The Back-Up Plan Poster #2

As I posted on Twitter yesterday (@AOLO) here is the movie poster for The Back-up Plan that CBS pictures released to me and one other fan site, @OnlineJLoFan. Enjoy!

Premier Date: April 16, 2010!!

The Back-up Plan Movie Poster

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  1. Thanks Tiffany for the promo,when I watched it I had the feeling of dejavu.Alex’s facial expressions and body language made me feel that I was looking at Mick St.John.Anyone else feel that?

  2. Thanks Tiffany for the video and new poster – I love this one much better – I love Alex’s smile in this one – so sexy. Looking forward to the movie now for sure. Thanks again Tiffany, what would we do without you. 🙂

  3. Thank you again Tiffany! Great poster. Saw the ET interview, they showed a lot of the film, a lot of funny parts. Loved it! Can’t wait for April 16, 2010. Read that the ladies of The View were talking about another Aussie, so I just tweeted them the link to the ET vid of Alex and JLo.

  4. Yes Barbara I agree with you.I’m an Aussie and we have a few more Hotties ready to pounce on Hollywood.Sam Worthington(Avatar)is a good actor with a great personality and good looks to boot BUT Alex O’Loughlin is second to none.Look out Hugh Jackman you may lose your crown as sexiest man.Here comes A O’L….all he needs is the right script and director and he will get what he deserves,his big break.

  5. I liked this one because we can see his face better but I don’t like that they didn’t display his name prominently like in the other poster. Let’s hope the ladies from the View gush over our gorgeous Alex. Thanks Tiffany.

  6. i too just saw the previews of TBUP and it looked awesome. Can’t wait to see Alex on the big screen again. And with CBS canceling TR maybe we will see more of him on the big screen. That would be great. I just can’t believe that CBS could do that to Alex again. I hope if he tries for another tv series that he goes with NBC or some other network besides CBS. CBS has the nerve to say that Alex is family but they don’t treat him as if he is. They don’t deserve him. I wish him the best.

  7. Just came home from work, turned on my TV and there was Alex on ET with Jennifer in the previews for TBUP!!!! So surprised. Didn’t know it was going to be on tonite. So glad I didn’t miss it. He looks so absolutely adorable. Can’t wait. Hope they keep promoting it. As for the posters I love anything with Alex on it, but I do agree his name should be more prominant. Anyone see the view this morning? They were gushing all over the new Aussie guy in the film Avatar…They better get on the ball and realize there’s an even more talented Aussie here named Alex O’Loughlin. Want to see more of him on the talk shows so people get familiar with his gorgeous talented self. I’m just saying.

  8. I just saw The Backup Plan preview on ET. I know studios sometimes have the bad habit
    of showing all their best scenes in previews, but if what I saw is any indication, the movie
    will be a hit. WOW !!! Alex looks FABULOUS !!!

  9. I prefer the first poster. We see Alex’s beautiful smile and also his name alongside
    Jennifers’, which makes things equal. If the second poster is meant to be the International
    version, maybe the reasoning is that the promoters think Alex is less well known outside
    North America. Still, it’s good to see anything this early. Don’t forget to watch Entertainment
    Tonight today. They are supposedly showing a clip from TBUP.

  10. A much better photo, we can see our dear mans face. But you have to use a magnifying glass to see his name, which also is in a wishy washy font.

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