Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap-Up-Week of December 4 2017


We know this is getting repetitive when we say it was another light week this past week in the world of new Alex videos and photos, but unfortunately we have to, because it was. Luckily there were some nice candid pics that were shared. Because the week did not encompass much, our wrap-up lead in and our actual wrap up will be pretty short, too. Hope it gets you up to speed.


Behind the Scenes

All of the activity came from behind the scenes in one way or another. This first one was from Donald G Stratton who is the son of Pearl Harbor survivor Donald Stratton who met Alex last year. In this photo, the younger Donald is giving Alex a copy of All The Gallant Man about the elder Stratton’s account of Pearl Harbor. A nice capture of a very nice moment.

Alex O''Loughlin and Donald StrattonSource


This next photo was shared by a friend of the guest actor in the shot. Alex and Vinny sharing a shaka.

Alex O''Loughlin behind the scenes



This final one is of Alex and the photography director’s kids while filming on Thursday at their school. Cute kids, cute pic!

Alex O''Loughlin behind the scenes




There were also a few clips of some behind the scenesr antics shared by Meaghan on her IG stories.


 That’s it for now. We did have someone that was able to get some photos from Thursday while they were filming in Kakaako but we have to wait until they are able to download and send them to us. We will share them then. Since there has not been a lot of those type of pics lately, we are hoping they are good.  We will end this like we have been doing the past few weeks with the hope there is some good stuff to share next week.

There is one thing for sure, there will be a doubleheader of episodes, Friday night, so that is something to look forward to. We will do one at a time when it comes to recaps and screencaps. After that, the show is on hiatus until the first week of January.

Enjoy your week!



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  1. Thanks for sharing. There were at least 2 here I had not seen yet, so glad to know you will always put together a good wrap-up!

    1. Thank you. We appreciate your following.

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