd back enjoying his work.

  15. I am grateful for the picture of proof that Alex is back and healthy! Thanks Tiffany for sharing the evidence. I bet this ep will be brilliant with his return and enthusiasm to be back at work…so it will be a must see. 😀

  16. So good to have visual affirmation that Alex is recovering from this ordeal. Many thanks Tiffany for always keeping us up to date.

  17. Thanks Tiff for this gorgeous picture of Alex 😀 . He sure look tired but my guess is for sure that after filming a very intense episode, who wont be that tired after running outdoors, and doing some heavy duty scenes and being very acting filiming that kind of an episode especially when the season will soon come to an end. Alex look good here it looks he did put some pounds, his face look fuller than the last episode we all watched from him.

    I do have some oither little spoilers from that particular episode. If you want to know what they are just let me know and I share the information.

  18. Agree with the above! I’m sure by alex’s looks this was an action packed episode and probably couldn’t wait to dive back in feeling like he is normal alex again. The transformation of the person after rehab is wonderful and emotional. That is where his friends and family come in to see that. Thanks Tiffany you do a great job. Shirley your right. I’ll cook for sure! 😀

  19. Looks tired butgood – probably very long hours on set! Can hardly wait to see this episode. If Alex thinks its epic – it must be!! Thanks for all the pix and info you post Tiffany – is much appreciated.

  20. hi yes you are right alex looks so tired and he loos better he looks like he but on the pounds i must day alex looks good

  21. I agree, Tiffany; Alex does look tired. But it probably was a grueling shoot. He still needs to put on a bit more weight. I’m sure all of us will volunteer to cook for him!

    Thanks for the photo and the tweet.

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