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  1. hi thanks i just watched it and i liked it very much i cant wait to see the movie

  2. Eres divino, bello, muy guapo y tu actuacion me encanta ademas Moonlight me parece super, asi que solo deseo que le den continuidad. La historia es genial y no tiene nada que envidiarle a The Vampire Diaries asi que es un exito seguro

  3. His new teeth are growing on me! 🙂 He is super HHHHHOT!!

  4. Hi Alex lovers, I agree that j. Lopez does not let Alex speak or interrupts him during all the interviews they have had concerning The Back Up Plan movie. I like her I think she is a good actress but I think she should look at these interviews and see what she is doing to Alex. Can’t wait for the movie to come. I love Alex too.

  5. What did he have done with his teeth? I can’t see it offhand. I heard him say he had lost a lot of weight when he got sick in Mexico and I’d say he ahs never gained it back. Hope the guy can get some sleep now!

    1. You are right there is not that much difference with having his teeth straightened and capped. I mean get over people. THE MAN IS SEXY HOT not matter what. I love his look in Hawaii 5-0 and the Whiteout. He has lost weight but is still buff. He’s been doing a lot and flying and interviews it’s only natural.

  6. hi i loved the photos of alex and i watched alex and jlo to and i must say alex allways takes a good photo he is so handsome i just love the smile who would not

  7. Alex does look a little tired but boy does he make tired look sexy. Is there anything this guy can’t do??? I must say I prefer his teeth the way they were ( not perfect) they look too fake, and he can do with a little more weight on. I thought he was perfect the way he looked when he was Mick St John. Maybe it’s his short hair that makes him look thinner.As long as he looks after himself and doesn’t get all caught up in the hollywood hype. Now I’m sounding like I’m his mum…lol Can’t wait for TBUP, in late May here in Australia.

    1. He does look tired these days but thats ok he is gorgeous either way and I agree Terri Im like come home for a rest and some good cooking and get a bit chunky again but as long as he is healthy and happy thats all that matters. And who cares about his teeth poor guy being in the hollywood spotlight so much these days he has to conform to the requirements of the job lets just hope he keeps his feet on the ground im sure us loyal fans will help him do that 🙂

    2. I think he should have left his teeth as they were,men are much better with natural teeth,also he looked much better carrying a little weight…that scene on the beach in Moonlight with his shirt undone…..he’s still gorgeous though..hope he doesn’t get obsessive about his looks..he’s naturally very good looking and sexy!!!

  8. Great video. I adore Alex, he’s so wonderful, but Ms Lopez is really getting on my last nerve. I can’t wait to see the movie, but only for Alex. I agree about Alex’s teeth being different. I wish he hadn’t done it – they were fine before, but we’ll be used to them soon. He still looks fabulous, though his hair is still too ‘military’. That will be fixed in a few weeks. LOL

  9. I think his teeth are fine, but his face is a lot thinner than it was. That’s the first thing I noticed while watching this interview. I think he’s just working so hard. Didn’t he lose some weight while he was shooting BUP and Three Rivers? I hope he starts appearing on talk shows alone to promote both of his projects. I do hate how all interviews are more about her than him, even when he’s sitting right next to her! I am not a fan of Jlo’s, but I will see this movie and buy the DVD. I will root for anything that Alex is in. Love you Alex:-)!!!!!

  10. Alex looks just fine. Handsome as usual. Maybe he was working a little to much there for a while. Now that he is done with BUP he won’t have such a heavy schedule and can get a little rest. Love ya Alex. Can’t wait for BUP and H5O.

  11. Holy crap JLo let Alex talk. Alex is too skinny, his teeth look hugh. I am worried about him. He doesn’t look the same. Maybe this weight loss and teeth thing is for a movie. Eat some bloody carps it is good once in awhile.

  12. I do hope Alex doesn’t loose any more weight, I think maybe he is working too hard and doesn’t eat at the proper times. I also think that some money hungry dentist has got hold of his teeth, his teeth were fine before, he has a beautiful smile. I do hope he doesn’t do any think else, we love you Alex just the way you are!!!!!

  13. alex i think you are so talented and you made my day when you sent me your photo of your handsome self i wish you all the happiness in the world you are a class act better then brad pitt anyday. god bless you can’t wait to see you on the big screen.

  14. Thank you for the pictures of Alex. He does look great as always but a little tired. I suppose he has been working hard on 5-0 and I’ve heard he gives everything he’s got and works long hours. Hope he takes care of himself and gets some rest. Wish I could be in Hawaii to take care of him. Was there once and did not want to come back to Wisconsin. I wish they would interview him alone also. Can’t wait for the Back Up Plan, it looks really funny. Is it just me or does anyone else miss his gorgeous “Mick” hair. Take care Alex. Love you.

  15. I too noticed his teeth, perhaps it is just he’s lost more weight.

  16. What can you say about JLO. Shes just a diva. Its always all about her. I agree with those of you who think Alex is looking very thin. Hope hes not ill. He lost that buff body and his hair. Really needs to let it grow again. Best of luck to Alex and his new endevors. Hoping these pan out for him.

  17. He does look tired. It also looks like he’s lost some weight – his face looks a little thinner. Kinda worried about him; hope he’s taking care of himself!

  18. JLo is so full of herself! I’ll go see BUP but only to see Alex. Helloooo Access Hollywood!! Get an interview with JUST ALEX–let him speak for himself! Oh, and when you look at pix done before BUP–he had his teeth done alright. Probably for the movie. No need Alex. You were beautiful without the “bling smile!”

    1. First in my earlier response I meant the word GREAT TALENT. (not greta) Anyhow, He had his teeth capped like most stars and you know I love it. He has the blue eyes, the great white smile and he said he is working on his “pecs” again. During taping of 3 Rivers and the movie he was not able to work out that much so he wants to build up those pecs again. Woo-Woo.

      Does anyone know why he and Holly Valance split after such a long time together??

  19. I like JLO but she does dominate the conversation. I think she just likes to talk. AT one point in the interview , Alex tries to get her to wait and let the interviewer continue on with his comment about Alex’s shirtless body, but she just goes on. As usual Alex looks great. Just love that man!! Can’t wait for the movie. My friends also are going with me. I told them I want to see the first movie no matter how early in the day.

    1. Mary Ann youre absolutely right. she does ignore his gesture to listen to the interviewer. I think they both try to deny how much fun they had making this movie. Jennifer also knows her bony husband is watching and she’d better watch what she says or he’ll start coming home late, making goo goo eyez at other women in front of her and pave the way for her back to the ground. He’s a contronling manipulator. Alex is adorable and as you can see he also mentions Marc in his interviews as to not piss him off.. (except here where he finally gets to say what he really thinks.. lol)

      1. PS.. He looks thin and pale.. some weight and a little sun will be just fine.. His teethe are great, nothing wrong with them..

  20. This movie shoud bring BIG breath of fresh air to “romantic comedies” that are actually romantic and funny…..thank you Alex and Jennifer….God Bless. ALL my friends will go with me to watch it…or else! I know you are in Hawaii now Alex, be careful, use sunscreen and take care of yourself. Your Surrogate Mom and forever fan Suzanne.

    1. He is not in Hawaii anymore. These photos were taken 2 days ago in LA.

      1. I love this. I agree Jennifer cut him off and I would love to have heard what he had to say. Anytime I can hear him is whip cream on top of ice cream or pie!! Whew, forgot I was writing, the photos above say he just flew back from Hawaii, but if you look at those gorgeous Blue Eyes, he always said “when he’s tired his eyes change color, But he does have blue eyes. I’ll take him rested, tire him out and rested again. And on and on and on. He actually shows another Greta side of his TALENT in this movie. He is so talented, hot sexy, and the more we see the more we lust and Love Him!!

  21. He looks so sweet, although he doesn’t seem (to me) very comfortable with Jlo (she is NOT my favourite actress….).
    Thank you for posting.

    May I take this opportunity to ask a personal favour?
    I have a good friend and he is a CHEF (mostly he bakes) and he goes to London to work for 6 months and I want to give him an apron with a catchy line, but I want it to sound good and well written!!
    What I want to say is something like this: “Do’nt mess with the chef, it can be dangerous!”.
    Is this a good line or is there somenthing a LOT better (I’m sure there is)?



  22. Alex is always beautiful magnific, splendid, …………………………… I Love you Mister O’Loughlin !!!!!

  23. He has been really busy lately, so I am sure he could use a long nap, but still he looks happy. Those pics are gorgeous with that beautiful smile of his and those muscles bulging through that shirt!! Rowr!!!

  24. He has done something to his teeth

    1. OMG…that’s EXACTLY what I thought! Watching the interview I said to myself “there’s something different with his lower jaw – either he did something to his teeth or he’s super skinny.” All I could think is “Please don’t tell me he pulled a Hillary Duff”! There was nothing wrong with his teeth, nothing!!

  25. Oh yes Tiffany Alex looks a little bit tired but the smile on this picture is wounderful, and on this Interview the bouth have many fun! Thank you so much for the posting!!!

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