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  1. WOW! Alex & Jennifer photos together really makes me so happy. Seeing THEM both makes me feel so proud of them both of all their movie lives accomplishment. In my heart wishing Alex & Jennifer have coming NEW movie soon. I am gratefully looking forward to have them both back with their happy plans together in the future and coming ahead…….
    MORE HAPPINESS, BLESSINGS and LUCKINESS. Happy New Year 2011 to both of you
    Alex&Jennifer. :heart:

  2. Alex is going to make this movie a hit.

  3. I’m with you Heather but I am looking forward to seeing Alex in his upcoming projects.

  4. hi they are right jlo did most of the taking and alex did not say much but i love the photo
    any way

  5. yeah, JLo needs to shut up sometimes and let him talk, she’s starting to act and look like the diva she so desparately wants to negate..

    1. When you get that RICH ($$$$-wise) you forget what it was like starting out — you become self-important. She also forgot that she needs a ‘great’ leading man to play along side her to make her look good.

  6. CBS films is promoting the hell out of this moive – too bad their TV division didn’t put that effort into “Moonlight” or “Three Rivers” – anyway, the promos are on every channel, even during the “Elite 8” of the NCAA games. As far as J-Lo acknowledging that Alex is in the movie – she has made a few comments here and there, all good BTW, but if she thinks he’s going to get into her limelight, she goes solo, as most divas do. The moive will be a success because of both of them wether J-Lo admits it or not. Can’t wait to see it, then buy the DVD.

  7. Tiffany, thank you so much for all your updates, they are so very much appreciated. I don’t often get the time to actually come on and post something, but I always love seeing your updates and links and am very grateful for them, thank you! 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to see this movie, it looks so good, and of course, I especially can’t wait to see our hottie again. H5O looks really great too, so I’m really hoping this will be a huge hit for him this time, so we don’t get the plug pulled on us again. It seems pretty perfect for him, as he’s so well suited to that type of roll, and hopefully they will create a hot love interest for him, quite early in the show, as I think that’s quite a big factor in getting and maintaining good ratings. Heather and Faye, I too still long for a Moonlight movie, I’m still addicted to that show and I’m still hanging out for more! Hopefully, if BUP is a big success and H5O gets picked up and does well, then hopefully the powers that be might feel more confident in tackling the Moonlight movie idea, as they will have a bigger fan base to draw on then – fingers crossed.

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    Love the photo. Would love even more seeing Alex on tlhe talk shows promoting this lovely film. And how about more promos in the celeb magazines???? I see lots of JLo but not enough Alex. Please people, MORE ALEX.

    1. I agree, Barbara.

  10. OMG…is he dreamy or what? <<<>>>>>>

  11. Is it just me or does ALEX get better looking everyday.He’s like fine wine he just gets
    better with age.

    Can’t wait for April 23rd, to see our love on screen.

    Tiffany do you know when in May H5O pilot will be on?

    Thanks as always for all the up-dates.

    1. Cozette, we won’t see the pilot in may, CBS will, and then they will decide if they will order more episodes and put the show on the Fall schedule. If they pick up the show we will see the pilot in September most likely.

  12. I feel the same way as Heather in terms of still missing Moonlight and so wanting a movie in the next year or so. I only want the movie if Alex is still interested. At this point even an expanded DVD would be nice. In terms of the Back Up Plan, I wish Alex would get a little more mention but I think once the movie is out, those unfamiliar with him will be charmed in more ways than one.

  13. Only reading FAn Fic of Moonlight keeps me going. IU visualise it when I read. Hanging out for a Movie or series. Will have to do with BUP and Hawaii 5 O, that’s of course if it gets picked up, and more importantly is on OZ TV, a channel that I can get.

  14. It would be darn nice if Jennifer woud said ONE WORD about Alex in this latest shot of her talking about the movie!!! She certainly didn’t do it by herself and Alex is gonna be the STAR in this one whether she knows it or not…..oh, well, guess ego just gets in the way for being nice to a co-star! Suzanne Forever Alex Fan

  15. SOUNDS GREAT anxiously waiting the movie to be released of Backup Plan and Hawaii Five-O..but, .HOWEVER, still want the impossible A MOVIE OF MOONLIGHT. I miss that more and more every day.

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